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Forever Changed

Changing who you are can last forever and for Bella Swan, well, she won't be the same much longer. For love, she would do anything, if it means turning in to a monster.


1. Morning Beautiful

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Shadows filtered across the darkened room as the sun began to rise above the tree line. His body lay supine next to me as I watched him lay there, quietly dreaming to himself. He had no idea I was awake, but I it wouldn’t be long before he would hear my heart hammering inside my chest as I gazed at this beautiful creature next to me.

I didn’t deserve this wonderful man next to me and there was no way I could match his beauty and grace, even if I did become like him. We’d only been married two days and tonight was the night that my life would change forever.

“Morning beautiful…” The God spoke from beside me, his naked chest moving up and down slowly but without much purpose.

“Good morning yourself.” I sighed happily as I rolled on to my side and buried my head in to the crook of his rock hard neck.

“Sleep well?” He asked as I felt his hands run themselves through my hair, gently massaging my scalp.

“Well enough. Should I bother asking you how you, um, slept?” I giggled as I felt a smile curve his mouth against my soft skin.

“Splendidly. Ready for today?” He said it in such a general manner that I couldn’t tell what exactly he was referring to, but deep down I knew.

I merely nodded as we lay there for a few more minutes, basking in each other’s radiance, although his mastered mine by a wide margin. Slowly I sat up, my arms reaching high above my head and I felt my shoulders pop and a small whine escaped my throat.

Within seconds his lips were on my skin, dazzling me with his soft yet cold touch. He trailed kisses down each of my arms, taking each of my hands in to his one at a time and all the while his eyes never left mine. Not once. Then his hands were at my sides, griping tightly and ready to strike.

“You wouldn’t dare…” I glared at him, but he merely looked at me, an innocent look in his eyes.

“Never…” He gave me that crooked smile and then suddenly I was on my back and he was straddling me and the thoughts that ran through my head at that moment would make the dirtiest person blush.

“I love you.” He spoke softly as his lips came down and touched mine briefly, too briefly.

“I love you…” I trailed off as I leaned up and took his lips with mine, brushing my tongue softly against his bottom lip, causing a low groan to emit from deep within his chest.

“It’s a good thing we’re changing you tonight” He broke our kiss and jumped up from the bed, to my great disappointment.

“Oh Edward…” I grumbled as I swept the thick comforter from my body and placed my feet on the floor.

Mentally I had to prepare myself for what was to come and that was mostly a lot of pain and being cooped up in the house for a year until I was under control. Great, I hated being kept inside while everyone else got to live whatever lives they could. I would be comfortable, there was no doubt about that as Edward had gone through every length to get the best for me in my captivity.

They had it all planned out: I would be whisked away up north for the change to keep Jacob and his pals off our backs about the treaty. Once I was changed me and Edward would spend the first few months in a cabin in the middle of nowhere along with Alice and Jasper. They would hunt and bring me back something, but I couldn’t leave. No, not until that first year was over with.

“Breakfast?” The word was spoken softly, but I could hint the laughter behind it.

“Sure, my last true meal.” I laughed as I stood and joined Edward’s side, my hand searching out his hand and taking it.

We strolled at a casual pace down the hall of his family home, passing Alice and Jasper’s room where things were still quiet and still. The rest of the house was filled with Esme’s soft laughter which became all the more prominent once we hit the stairs and began our way down.

The Cullen’s had a kitchen which they never used but Edward loved to cook, especially since I had moved in and was the only who could really enjoy his cooking. He really was a wonderful cook, although he did tend to keep meat rather raw, but that hardly mattered.

“Hey kids.” Esme smiled up at us as we walked hand in hand in to the kitchen where she and Carlisle sat drinking coffee, which I never understood.

“Hey mom. Just thought I’d fix Bella her last meal before we head out tonight.” Edward smiled that smile of his as he moved past me and began to pull things out from the fridge, which they only kept stocked for my benefit.

“Wonderful…” Carlisle smiled over at me before kissing his wife softly on the head and leaving the room.

I took a seat at the small kitchen table and turned myself to watch Edward as he prepared pancake mix and cracked eggs to beat. I glanced downward, his strong biceps moving quickly as he mixed the batter by hand.

The strong bands of his muscles proved taunt under his rock hard skin. I loved watching him cook, mostly because it gave me an excuse to gawk at him and wonder why he had chosen me, of all people.

I loved him, probably more than he loved me, but he constantly tells me that that isn’t in the least bit true. We love each other equally, but that’s a crock of shit if you ask me.

“Almost done…” He smiled over at me, a dusting of white powder sat on the tip of his nose, not that it stood out much against his pale skin.

“I see.” I laughed as I stood and glided over to him, wiping my finger along his nose and sticking it into my mouth; powdered sugar.

Laughing he wrapped an arm around my waist as he slid eggs and pancakes on to my plate and set it aside. Smiling gently down at me his head tilted and soon my lips were captured by his as he leaned me up against the counter.

The kiss deepened, but not too much because there always had to be control with us, at all times. Pulling away I smirked up at him and rested my head against his hard chest. Soon we wouldn’t have to be careful; we could let out emotions sweep us up and do what we pleased.

He could have me any way he wanted and I was more than willing to allow that to happen. In fact I probably wanted it more than he did at this point.

Smiling I took my plate and went to resume my seat at the tiny table. He sat across from me, his eyes boring in to mine as I ate. This was heaven to me. He was heaven to me and I only hoped that it wouldn’t change once I had changed.

I was changing alright…I was changing in to a monster.