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The Falling

In the action itself, she is weightless and free. The flight is not to be feared, only the impact. A story on the life of Esme Cullen. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Banner By incredible Iris!

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71. Chapter 71

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Forever finally and firmly in your grasp,

He speaks after a long pause, and his words are strangled. “I… I doubt you’ll remember. I know human memories fade, but… I know… I never forgot… the time we spent together. It wasn’t long, but you were the first person I connected with… and it had been so very long. And, Esme, I think… you remember I told you I loved you? Do you remember that?”

I nod, paralyzed. I can’t think, can’t formulate an idea, but I am trying to imagine why he’s so convinced I’ve forgotten him. He’s always been the realest part of my life.

“I do not… my kind, our kind. Our feelings do not change with the passage of time.”

I pause. Now I can think, and it’s not really working. Does this mean that… that he loves me still? It’s what he seems to be implying. I can’t breathe, and I find my lungs don’t insist I do so. I don’t have to. I can function fine with no air passing in and out, and that’s a relief because my throat’s all closed up.

Does he…


I’ve loved him since I was sixteen and he broke my heart. Is there the shadow of a chance he and I will still be together More than that, be together… forever? Eternity?

A picture, reminiscent of my old dreams, flashes before my eyes. I can see myself at Carlisle’s side, dressed in white, my hair hidden behind a veil as he turns to me and bends his ice white lips to mine again.

Man and wife, only this time so much sweeter.

I shake my head to clear the daydream.

“I… Esme. I know you were married as a human, and I do not know how that union ended. I pray you were happy… I heard you were widowed in the war, and I’m terribly sorry to know of your loss. I cannot understand how you feel about your lost husband, and I know you must be angry with me… and I also understand your pain. I never had a child, but I lost my whole family after I was changed. You must be miserable especially since, as I remember, you wanted to be a teacher. You liked children. And no sooner did you achieve that then… it must be terrible for you, and I am honestly sorry. I know this is no time for such things but…”

“Carlisle,” I interrupt. “Let me tell you. Before whatever great confession you plan to make, I think you ought to know a bit about my human years.”

Carlisle nods. I wince and begin to recount my painful secret. I have never shared this with anyone but my mother. There are no bruises to show this time, and so I must somehow find the words, wherever in me they lie. Finally, I can speak again, and I look right into his gleaming eyes, glowing with emotion.

“My husband was named Charles Evenson, and I did not love him.”

If you’ll but fall one more step,