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Jacobs Wake Up Call

A rebel new addition to the reservation shakes up Jacob.

I own nothing, the characters are property of Stephenie Meyer.

1. First Meeting

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I really didn't want to move in with my aunt, I didn't see the need to ship me off in the middle of no where just because I skipped a few classes and broke into the school. It was just a prank, and the principle took it way over the top. The plane ride was a long and bumpy one. When we finally landed I automatically hated La Push. My aunt was waiting to pick me up, I didn't know if she was happy or not that I was being sentenced to live with her by my parents wishes.

The car ride was just a bad as the plane ride. My aunt sighed a couple of times and I didn't know how to respond. We finally pulled up to her tiny house, and started taking my bags into the house. My room was on the first floor in the back, at least it would be easy to sneak out of and I would not break anything. I settled in quickly and my aunt made me something to eat. I was almost finished with my sandwich when she spoke for the first time.

"There are going to be a few house rules when you are here Mac." she said sitting on the chair facing me.

"One, is you make a mess clean it up," she started sprouting off.

"Easy enough" I said with another bite of the sandwich.

"Two, until I can trust you, you can't leave the reservation. Only to school and back, unless you find a job." she went on.

I agreed to her rules, they were not bad, at least I didn't have a curfew, like my parents gave me. I had to start school in the morning and I really didn't want to. So I took my time getting ready for bed. I fought with myself on what to wear, and finally tried to get to sleep, it wasn't going to be easy with having jet leg.

The next day I got up and changed into my school clothes, and ate something before I took off. It was only a mile to the school, You have to get a job to get a car, it sucks to walk everywhere. I didn't want to be know as the new kid that walks everywhere. I arrived to school as everyone else was pulling in to parking spots. I looked totally different than everyone else. They all had russet colored skin and jet black hair, when I had pale skin with freckles and red hair.

I made my way to the office, and waited for the lady to get off the phone."Hey I'm Mac Hemingway if that matters." I told her.

"Well hi Mac, I'm Mrs. Stan, I have your schedule right here." she said looking through papers.

"Okay here you go, your first class is History. You make a right at the end of the hall and its on the left side room 119." Mrs. Stan said handing me the paper.

"Thanks." I tried to sound excited taking the paper. Not only does purgatory suck, they give you a class schedule to go with it.

I walked up to the class and forced myself to go in, I always hated History there was always some war and some special treaty to learn whatever. Class was already started when I made my way in. Of course eveyone had to look at me when I opened the door, Great.

"Well who do we have here?" The teacher asked like it was really a surprise.

"I'm Mac Hemingway, I transferred in," I said walking over and giving him the schedule.

"Well Mac I'm Mr. Lux , would you like to say anything about yourself to the class?" He asked hopefully.

"Not really." I said taking back my schedule.

"Too bad, Miss Hemingway, say something about yourself before you take your seat." He said trying to be strict.

"Fine, I transferred from St, Louis, cause my parents must hate me or something like that. What else, I'm an Aquarius, and I like long walks on the beach and candle light dinners." I said with a smirk.

The class must have liked it because they laughed and Mr. Lux had to settle them down."Alright. Take your seat then." He pointed to the one in the back next to the window, Dumb move teach.

I took my seat and looked around to see who I could buy notes off of. There was some kid in the front with glasses really looking intrested in learning, He'll do. I was about to relax and try to sleep with my eyes open when the door opened again.

"Hello Mr. Black, so nice of you to join us" Mr. Lux said sounding mad for having to stop once again.

"You know what they say, Better late then never" he said walking over to the seat next to mine.

So History should be fun now, someone else like me. The kid looked like he was a 6 year senior. He was almost too big for the tiny desk but he sat down without a problem. He was just like the others, russet skin and black hair. His however had a weird shine to it and it looked like he just rolled out of bed, his hair was all over the place.

I tried to look like I wasn't interested by him, when he looked over in my direction. I quickly looked away and tried to not blush for getting caught. Thats when I thought I heard him chuckle to him self, Oh that's how its going to be, I can play that game. Class took forever and when the bell finally rang, Mr.Lux gave us homework;I knew I didn't like him for a reason. I was grabbing my book and notebook when I was stopped.

"Hey Im Jake." the big kid said extending a hand.

"Mac," I said trying not to look like I cared. But I shook his hand anyway.

"So where's your next class?" Jacob asked.

"Um, Biology room 211." I said making my way to the door.

"Cool, I go right past it." Jacob said following me.

"Cool" I replied back hoping not to sound too mean. He walked right next to me like he was some kind of lost puppy. "Alright Lassie, I've got it from here." I said walking into the class. I heard him laugh as he kept on walking. Do I have a stalker already? Great Im here for not even 24 hours and I have a groupie.

The rest of the my classes went by pretty much the same as my first. The teachers introduced me to the class, like I was the best thing since sliced bread. School let out and I started my journey back to the house.

I was just off the parking lot when a little red car stopped next to me, "Need a lift Mac?" Jake asked.

I thought it over for a second then finally i relpied to him, "I've got it from here." I started off again when I heard a crack and felt rain droplets. I walked back to the tiny car, "Fine".