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Jacobs Wake Up Call

A rebel new addition to the reservation shakes up Jacob.

I own nothing, the characters are property of Stephenie Meyer.

2. Explanations

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Something was playing on the radio but it too low for me to hear.

"So why did you transfer to La Push?" Jake asked pulling on to my street.

"It's not by choice. I was sentenced here from my parents, and old principle." I replied back looking out the window.

"See, my old friends and I thought it would be funny to break into the school and do a senior prank. However my principle decided it wasn't funny." I told him.

"What did you do that was so bad?" Jake asked puzzled.

"Well we kind of stole the principles car and parked it in the one gym." I said with a chuckle.

"It was move here and finish my school year, or go to jail for grand theft auto, my parents choose for me." I said looking back out the window.

Jake pulled into the driveway, "So if you don't have a ride yet, I can get you before school so you would not have to walk."

"Sure, it beats walking I guess." I said grabbing my bag, "Thanks".

I took off runing to the porch to get out of the rain that was comming down in sheets. I got to the first step of the porch and I nearly did a face plant on it, "Damn wet steps!" I yelled. I turned around to see Jacob laughing hysterically in the car. Great, this is really great.

I made my way back into my room and got a change of clothes and started my history homework. It wasn't long before my aunt arrived home. I helped her make dinner and she questioned my day.

"So did you make friends yet?" she asked.

"Not really," I replied back.

"Thats too bad. Maybe you should be more friendly." she said with a bite.

Yeah, maybe.

We finished the dinner in silence, and I helped clean before I took to my room. I was happy that I was able to bring my sketch book and pencils with me, and they were not on house arrest with some of my other things back at home. There was nothing really interesting to draw around the house, maybe tomorrow I can walk somewhere and doodle.

Bright and early Jake was waiting in my driveway waiting for me. He made an impatient gesture when I stopped to lock the door. "Oh, shut up Fido!" I yelled at him when I walked towards the car.

"Well, I don't think that Mr. Lux will be happy if we arrive late for class again." Jake said pulling out of the drive.

"Wanna see how far we can push his buttons?" I asked hopefully.

"Not really, My dad wants me to get a good education and make something of myself." Jake said with a sour look on his face.

History was dull we learned something again for the hundreth time and I forgot it by lunch.

When I walked into the lunch room, I started looking around for a spot to sit when I heard my name called out, "Mac! Hey over here."

Jake was standing up from a seat and waving for me to come over. When I walked over towards him, I thought that the table was from an elementary school. There were two other guys sitting down and they engulfed the available space.They looked just like Jake all tall and like football players.

"Mac this is Embry and Quil." Jake said pointing towards his friends.

"Hey." One said, they other just nodded.

"Hi." I said sitting down.

"So your the transfer rebel? I'm Quil that sap is Embry" Quil said punching Embry's arm.

"Yup. That's me." I said adjusting my seat.

"Tell me, is it true that you had an affair with a teacher, that's why you moved here." Embry asked.

"What no! What are the other rumors?" I asked joyfully.

"Well affair, run away, bad relationship, witness protection, there are a ton others." Quil chimmed in.

"None of those are true; I stole a car from my principle and parked in the school." I said taking a bite from my apple.

"I told you those were rumors guys." Jake said sitting back in his chair.

"Oh so you talked about me. Did you mention anything else good." I asked leaning into the table.

Quil and Embry just laughed and Jake turned red, a shade I never thought existed." Don't worry Jake I won't bother you now. I'll get it out of them one way or another." I said leaning back in my chair. The two just when back laughing and Jake grew redder.