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Short Road To Ruin

Where did Edward go the day he left Bella? That heart breaking moment when his world crashed, but his decision was made...

I had sudden inspiration whilst listening to music, this may upset some people but I thought it would be an interesting experiment. The short story turned out better than I had expected so here it is!

1. Perfect Monster

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She came towards me, her smouldering gaze was overpowering.

I guess I could finally see what Bella meant about the extreme forces of attraction...Bella, so far away and safe at last. I pushed her out of my mind, realising that my weakness was for the one thing I could never have. A physical relationship at least not with her.

That hurt the most, knowing how much I wanted to show her I loved her but at the same time terrified of ending her life in one smooth motion.

How could anyone say no to such an exquisite beauty as this?

I had no urge to kill her, no need to bite the flesh to reveal that scarlet sustenance. She was like me, and I could be safe in the knowledge that I could give her unconditional love without accidentally breaking bones, snapping her neck.

Still she walked forwards, slow and seductive.

My mind was being turned against its feeble will to leave this creature, but I could never turn my back on such an invitation. My face was neutral, betraying nothing to her as she took another step. Her expression was all innocence but tempted me further by reeling me in with her thoughts.

Suddenly an overpowering sense to take her in my arms enveloped me. Her thoughts had turned again, enticing and promising.

I could not resist.

And just as suddenly I wanted to break free. I wanted my own will to do as I liked, not because this monster was controlling my mind with her dark ensnaring thoughts. She was literally in my arms now, falling quickly until I needed to catch her, to feel the marble chill of her perfect skin against my own.

She looked up eyes locked on mine, hers tinted red circled with desire; lust. She was irresistible now and I wanted to taste her lips. Somehow I kept from touching her; my arms were in a half-embrace with just inches between us.

She had closed the gap so quickly and I ached for her touch.

I was oblivious to our surroundings; to this day I cannot remember our exact location.

Words stuck in my parched throat, I wanted to tell her to stop, that this would not be right. I was sure she did not really want this, and yet our bodies drew closer as if magnetised. My eyes took in her tantalising silhouette.

‘Your place or mine?’

That gentle drawl was so assuring, I knew I had to make the first move and I could not help but smile. She may have been stalking nearer but it was I who initiated this…meeting.

Our souls were done for anyway; I was convinced this was the only way to satisfy my insatiable thirst for that eternal damnation, that feeling only two beings combined could produce. An eruption of love if you will.

I could not share it with my true love, I would kill her.

This is what I was reduced to; being pursued by something I was terrified of but at the same time hopelessly trapped with. I could see the dangerous side now, the one that kept normal humans away and it unnerved me.

How many times I went through the little play between myself and Bella. She really was a magnet for danger; that menace including myself. I watch it now as an outsider looking down on two puppets.

The human was awkward and jerked around on the end of my string, always ready to spill just a little blood to end its life. The monster was forever crouched in some dark corner, eyes glowing intent on its prey; stalking, smooth and silent. Deadly.

My mind was split, the play ending with the death of the human, scarlet liquid spilled onto the stage…down my throat.

‘Edward! You didn’t answer my question’.

She was still here, almost in my grasp. My head was dizzy from her scent, it was stronger than most but there was clear indication of perfume and it wafted in hazes through my senses deadening all but my thirst.