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Bella gets in a car crash

this is my first fanfiction. WOHOO!! I hope you enjoy it!!

1. shock

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The sun was setting and it shone upon my face making me feel warm and safe but i was not completely sure why. The sun made me think of Edward and his smile. It was very distracting.

I didnt notice how late it was getting but i didnt seem to care.

I hope Edward and all the Cullens were enjoying there time hunting. I didnt wish he had to leave me, but its for the best.

It was getting very late, untill i noticed a car behind me speeding up and right on my tail, but I knew the driver wouldnt speed up, But i was wrong.

I heard the cling behind my Truck making a shattering noise which scared me half to death. I looked in my rear-view mirror seeing his car pushing right into my own car making it swearve.

There was nothing i could do. I was so afarid that all i could do was grasp onto the stearing wheel for dear life.

I felt my car being spun to the side and crashing into a tree, i knew this because i saw my side crush into the tree's trunk which made a loud clunk, But all i remeber was my eyes starting to close.

The next thing i knew i was being shaken by a cold hand on my shoulder and my name being said over and over again.

"Bella, Bella please, Speak to me!"

I thought it was Edward voice but i couldn't open my eyes because of all the shock.

"mmm" was all I could say, i was half consious and half unconsious.

"I think she is awake"

I thought that was Alice because i could hear her sweet voice through all the cries and yelling, but she seemed more nervous than any time i have ever heard her.

i finally got the courage to open up my eyes, but i think that was a bad choice to make. i was sitting with my head all the way back looking up at the ceiling, my leg stuck under the crushed metal of my car. I could feel Edward's hand holding my head up so i could see.

"Edward?" I mumbled softly.

"I'm here sweetheart, everything will be alright"

His voice scared me, i didnt want to look at his face, But i had the earge to.

When i looked at him i could see the sadness in his eyes and the concern in his face, making his face look very tense.

"You have to sit up Bella" Alice said.

I was very weak so all i did was shake my head oddly, i didnt even know how i did it.

"Her leg is stuck in between the crushed metal" said Edward.

all i could feel after that is a hand pulling the metal off my leg. I knew it was Edward because i could feel his cold hand grasp my leg. After that my leg was free from the pressure it had.

"You have to get up Bella."

"I dont think i can" I said as loud as i could, but it didnt seem very loud.

But as quickly as i said that i felt the cold hands, of Edward, swiftly picking me up and i could feel his icy lips kissing my hair.

His sweet breath made my eyes fly open, and then all i could see was all these faces staring at me, concered.

"You can close you eyes now Bella, everything is ok, you should rest."

But after that I felt like it was a comand because all I felt were my eyes close quickly. But before i was finally back into the dark waters of unconsiouness i got to say my last words to Edward before i feel asleep.

"I love you Edward" I mumbled.

"I love you too Bella, your going to be ok" were the last words I heard before going into the dark waters i once knew.

Once i woke up again i was in a lumpy bed which was very uncomfortable, but i would live.

once my eyes fluttered open i felt my hand being squeezed in someone's grasp, But I already knew who that was, it was Edward.

"She's wake" said Edward's familiar sweet voice.

"Thank goodness" Alice said relivied.

once i finally had my eyes all the way opened i could see Edward and Alice right at the edge of my pillow looking at my face.

The first thing i said when i saw them was "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"For doing something stupid."

But after i said that i heard Edward's voice laughing under his breath, which made me smile.

"How did you get there so fast" i asked looking straight at Alice.

"I saw it happen and after that we left right away" said Alice.

"I'm happy we made it in time, i thought we lost you" Edwards voice chimming in.

After that we all laughed.


I was so relieved that they made it in time, because now i know that i have two guardian angles that will watch over me wear ever i go.


"I love you bella"

"I love you too" i said feeling a smile smile spread upon my face.

After that i felt Edward's icy cold lips kiss my hand making my heart beat fast, just how it should be...