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Alice's Bunny

Alice buys a bunny. It is spoiled ROTTEN. It even has clothes....


2. Bitten

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"GET OFF!" I snarled again, throwing Emmett off my precious little bundle of joy. He lay, panting on the floor, eyes thirsty.

"Take him hunting," I said briskly to Jasper, lifting Buffy and cradling him to my chest as I ran up the stairs.

I tucked the now yowling bunny into his egyptian cotton bed and wet a small washcloth, dabbing it all over him.

Three hours later the whole family gathered for the unveiling of Buffy, the vampire-slayer vampire bunny.

"I think it was three hours, because his body is so much smaller. The transformation was much faster," Carlisle whispered as the bunny lay still, his eyes shut tightly and his little ears pressed tight against his head.

I bit my lip and leaned to touch him, but slowly withdrew it as his little eyes opened. Red.

"Buffy?" I said as quietly as I could.

He sat up quickly, and looked to me with fright. Edward coughed to hide a laugh.

"WHAT?" I hissed quietly at him.

Edward shook his head as Emmett opened his mouth.

"I could almost see the thought bubble above his head : 'Oh god, not her,' " Emmett tried to hold back a laugh before he was thrown into a wall for the, --- was it fourth time? --- again.

Thank you, Jasper.

I gently picked up Buffy, and cradled him to my chest. He didn't feel warm to my cold skin, so he must be my temperature.

"Emmett I'm in no mood to deal with you," I hissed angrily at him as Buffy yawned.

"Sorry," Emmett muttered, remembering he was the cause of this.


It was a week later, we had discovered Buffy's diet. And no, it wasn't exactly blood, but he sucked the juice out of fruits and veggies, leaving them pale and crunchy. Seeing as his diet was not harmful to humans, we decided to go to the movies. We had to take Buffy, since if we left him at home, he would raid all of the grocery stores in Washington, searching for fruit.

"Would this be considered breaking the treaty?" Emmett asked curiously, pointing at Buffy, who was perched on my shoulder, his nose wiggling.

"Idk, my BFF Rose," I replied, high-fiving Rosalie.

"Humph," Emmett humphed, leaning back in the seat and crossing his arms angrily.

We got to an old-fashioned movie theatre, and stepped out of the car, already knowing what we were going to see.

"Seven tickets to..."

"Dracula?" the smiling helper offered, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"We're suckers for vampires, you know us too well," Carlisle smiled as we all grinned at the inside joke.

"Here you are Dr. Cullen," the helpful girl handed us our tickets and hoped we would enjoy the movie with a knowing smile.

I of course, had Buffy tucked inside my jacket, keeping a firm grip on him. As we passed the man and gave him our tickets, he eyed me appraisingly, before stopping me.

"Excuse me miss," he said in a husky voice and looked up from under his eyelashes, attempting a vampire-style 'dazzle'. As if... We soooooo owned when it came to dazzling.

"Yes?" I breathed, properly dazzling him. I watched his eyes go cloudy and tried not to laugh. My family went up and pretended to order food, still in vampire-hearing range.

"Miss," he seemed persistent, "What is in your jacket miss?"

"There is nothing in my jacket, I'm cold," I said defensively.

"I'm sorry miss, but please open your jacket."

I cursed under my breath then said louder, "You sir have a perverted mind. Stop hitting on me."

I heard Emmett and Edward choke back laughs while Jasper attempted to come over. Emmett grabbed him and held him back.

The man didn't notice my family; he was solely focused on me. He reached towards my jacket and I panicked.

"Rape!" I yelled and slapped him across the face with the proper force a human girl would. Emmett and Edward fell to the floor, howling in laughter as I paced quickly towards them.

Lucky for me, as the man started to pursue to police officers standing in line heard me and rushed in, springing on him. I winced with my back to them as I heard the tazers come out, and just muttered, "Let's go."

Edward and Emmett stumbled along behind us like drunken monkeys as Jasper wrapped his arm protectively around me. WE all slipped inside the doors to the dark theatre, Rosalie high-fiving me and whispering, "Quick thinking," as I passed her.

I felt my cheeks heat up even there was no blood to fill them with the proper blush.

We settled down in our seats and Buffy stuck his head out of my jacket.

"Close one," I muttered to him and set him on my armrest.


After Dracula ended, the lights came on and we all discovered Buffy gone. We searched frantically in our theatre long enough for the people coming to the next showing to start arriving. I squeaked in terror as I looked up and saw a family with MY Buffy. It was too late. We couldn't claim Buffy.

"What will happen when he never dies?" I asked Carlisle quietly, and he just shook his head.

Suddenly my frame stiffened and I had a vision. Buffy surrounded by this family, being completely pampered.

"At least he'll be happy," I murmured. "Goodbye Buffy."

His ears twitched as he heard me.

"We'll name him Bunicula!" One of the kids exclaimed.

I smiled at Edward wryly and he rolled his eyes.


And so, the legend started.