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Card games at the Cullens

It is game night at the Cullen's and when Bella is thrown in the mix, we find out if she's really part of the family. It’s a comedy for everyone.

This is my first one! I hope you like it

1. B.S

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This is perfect. Just Edward and I sitting in his room, listening to music and him holding me in his arms. We sat like this for what seemed like forever. We both hummed to the beat of the music while we both laid there and closed our eyes. I was wearing a pair of his comfortable pajama pants and his over sized T-shirt. It was really cold and wet outside. The best part of staying at the Cullen’s was the yummy smell of freshly baked cookies. Esme started to watch Emeril on food network and learned how to make these cookies just for me. I’m pretty sure that I ate at least five of them in a matter of ten minutes, they were so good. I wanted to stay like this forever; being in my boyfriend’s arms, relaxing, and having a belly full of chocolate chip cookies. I suddenly heard this beautiful sound, like bells ringing in my ear. I knew this sound; I could identify it if I was a mile away. As I kept hearing the sound of laughter, I opened my eyes and gave Edward an agitated look.

“Um…excuse me but you just ruined the moment here." But as I said that, he just kept laughing. Annoyed, I sat up and crossed my arms over my chest thinking he was laughing at me or something. It took him a minute to calm down but when he came to his senses he realized that he hurt my feelings. He grabbed my face and looked into my eyes with such intensity.

“Bella…I’m not laughing at you I promise.” Even though at first I didn’t believe him, what he did next changed my mind. He leaned in and kissed me softly which made me forget everything. Of course, he pulled away too soon and I knew if I protested he’d get mad and then I would definitely ruin the moment. I definitely didn’t want that.

“Then why were you laughing?” I asked, adding a sad puppy face for added impact.

“I’m sorry love, but I couldn’t help myself. I just heard Emmett saying to Alice and Jasper how he wants to play a game B.S,”

“B.S? What the heck is that?”

“It’s a card game. You deal everyone the cards and the person with the ace of spades goes first. That person takes all their aces and places them on the table face down and says the number of aces they have. The next person does the same thing but they go to the next number which would be two’s. It keeps circling around the table, and every person is on a different number card.”

“But what if you don’t have the cards that you need?”

“Well that’s when B.S comes into play. Let’s say your number is nine but you don’t have any nine’s. Well you would lie, so you’d take any card from your hand, put it face down, and say one nine. If no one catches you, the next person can take their turn and put down their cards. But if someone looks at their hand and they have four nine’s, then they know you’re lying and can say B.S! If they’re wrong, they have to take all the cards in the discard pile. But if not, you have to take all the cards in the discard pile. Whoever runs out of cards, wins!”

“Okay. But I still don’t understand, why is that so amusing?”

“Because, out of all the B.S games that this family has played, how many times do you think Emmett has won?” asked Edward, staring into my eyes as if he was challenging me.

“Um…I don’t know. I’m guessing not many?”

“Exactly. And you and I both know my family has been around for a long time. He has always lost and I think it’s killing him. I just don’t understand why he keeps trying. I can read minds and Alice can see the future. That alone should make him not want to play us. But no, Emmett has to try and win everything. And besides, even if we didn’t have powers, Emmett is horrible at B.S.”

“Why do you think he’s so bad?” I asked, wondering how any of the Cullen’s could be bad at anything. It just seemed impossible to me.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but Emmett has a terrible poker face,” said Edward, who got up, pulled me off the bed and led me out of his room laughing.

“This will be interesting.”

“Oh darling, it will. I hope you have a good poker face,” said Edward, as he kissed my cheek. I could tell right off the bat that this would be interesting indeed.

We walked down the stairs to find the whole family gathered at the kitchen table. You could tell that Emmett was the dealer because he wore one of those poker visors and a T-shirt with a picture of dogs playing poker. To sum it up, he looked ridiculous. They obviously knew we were coming down to play. There were two chairs pulled out for Edward and I, we each had our hand dealt out to us and my favorite cup filled with ice water was waiting for me at my seat. We sat down and I noticed that Esme and Carlisle weren’t playing. I wasn’t really surprised because I know that Esme and Carlisle usually like to stay out of these types of things.

“Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Rose…are you ready?” asked Emmett slowly, as if we were about to go into some type of war or something. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme and I all started laughing while Rosalie and Alice just rolled their eyes.

“C’mon you guys.” Emmett said to Alice and Rosalie. “Get your head in the game because your about to witness something great! Okay…look at your hands. Who has the ace of spades?” We all shuffled through the cards and lucky me, I had it.

“I have it.” I put my cards in order from Ace to Kings and took all my aces, put them face down and said, “Two Aces.” It continued clockwise so it was Edwards turn.

“One Two”

The game was going good until it was Emmett’s turn. He had sixes and he kept shuffling through his cards as if he lost something. He looked up at us with an unsure expression on his face.

“Uh…two sixes.” There’s no way he was telling the truth, he just kept darting his eyes back and forth, trying to ignore the stares.

“B.S.?” I said, not really sure of what I was doing. Edward reached for the stack of cards, flipped the top two cards over and they were both sixes.

“Ha! I tricked you Bella. I knew you’d be easy. You see ladies, gentlemen… (pauses to look at Edward)...boys. I have been practicing since our last game and now I’m better than before. I am going to win if it’s the last thing I do!” said Emmett as he pumped a fist in the air. We all just sat there staring at Emmett and looking confused. There was this long awkward silence.

“…….Three sevens.” Rosalie placed her card down on the table where the discarded pile used to be until I took all the cards. The women started giggling out loud while the men couldn’t help them selves and laughed loudly but played it off as a bad cough. Once everyone calmed down, the game continued. After it went around the table, it ended back at Emmett again. This time he was Queens and before he even had time to register what he had in his hand, Edward cried, “B.S!”

“Wait what??? I didn’t even put down any cards yet!” whined Emmett, like he was in first grade. But all Edward did was just smile and point to his head. Well that did it.

“What!!! You cheater! You know the rules. No super powers during the game. Technically, you should be thrown out!” yelled Emmett, standing at his feet.

“Doesn’t matter Emmett, you’re going to lose anyway,” said Alice as if she’s seen this somewhere before.

“No way. Not this time. Not this day. I will triumph. You’ve been wrong before when it comes to visions Alice, and this will be one of them. Mark my words. Now, what do you have to say to that?” Emmett said with a hint of danger in his voice.

“…Pick up the cards, Emmett.” A little embarrassed, he picked up the medium sized pile while we all choked back our laughs. But it was really hard to do that when he could barely hold his overflowing cards in his hands without dropping them. As the game continued on, our hands got smaller and smaller. Even Emmett, who had successfully gotten rid of most of his cards and he was being very smug about it.

“B.S.” said a voice near to me. I turned to see that Edward was calling B.S on Rosalie. This was obviously the first time this game someone called her out and I could tell she didn’t like it one bit…and neither did Emmett.

“Oh C’mon, what are you doing?” yelled Emmett, once again at his feet.

“Um…I called B.S. on Rose. You know, dear brother of mine that is what you’re supposed to do. You’d think that you’d know this by now, considering how many times someone has said it to you,” replied Edward, with his smooth and velvet voice. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, laugh at his comment or kiss him.

“Emmett, it’s just a game. You don’t have to be all noble. Get over it already,” Rosalie said while she rolled her eyes. I could have called B.S on Rosalie a couple times during the game but I was honestly too scared. Next thing I know, Alice was sitting across from me bouncing up and down in her seat with such excitement.

“Alice, what is it?” asked jasper with a serious look in his face. I wish I knew Jasper better, but I think ever since the birthday incident he’s been trying to avoid me.

“Nothing, nothing, nothing!!!” sung Alice. She must have noticed all our confused faces and just responded with, “You’ll see.” We all left it at that and continued the game. A little later it was my turn and I was Kings. I didn’t have any of those cards, which meant I would have to lie for the first time in the game. I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure about my poker face skills. I picked up a two and a five, laid them face down on the table and said, “Two Kings.”


I didn’t know who said it, I looked around and saw Alice with her mouth opened shaped like a perfect “O” and looking to the person next to me. I turned and I saw Edward with a very big grin on his face.

“Excuse me? Are you sure about that?” I asked, giving him a sly, innocent smile.

“I’m sorry, did you not understand me? B.S!” Jasper leaned over, picked up the two cards and they showed the two and the five. They caught me and I couldn’t believe Edward, we were a team.

“Don’t get mad, Bella. It’s just a game.” Said Edward, while he was trying to dazzle me with his penetrating eyes and his wide smile. I stared at him with the most fearful eyes I could render and leaned over and picked up the not so small pile of cards. The game continued and didn’t have to lie again because I pretty much had all the cards. I had to keep saying B.S. to the ones who were lying which made their piles go up and mine go down. I had only seven cards left. I had four four’s and three Queens. I had just laid down two three’s and then it was Edwards turn. He went through his pile and picked out two cards and said, “Two Fours.” Knowing that I had all the fours in the deck, I immediately yelled out B.S. He looked very surprised because up until that point I haven’t called him out on anything. We just sat there and locked our eyes on each other’s. Emmett reached over at the pile revealing a three and a seven. Ha! I finally got him. I looked into Edward’s eyes, leaned in really close and said,

“Don’t get mad, Edward. It’s just a game.” And I tried to do the same dazzling smile that he did on me before, hopefully it was as convincing. All of a sudden the whole room erupted with laughter while Edward just sat there looking at me. Even I knew that Edward wasn’t used to losing at anything. Pretty soon he and I started to laugh with the rest of the group and let me tell you, it felt good. Edward reached for the discard pile which was enormous. The game continued and when it came to me, my last two cards were Queens, the same card I was on. I laid them down, said two Queens, and not even Edward or Emmett called B.S. on me. Before I even knew what was happening, Alice had jumped out of the chair and pretty much had me in a headlock, which she probably considered a hug.

“Ha! I knew it, Bella!! I had a vision it was you! That was why I was so excited! You won your first B.S game and well Emmett…” Alice turned around and saw Emmett starring at her with this horrible expression. Geez, if looks could kill. “…Congratulations!!!” continued Alice.

“Bella! I didn’t know you had that competitiveness in you! You know, I really wanted to win badly but if I had to lose to anyone, it’d be you. High five!” yelled Emmett, standing up so our hands could meet.

“Congratulations Bella. We play a game every week, looks like I have a new competitor.” Said Edward as he kissed my cheek.

“Now you’re definitely part of the family” laughed Carlisle as he patted my shoulder and as Esme hugged me.

“Oh don’t get me wrong Bella. This will be the last time you experience this victory. I was just being easy on you, you know…” Emmett was interrupted by the loud snorts of laughter of Edward, Alice and Jasper. They even make snorting sound beautiful. “No, I’m serious. I couldn’t just bring out the big guns on her first game!” he shouted as he flexed his arms which were bigger than a tree trunk.

“But seriously, it’s not over young human. I will dominate you in everything.”

“You know what you’re right, you’ve beat me in losing AND at wearing the most ridiculous shirt! Congratulations!” I yelled as I put up my hand in the air and said, “High Five!” And that was when the whole family lost it. Even Emmett and Rosalie were laughing.

I survived and won my first card game at the Cullen’s. I wonder how next week’s going to go.