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Card games at the Cullens

It is game night at the Cullen's and when Bella is thrown in the mix, we find out if she's really part of the family. It’s a comedy for everyone.

This is my first one! I hope you like it

3. Revenge is oh so sweet

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Revenge is oh so sweet

Look, here’s the deal…” said Emmett as he stood at the head of the table with his arms crossed. The whole family was sitting around the table, and the events that were about to unfold were unpredictable. I knew that the Cullen family was competitive, but I didn’t know it was to this extreme. It’s gotten so bad that even I, Bella, have become extremely competitive as well. And ever since Emmett had lost in B.S. and in Scrabble, he’s been itching for revenge.

“…I want my revenge, and I won’t stop till I receive it. I’m Emmett Cullen; I don’t lose, especially to puny untalented losers like you all…” Rosalie turned in her seat and glared at him with ferocious eyes. “Except for Rosalie of course. Point is, were not leaving this house until we play a game and I get to choose!”

“You know what, why not? Go ahead son, choose whatever game you want,” says Carlisle.

“Wait! Can we just keep in mind that I’m human here, please? No races or arm-wrestling contests or anything like that. I really don’t feel like getting injured today, okay?” I asked in a begging manner.

“I second that, by the way. But I am up to a challenge, so Emmett make sure you pick something that requires some thinking; like Clue,” Edward says.

“Something challenging where every move you make changes the outcome of the game, like Monopoly,” added Jasper.

“A game where you have to read your opponent like a book, like Poker” said Carlisle.

“I know a game that has all of those things combined!” yelled Emmett, as he jumped out of his seat.

Alice started bouncing in her seat and asked, “Really? What is it!?!”

“GO FISH!” screamed Emmett, as he punched his fist in to the air and looked up to the ceiling. I looked around the table to see everyone’s reaction and I came to the consensus that we all acted the same way; we all just stared at Emmett with our mouths open. And no one moved for about five minutes; not even Emmett. When he realized no one was as excited as he was, he started lowering his fist and looked around the table. “What?”

“You’re an idiot”

“At least he’s strong Rosalie, just keep telling your self that. At least he’s strong…”


“You’ve got to be kidding me”

“You never cease to amaze me…”

This was what was said all at the same time in reply to Emmett’s question. I was the one laughing and buried my face into Edward’s chest so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. I felt bad for Emmett because he truly believed this was a great idea, but no one else seemed to think so.

“You cannot be serious, brother. You sincerely think that Go Fish requires you to be any sort of intelligence? It’s based on luck; you literally just ask if someone has a certain card and if they do they give it to you. The end,” said Jasper.

“You know what; I don’t care what you think. I want to play Go Fish and that’s what were going to do...Right mom?” asked Emmett, looking like a sad puppy to Esme. She replied, “Yes sweetie, that is what we’ll do and everyone will just have to deal with it.” Refraining from laughing, she gave Emmett a smile and he replied by pumping his fists into the air.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Alright were going to have a tournament,” says Emmett as he pulled out a piece of paper from behind his back. On the paper there were brackets; it was set up exactly how people choose which basketball team they think will make it to the championship. “I’ve already made up the pairs; Jasper and Rosalie, Carlisle and Edward, Me and Bella, (he turned to me and winked) and Alice with Esme. Should I explain the rules?”

“Emmett, I’m pretty sure we all know how to play goldfish,” I said, as I winked back at him. He gave me a dirty look and pretended I hadn’t said anything.

“Anyway before I was rudely interrupted, the winner of each pair moves on and the losers (he turned and looked at me) will be eliminated. And don’t worry, I’ve got the reward for the winner all squared away. It will be a surprise. So everyone get into position and let us rock the fins off of this fish!”

“That made no sense”

“You are quite the idiot”

“What fish are you referring to?”

“Does the fish have a name?”

“Have you always been this dumb?”


“Alright that’s enough, stop making fun of me! Mom, make them stop!”

As you can guess, I was laughing in this situation. I cannot believe that Emmett wanted his revenge and used Go Fish as his way to get it. I turned to Edward and he rolled his eyes and starting laugh with me. He grabbed my cheek and said,

“At least I can guarantee that you won’t get hurt, love”

“I don’t know about that Edward, you never know what’s going to happen.” And with that he gave me a kiss on my lips, and we stood up ready to get into position. This should be interesting, to say the least.