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Leah's Story

All Leah lived for is Sam. But then he hurt her, and the pain cuts deep every day. She only wishes one thing --- he could see her pain ---- no, not see it, but feel it.

Didn't anyone know how much it had hurt me? I wished there was a way for Sam to understand my pain. No, not understand it, but feel the pain I feel. Every time I open my eyes after waking, and feel the pain slash through me, like the claws of a terrible monster.
If only he could feel my pain.

Have you ever heard be careful what you wish for? Leah's Story Banner.jpg

I hope you like this story. Leah's not talked about or pittied much, so I figured that I would tell her story and help people understand her loss of true love.

4. Explosion

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A ripple of flames lit down my spine and I shuddered. My vision turned hazy until all I could see was blurred shapes in different hues of red. My body vibrated so violently that my teeth started chattering. My top lip curled up over my teeth and I snarled at Seth. He was looking at me like I was losing my mind. It sure as heck felt like it.

Then the shudders shaking my body stopped. I looked around, confused, for a split second.

And the I exploded.

I love doing that! *snort* I bet you almost had a heart attack! lol. Anyways........

White strips of cloth were falling down all around me and I immediately thought of a blizzard. I realized they were they remains of my clothes, fluttering down from the explosion.

The explosion! Seth!

I looked around and jumped in shock. My head felt heavy and it was parallel to the ground, not held upright like it should be. Was I on my hands and knees? No. Whoa! How'd I get so high up? What is going on? I opened my mouth to let out a string of curses but my tongue lolled out and all I heard was a low rumble. What the....? What was happening? I looked over to Seth in confusion. He was clutching the door jam.... more like clinging to it to keep himself upright. I reached out to comfort him but I lost my balance and I stumbled forward before I caught myself. My head hit the wall just the same. Had my room gotten smaller? Each side of me was brushing against a wall.

Seth let out a small squeak at my advance and I laughed. I was laughing, where was that coughing coming from?

I looked down at myself. Oh. My. GOD! Why did I have paws? This was some psycho-path dream. What the heck was going on?

Suddenly I flood of curses entered my head. I jumped in place and hit my head on the ceiling.

Who phased? Oh my god there's another one? Who would change? Quil is already here and I don't know any other guys who would be changing. I would think Seth is too young. Oh my god. Hey! What's your name? You hear me? Answer me? Don't tell me you killed anybody?! Just calm down and you'll phase back. I need to go tell Sam...

The jumble of words didn't make sense to me, but the pain hit me when I heard the name. I cringed and whimpered. I could suddenly see another place. The forest flying past, the steady rhythm of breathing, and the soft whooshing sound of the wind rushing by. I pushed it away, irritated.

What is happening to me? Mom's gonna have to put me in a mental home. Why do I have paws? Oh my god! Oh my god! I'm going nuts! What was he saying about Sam? I'm dying! What's happening to me? Oh god. Oh GOD! I'm psycho! Ugh!

The other voice entered my head again and interrupted my panic.

Shut up! Do you know who Sam is? He going to pick you up and explain.....

But my own thoughts drowned out the voice. Sam. Of course I know Sam! How can I forget him? Memories flashed through my head. No good ones. Just the ones I dreamed about this morning. "I love Emily." The words echoed through my head like a throbbing sensation. I was getting dizzy.

I was jolted by the other thoughts abruptly shouting a long line of curses. Wow. He had a vivid imagination to make up all those words. How did I know it was a guy? I just knew. I was past the making sense part.

After the string of curses subsided, he spoke one word. A name. Mine, to be exact.


What? I was annoyed.

The curses started up again, and they were even more colorful.

How do you know me? I asked angrily.

Another single word.


I was confused, but I accepted the answer, letting the pain wash over me.

Sam's dealing with this one. There is no way I'm going to some girl's house to help her phase back and ---- ugh!

I can hear you! And what are you talking about?

Sam can explain that one. God this is gonna be fun.


Sure, sure. Just stay calm and Sam will be right there.

Suddenly I was alone again.

I shook my head and focused on my room again. Seth had gone God knows where. I knew I was some sort of creature so he was probably calling animal control.

I sat and whined, but I heard something downstairs and immediately stiffened.

There was a soft knock on my door and I let loose a snarl that would have scared the living daylights out of any sane person.

And Sam gently pushed the door open.

Maybe Sam wasn't sane. Maybe that's why I loved him.