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Fall For You

Areana, Isabella's friend from home, moves to Forks to live with her brother. Isabella introduces her to the Cullens, and they all become fast friends. What will happen when Areana takes a liking to a certain vampire? Watch as Areana's life takes a deadly toll. CHAPTER SIX AWAITING VALIDATION!!! I decided to make Chapter Six the end of this fic. It just fit way too perfectly to pass up the oppertunity to end it that well. But, never fear, a sequol is already being written and will pick up exactly where chapter six left off. :) Photobucket Banner by me :)

This is my first Twilight story and I hope you all enjoy! I apologize in advance for all the dialogue...ugh, dialogue is not my favorite part of stories, nor my best. I'm much better at descriptions...which will be in the next chapter. Enjoy! --Emma

1. Chapter 1- First Day Hell

Rating 3.7/5   Word Count 2170   Review this Chapter

Areana groaned, slamming the snooze button of her alarm clock. She pulled the covers over her head, wishing she could avoid this day. She sighed, flinging the covers off, shuffling off to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she went downstairs, and, after popping a waffle in the toaster, picked up the cordless phone on the counter. She dialed the number without thinking; it was practically ingrained in her fingers. She yawned as the phone rang.


“Hey Bells. I just wanted to make sure you were still picking me up for school this morning,” Areana said stifling another yawn.

“Of course I am Ana! It’s your first day in a Forks High School…trust me, you’re going to need the support,” Bella joked. Areana grimaced, forcing a nervous laugh.

“But hey, is it alright if my friend takes us? He kind of takes me to school everyday.”

“Which friend?” Areana asked, suddenly interested in the conversation. She pushed the button on the toaster back down, hoping the waffle would get crispier.

“Edward,” Isabella replied.

“The vamp?” Areana asked quietly. Areana and Isabella had no secrets. They had grown up together in Phoenix. When Isabella left, Areana felt like she was all alone in the world. Her mother, not exactly being the best mom in the world, often left her home alone. The loneliness finally got the best of Areana, and she begged her mother to allow her to move in with Charlie and Isabella. At first, Patricia had flat out refused, saying she would never do that to Charlie. Areana finally convinced her mother with some rather unconventional ways, on one condition: Areana had to live with her brother in Forks instead of Charlie. She readily agreed, ignoring the fact that she abhorred her brother.

“Shh…yes. You know you can’t talk about that…to anyone…especially not to Charlie or your brother,” Isabella hissed over the phone.

“Ok, A.) I would never tell anyone their secret. You know that I would never endanger them. B.) I never see Charlie enough to tell him, even if I wanted to, which I definitely do not and C.) when is my brother ever home enough for me to say more than three words to him?” Areana answered seriously. Isabella sighed.

“I know, Ana. I’m just…kind of paranoid right now. I really don’t know what I will do if something happens and I lose him,” Isabella replied sadly.

“Bella, nothing, I repeat nothing is going to happen to Edward. You know he’s strong enough to--”

“Oh…that’s him. I gotta go Ana! We’ll be there in like…five minutes.”

“But I live twenty minutes away,” Areana responded.

“ I know but Edward likes to drive fast. Bye!”

There was a light click before the dial tone resurfaced. Areana dashed off to the bathroom, hastily applying her makeup. It wasn’t her best job, but she didn’t look like she just rolled out of bed, which was what she was aiming for. The doorbell rang just as she was lugging her backpack downstairs. She hastily ran over and opened the door. She smiled at Edward and Isabella.

“Hey,” she said.

“Edward this is my best friend from back home. Ana, this is Edward,” Isabella explained. Edward extended his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Ana,” he said smiling. She shook his hand and smiled back.

“What’s burning?” Isabella asked. Areana smacked her head, running into the kitchen.

“Dammit!” she exclaimed spotting the black smoke rising from the toaster. Areana dropped her bag, running over to the toaster. Without thinking, she flicked the lever, the waffle flying into the air. She caught the black waffle in her hand, running over to the sink.

“Shit,” she muttered under her breath. Isabella laughed, walking over. Areana’s hand was already turning a bright shade of red.

“That doesn’t look fun,” Edward said as Areana held her hand under cold water.

“Nice first day, eh?” Isabella joked. Areana winced, poking her raw, red hand.

“Yeah. Wonderful,” she replied, shrugging. She walked into the living room, grabbing her stuff.

“Aren’t you going to put something on that?” Isabella asked referring to Areana’s now blistering hand. She shook her head.

“Nah. It’ll pass,” she replied. She double checked the door, making sure it was locked. She gasped when she turned around.

“Woah,” she exclaimed, looking at the sleek black car in the driveway.

“Surely Bella told you about the cars?” Edward asked. Areana shook her head.

“She always leaves the important things out,” he replied smiling. There was another pale boy leaning against the car.

“I thought I was going to have to come in after you,” he said to Edward.

“Areana, this is--”

“Wait…don’t tell me…I know this,” Areana interrupted. She tried to think back to all the conversations she had with Isabella about the Cullens. She wrinkled her nose as she intently thought.

“Is she alright?” the boy asked.

“That’s what she does when she’s thinking,” Isabella whispered as they watched Areana twist a strand of hair around her finger. She suddenly jumped up and pointed at the boy.

“Jasper?!” she said in a questioning tone. The three burst out laughing.

“That would be me,” he said, shaking hands with Areana.

“We should probably get going. Ana still has to get her schedule and we have to give her the grand tour,” Isabella said, climbing into the passenger seat. Jasper and Areana slipped into the back before Edward sped off. Areana took a sharp intake of breath.

“Bells, you weren’t kidding when you said Edward liked to drive fast. My brother would kill for this car,” she mused.

“All Edward did was say ‘I like this one’ and he took it home,” Jasper teased.

“I like fast cars. We all have our weaknesses,” Edward replied, glancing at Isabella.

Moments later, they pulled into the school parking lot. Edward grabbed Isabella’s hand once they were out of the car. Areana felt kind of bad for taking Isabella away from him just for a stupid tour.

“You know what, you guys go ahead. I can find my way around just fine,” she said closing the car door. Isabella raised an eyebrow.

“Ana, you still get lost in the mall back home and we’ve lived there all our lives,” she argued.

“Oh, I just did that on purpose so that cute security guard would have to show me how to get out,” Areana bluffed. She didn’t think the security guard was that cute, and she really was horrid with directions.

“Are you sure? I mean, I really don’t mind showing you around. I know that on my first day I would have died if no one had helped me out.”

“Bells, I’ll be fine. I’m a big kid now,” Areana replied teasingly, quoting the diaper commercial.

“Well…at least let me show you the office,” Isabella protested. Areana held up her hand.

“I told you. I’m fine. Now shoo!” she teased. Isabella laughed and hugged her friend. Areana took off toward the left corner of the school.

“Other way,” Isabella said. Areana stopped and swiftly turned around, walking in the opposite direction.

“I was…just making sure you were paying attention,” she lied again, her face blushing. Isabella watched as she took a left turn, instead of a right.

“She’s never finding the office, is she?” Edward asked. Isabella shook her head laughing.

“Jasper, would you mind directing our new friend in the direction of the office before she ends up in the next state?” Edward asked holding back his own laughs. Jasper nodded and jogged to catch up with Areana.

“Let’s see…I went left last time so this time I should go…”

“Back the way you came and take a right.”

Areana jumped at the closeness of the voice. She had thought she was alone. She smiled and laughed.

“Ugh, am I really that bad with directions?” she asked, falling into step with Jasper. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Bella seems to think you are,” he replied, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“ That girl has no faith in me,” Areana replied. With Jasper leading her, she reached the office in five minutes. The office worker handed her her schedule and, with a smile, welcomed her to Forks.

“Thanks,” Areana replied before walking out, Jasper right behind her.

“Do you mind?” he asked, gesturing to her schedule. She shook her head and handed it to him.

“Hmm…” he said, handing it back to her.

“What? Did I get the really hard teachers or something?” she asked worriedly. Jasper smiled at her sudden anxiety.


“Then why the ‘hm‘? Someone only says ‘hm’ when something is wrong,” she replied. Jasper could feel her panic building. He lightly touched her shoulder.

“Calm down. I just noticed that we have every class together,” he replied. A calming feeling swept over Areana. She remembered what Isabella had said about Jasper’s gift.

“That must come in handy,” she said as they made their way towards first period calculus.

“What? Oh…yeah. It does sometimes. You know, living with…a family like mine, it helps,” he joked. Areana laughed. She took the seat beside Jasper, pulling out her notebook. The teacher didn’t even introduce her to the class, which didn’t bother her at all. She yawned trying to listen to the teacher’s lecture. Jasper glanced at her and laughed.

“Not a math fan?” he asked. She shook her head yawning again.

“Me either. I usually ditch this class,” he replied. Areana smiled.

“Would you like to tag along?” he asked. Areana looked at the clock.

“Class has already started,” she said. Jasper smiled.

“It’s a two period class, Ana.”

“No way,” Areana groaned.

“We always get a mid class break. We could make a run for it then.”

“But wouldn’t he know we were skipping? I mean, if we were here first half and not second half…?” she mused aloud.

“Ana, half the class usually ditches second half. He barely notices. He just loves the sound of his own voice,” Jasper explained. The bell rang, signaling their break. Areana bit her lip as Jasper anxiously waited for her. She sighed, grabbing her things. Jasper smiled as they stalked off down the hallway.

“It’s my first day and I am already skipping,” Areana whispered to herself.

“I tend to corrupt the innocent,” Jasper replied. He looked around the nearly deserted hallway and grabbed Areana’s arm, pulling her towards the gym doors.

“Where are we going?” she whispered urgently.

“You’ll see,” Jasper replied. She followed him silently through the gym, and out the back doors. Jasper looked around again and pulled Areana over into the nearby woods. He led her past the entrance to the woods and finally stopped near a rather large tree.

“So…this is ‘the’ skipping spot, huh?” she asked sitting down on a mossy patch of ground. Jasper nodded, leaning against the tree.

“So…” she said, breaking the awkward silence.

“You’re nervous,” Jasper stated. Areana held her head down, hoping to conceal the blush that crept into her cheeks.

“Well, it is my first day,” she mumbled. Jasper laughed, sitting down beside her.

“So, how is your first day so far?”

“Well, let’s see. I was maimed by a waffle, I got lost in my first five minutes here, and now I’m ditching class with a boy I just met,” she said, ticking each event off on her fingers, “All in all, it’s pretty good.”

“Tell me something about you,” Jasper said, hoping some idle conversation would ease the nervous atmosphere. Areana tensed up instantly.

“Like what?” she asked. Jasper smiled.

“I don’t know. Anything.”

“Well…I grew up with Bella?” she said in a questioning tone, looking at him.

“Go on,” he reassured.

“I hate math but love reading. Seriously, like I am a reading machine,” she said, loosening up some. Jasper tightly closed his mouth, trying to keep his laugh in. They sat in silence for what seemed like ages, until a faint bell broke it.

“Why don’t we just skip Bio too?” Jasper asked as Areana started to stand. She flopped back down.

“Why not? If you’re going to be corrupted why not go all the way?” she said sarcastically. The awkward silence surrounded them.

“What’s you favorite color?” Jasper blurted out. Areana thought for a moment.

“Blue,” she replied.

“Are you sure?” Jasper teased.

“Yes. What’s yours?” she asked.

“Red,” Jasper said smiling. Areana looked at him, a strange look on her face.

“A little vampire humor,” he whispered.

“Oh…for a second there, you had me freaked,” she replied. Jasper shrugged.

“It happens. Really, you and Bella should be freaked out by us.”

“Oh, my great aunt Pearl scares me more than you guys do,” Areana replied smiling. Jasper smiled, not able to suppress his laughter. Another faint bell sounded.

“Where to now?” she asked Jasper as they walked through the gym.

“Lunch,” he replied nonchalantly. For some reason, Areana felt very comfortable around Jasper.

“How bad is this going to be?” she asked as they walked into the crowded cafeteria.