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Fall For You

Areana, Isabella's friend from home, moves to Forks to live with her brother. Isabella introduces her to the Cullens, and they all become fast friends. What will happen when Areana takes a liking to a certain vampire? Watch as Areana's life takes a deadly toll. CHAPTER SIX AWAITING VALIDATION!!! I decided to make Chapter Six the end of this fic. It just fit way too perfectly to pass up the oppertunity to end it that well. But, never fear, a sequol is already being written and will pick up exactly where chapter six left off. :) Photobucket Banner by me :)

This is my first Twilight story and I hope you all enjoy! I apologize in advance for all the dialogue...ugh, dialogue is not my favorite part of stories, nor my best. I'm much better at descriptions...which will be in the next chapter. Enjoy! --Emma

6. Chapter 6--Fall For You

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Areana was faintly aware of distant voices calling her name. She struggled to hold onto consciousness, the blackness threatening to overtake her. She had no idea how long she had been out but, judging by the now darkened sky, she determined she had been out for quite a bit of time.

“Carlisle-I think I see something!” Areana pushed the darkness away, recognizing Alice’s voice.

“Alice…” she whispered, throat raspy, voice barely audible—but it was enough. Alice was at her side in a split second, jerking the bent door of her mangled car off, ripping at her seatbelt.

“Ana, oh gosh…I got here as soon as I could. I saw you and what happened and I got Carlisle and we got here as fast as we could.” Areana was vaguely aware of Alice’s stony arms pulling her from the car, propping her up against a nearby tree stump so Carlisle could properly ascertain her medical condition. She felt her eyes rolling back in her head as Carlisle poked her a few times, obviously searching for any tender areas indicating a fracture.

“Areana, if you can, stay with us. Talk, move, scream, just do something to stay conscious,” Carlisle said, gently tapping her hand to bring her back.

“What happened?” Alice asked as Carlisle checked Areana’s pulse. Areana blinked her eyes a few times, trying to remember exactly what had happened. She could vaguely remember pulling out of the driveway, and hurtling over the curve but, other than that, it was all just a blur.

“I…I’m not sure. One second I was driving and the next…”

“Just take your time. Think back; did you notice anything strange or different about your car?” Carlisle asked, his hands moving quickly as he tried to stitch up a bad cut on her forehead. Areana bit her lip as Carlisle inspected her midsection, poking around near her ribs. She opened her mouth to speak, but was overcome by a coughing fit, her breathing ragged and shallow once the coughing stopped.

“Brakes…”she was able to mutter before choking on her coughs once more. Carlisle shook his head, gravely looking at Alice.

“Not good,” he said, watching as Areana’s eyes rolled back in her head for a few seconds before fluttering back to normal.

“What?!” Alice exclaimed, holding Areana’s body upright as she slumped over.

“Her lungs. I can’t tell if she’s bleeding internally or if she’s punctured a lung. She’s got broken bones everywhere, more than likely some internal bleeding, her breathing is shallow, her eyes are rolling back in her head…Alice, she’s not going to make it.” Alice cursed silently under her breath; Areana was shocked that even uttering profanities, Alice still sounded like an angel. Her voice comforted her as another coughing fit overtook her, her breathing never returning back to normal.

“Wha….we can’t just let her die, Carlisle! What about Jasper?! What do you think is going to happen when he comes back from hunting and finds her in a….a coffin?!” Alice exclaimed patting Areana’s back as she tried to regain her breath. Alice cursed again as Areana’s eyes rolled back into her head once more. Carlisle lightly shook Areana, waiting several minutes until she weakly opened her eyes.

“Areana, you know you have a choice in this. You can choose to move on. It’s all up to you,” Carlisle said seriously, taking her face in his hands. Areana barely whispered her inaudible response.

“Save me.”

Carlisle leaned down; Alice’s concerned face was the last thing Areana saw before the blackness overtook her one last time.

*****((First Person))*****

Mouth clamped shut, I tried to hold in the agonized screams rising in my throat. The burning sensation had intensified over the past…hours? Days? Months? It seemed as if it was never going to end. I focused on keeping my mouth clamped shut. I could hear the worried voices around me, one standing out from the others. Jasper sounded the closest…and the angriest. I wanted to reach out, to touch his face and tell him everything was going to be alright. Tell him that Carlisle only did what I asked him to; the only thing I could do to be with him. To tell him not to worry about me.

Another wave of heat crippled my body, the pain making it harder to control myself. I tried to keep as still as possible, knowing that one slight movement, even the slightest millimeter of a move, would bring on the frantic voices and questions-questions that I couldn’t answer for fear of the screams choking me. How much longer could this possibly last?

“How much longer?” Jasper asked, echoing my thoughts. I felt a cool hand brush across my face, the burning slightly slackening where his cold fingers had grazed.

“A few hours at the most. I’m fairly certain she can hear us right now,” Alice said, her voice farther away than the others.

“Ana? Ana, can you hear me?” Jasper’s voice was rough and concerned. I wanted nothing more than to answer him. But I couldn’t; my screams would only torment him more, and I didn’t want to put him through any more pain than he was already experiencing. Perhaps a slight movement would suffice. I tightened my mouth, focusing on lightly moving my hand. His gasp confirmed that he had seen it.

“Ana! Are you alright? Can you talk? Can you move? Are you alright? Carlisle, why isn’t she speaking? She can obviously hear us!” Jasper exclaimed, his torrent of questions continuing under his breath as he closed his cold hand around mind. His icy touch felt good; not taking away the burning pain, but making it slightly more manageable.

“It could’ve been anything, son. A twitch, a reaction to the transformation. For all we know, she could still be unconscious.” Leave it to Carlisle to be practical. What I wouldn’t give to actually be unconscious throughout this ordeal. Jasper growled in frustration; it was a menacing and heart breaking sound. His stress was obviously getting the better of him. There was no reason for him to worry. Soon, this would all be over and I would be just like him.

“Jasper, maybe you should go and hunt. It’s been days,” Alice suggested lightly. Even I could feel the tension swirling around the room, a thick fog invading my senses.

“No,” he replied simply. A muffled creak told me he must’ve sat down in a chair near me, his icy hand still clutching mine.

“Maybe you should go now. If she wakes up-“

“When,” Jasper hissed back, cutting off Emmett. I’d never heard Jasper snap at his adopted brother like that.

“Sorry. When she wakes up, you’ll want to be here. If you go now, you can be here when she wakes up,” Emmett said stressing the word ‘when.’ Jasper sighed, his grip on my hand tightening slightly.

“I can wait.” The determination in his voice stopped any further discussion. He was staying right by my side, and that was that. I felt another cool hand brush across my face.

“She’ll be fine in a few hours, son. The rest of us are going to go hunt before she wakes up. If anything changes, just call my cell and let me know,” Carlisle said. Another wave of heat crashed over me, my lips parting slightly as I fought to control my agony. I heard the door creak closed, the sudden silence startling me.

“Ana, I know you can hear me. You moved and I saw it. So, if you can, please just do something to let me know you’re alright,” Jasper said his voice barely above a whisper. It was almost as if he feared talking too loudly would disrupt this whole excruciating process. I refocused on holding my mouth tightly closed, trying once again to move my hand ever so slightly. I heard his relieved exhale of breath, once again confirming he had seen my subtle movement.

“I leave you for a few hours and look what happens,” he said in a slightly joking concern. “You can’t go off trying to off yourself every time I leave. Though, I guess you’re not the one trying to off yourself. Remind me to have a word with your father after this is over.” His menacing voice almost made me smile.

He continued making light conversation with me, pausing to watch me move my hand or leg in response to a question he had asked. His voice seemed lighter now that he knew I was alright. I knew he was worried about the pain I was enduring, but the heat actually seemed to be slackening. It almost felt like I could open my eyes without the burning sensation scorching them closed again. I decided to wait a few more minutes before forcing them open, blinking rapidly a few times as I focused in on his face.

He looked terrible. His golden hair was disheveled, black eyes pierced with worry. The shadows under his eyes were a deep purple shade, giving off the illusion that he had gotten into a fist fight with Emmett, and lost…badly. His hand brushed across my cheek as a weak smile spread across his lips.

“Carlisle said it was almost over. I assume the pain is manageable now?” he asked, his face mere inches away from mine. I managed to nod slightly. The fire was subsiding rather quickly, though my lungs were now burning intensely. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath, like I was suffocating. Trying not to gasp for air was difficult, but doing so would only alarm him more. He pushed my wet hair back from my face.

“I practically killed them for not calling me sooner. To think they waited hours before even telling me. Emmett had to hold me back.” He sounded ashamed that he had tried to attack one of his family members. The fire in my lungs was getting worse; it felt as if someone had doused my lungs in gasoline and then set them on fire. I closed my eyes again, focusing on trying to relax my body.

“The end’s always the worst part,” he consoled. It was nice knowing there was someone with me who knew exactly what I was going through.

“You know if I could, I would’ve done this for you. The pain. I would’ve taken it ten times over to spare you from it.” His sudden words struck me. We barely knew each other, and here he was, practically declaring that he loved me so much he would endure this pain…ten times over. The thought caused me to shiver, the flames seeming to spread inward into my lungs. My air supply was dwindling, the burning from the venom and the burning for oxygen competing with each other. I was fairly certain I was going to suffocate to death before the transformation was complete.

Then, as the pain grew so intense I could almost taste death, it vanished. The burning sensation was gone, every ounce of pain evaporated. I waited for a few seconds, just waiting for the intense pain to come back. To jump out from behind the corner and yell ‘Gotcha’-but it didn’t. I opened my eyes again, the room coming into focus faster than the first time. I sat up, Jasper’s arm supportively wrapped around my waist, taking in my surroundings. I was in the guest room in the east wing of the Cullen house—my room. I turned, the look of relief on Jasper’s face causing a small smile to spread across my lips. He leaned down and, very gently, kissed my forehead. He wrapped his arms around me, treating me as if I was some kind of exquisite, expensive, highly breakable piece of china. I wrapped my arms around his neck, closing my eyes as he tightened his grip. His scent smelled even more amazing now. Honey and daffodils all mixed in with mint and lavender. His skin no longer felt cold to me; it felt almost warm, normal. We sat like that for several minutes, just embracing like it was the only thing we wanted to do. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion as I felt his hand lightly massaging my back. How strange it was, these feelings I was having for him. I’d went from not knowing this person at all to falling head over heels in love with him in a matter of days. Was that even humanly possible?

“ What’s wrong?” Jasper asked, my sudden flow of emotion obviously startling him. It was difficult to form into words what I was feeling, and looking into his brilliant face only made things that much harder. The words ‘love at first sight’ didn’t seem to be as strong as what I was feeling right now. With the completion of my transformation, every one of my emotions seemed to take over my body, enveloping me in concentrated doses of emotion, much stronger than I ever thought possible. A slight choking noise escaped my throat; had I been human at this exact moment, I would’ve been sobbing uncontrollably.

Realizing you’ve found the love of your life, the one person you can spend the rest of your life –or in my case eternity—with, was the most invigorating feeling one could ever experience. I glanced back up at his face once more, his concern causing him to furrow his brow. I was vaguely aware that his grip around my waist tightened, pulling me closer as he tried to discern what I was feeling. I had a feeling the emotions my body was giving off were confusing him as much, if not more than me. Yearning, Confusion, Happiness, Love, Desire, Anxiety. Every possible emotion emanating from within me.

Suddenly I could see visions passing in front of me, as clear as if I was watching them on a plasma screen television. Running through the forest, the wind whipping through my hair, Jasper happily keeping pace beside me as the blurred trees whizzed by us. His hand in mine as we lounged around the house, Emmett poking fun at my newborn stupidity. His lips crushing against mine when we were alone, the rest of the Cullen Clan away on a brief hunting trip…

My eyes widened as I realized I had no idea what kissing this Jasper would be like; well, technically he was still the same, but I wasn’t. Would his lips still feel liquid smooth and icy cold against mine? Would the sensation of burning out of my skin still consume my body, driving me to push his self-control? The wheels in my mind turned quickly, reminding me that self control was no longer a problem with Jasper. I was no longer a squishy, breakable, blood filled human. I was beautiful, strong, and hopefully I still appealed to him.

But how could I be sure? Had Jasper just been attracted to me for my squishy, breakable, blood filled human self? Or was there a deeper connection there? Fear crawled through my body as these thoughts tormented me. What if he didn’t love me anymore? Did he ever love me? Was there anything there other than the desire my blood held for him? Jasper tensed, pulling back to look into my face, obviously unsettled by the anxiety

“Ana, are you alright? Please, just tell me what’s wrong.” His agonized expression and tone were enough to pull me out of my thoughts. I hesitated before letting my fingertips gently brush across his face, staring into his eyes, suddenly mesmerized by them. I brought my other hand up, gently brushing my fingers across the purple shadows underneath his black eyes. He must’ve been so thirsty; I’ll bet he never once left my side to hunt these past three days. He placed his hand over top of mine, surprising me when his touch felt normal, nothing like the icy cold it had once been.

“Say something,” he pleaded taking in my raging emotions. I pulled my hand away, lightly touching my face. I could’ve sworn I felt some tears slipping down my cheeks. He took my hand back in his, lightly kissing it. I smiled slightly, trying to get my thoughts under control.

“You’re…perfect,” I whispered, my voice choked with emotion. I couldn’t think of the proper words to describe the complexity of everything I was feeling right now; he would just have to settle for those two words. His eyes twisted up in confusion. I looked down at his hand in mine, my eyes lighting up as I thought of the one thing I could say…the one thing I hoped he would be able to relate to. I took a sharp intake of breath, looking up into his all too perfect face before speaking the words I hoped he wanted to hear.

“I love you,” I stated, my voice barely above a whisper. His facial expression shifted instantly, turning to one of confusion, then blending into something softer, lighter. He lightly stroked my hair, pushing it back off my face; he shouldn’t have any trouble discerning what I was feeling right now. Leaning down, he hesitated before gently pressing his lips against mine, his hand latching around my neck, softly pulling my face closer to his. I felt like I could live in that one moment for the rest of forever—however long that may be. He reluctantly pulled back, searching my face. For what, I had no idea.

“I don’t deserve you,” he said. I wondered what emotion my face was portraying right now.

“I think that’s my line,” I joked quietly. Jasper laughed, his rough voice taking me by surprise.

“No, it’s definitely mine.” I cautiously leaned in, resting my head on his chest. It was difficult not to think about being cautious around him; this was definitely going to take some getting used to.