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You are a timeless piece of art; never changing and growing in unexplainable ways. You stay the same; the same contrast, the same colors, the same. Always the same. When Jasper left Maria, she was hurt. She suffered from never-ending pain and has searched for him ever since. When she finally finds him in Forks with a new family and wife, what will she do? [Companion story to Devil In Me]Photobucket

Just so everyone knows, you do not need to read Devil In Me to understand this. There may be a sentence here and there that may have something to do with, but nothing too confusing. But, I do suggest reading Devil In Me.

2. As Swift As Night

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If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky, you can hide underneath me and come out at night
When I turn jet black, you can show off your light
I live to let you shine
But you can sky rocket away from me, and never come back if you find another galaxy far from here where there's more room to fly
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by

~Gregory and the Hawk

You lurk up to the small, ordinary house along the side of the road. A scent of freesia is everywhere, and so is a faint, faint scent of him. It's the slightest whiff of danger that puts you on edge. To know that he has been here, that he lives so close, makes your skin itch in eagerness. You want to be near him, but the only way to do that is to get through his family first.

Just be patient, Maria, he will come to you.

The lush grass crunches underneath you weight as you glide over the lawn soundlessly. Leaves rustle lightly overhead in the maple tree and you listen for the slightest signal that any member of the coven is nearby. You refuse to have someone interrupt this, you refuse defeat.

You walk up to the front door and a bitter laugh escapes your lips. It's locked. How silly, you think, it's not going to get past you. You would think that this human girl would know better than to think a simple lock will keep unwanted visitors out in the dark where they belong. But no matter, you can easily pick it. You slide your fingernail, fresh with blood underneath the nail from a recent hunt, through the lock and it breaks with a soft crunching sound. You smile in success.

You turn the knob and push it open quietly. If the door creaks, you know it could wake her, or her father, up from deep slumber. You don't want this, Maria, you don't want this. You want to be quite and silent and relish in the sound of her pulse as it quivers beneath your fingertips.

You swiftly go up the steps, too fast that the rotting wood does not even feel your weight. The smell of her, and her vampire mate, becomes too strong. His smell is covering everything just as much as her's. It is obvious he spends much time here.

You store this knowledge away for later use.

You come and follow her scent, past her father's closed door containing his snoring self, and stop at a white door at the end of the hallway. Her life form flows from the bottom of it, through the nooks and crannies of the wall. You inhale deeply, if it comes to killing her, you will. She seems appetizing.

You reach out your pale, strong hand and grab onto the doorknob. You must be silent now. Plus, you're unfamiliar with her sleeping patterns; she may wake up easily, she may not. You do not know.

You turn the metal knob swiftly, cursing the scent of rust it leaves on your hand. As you pull the door open, she turns the slightest and you stop breathing. Has she awoken? You peek your head through the crack between the door and the wall and look in. Her eyes are fluttering beneath her eyelids as she sighs.

So weak. So very weak. And vulnerable.

As you walk in and close the door quietly behind you, she murmurs a name. Edward. Venom builds up in your throat. It's her mate. Her lover. Her fiancee. You can't help but wondering why her mate can love her as a human and why your's can't love you when you're a monster.

But you have changed. And you're hoping he has, too. Maybe he is more open to your ways.You crouch down next to her bed and watch her through narrowed ruby eyes. Her mahogany hair shines angelically in the moonlight and her pale, almost translucent skin, radiates heat. She is overall beautiful, in an ordinary human way. But nothing compared to you, Maria, you remind yourself. He will not, can not, resist you.

You whisper her name, Isabella, as softly as you can without her father overhearing. Your voice flows from your still tainted red lips, like a sweet song. Like a lullaby. It pulls at her conscience while she dreams and pulls her into reality. Her eyes flicker open and she blinks multiple times. You continue to speak her name, like a haunting children's nursery rhyme.

"Edward?" She asks aloud and you grow angry. He is not here, and he won't be here to save her. She is in your grasp, not his safety, and you will do what you please with her. Murder is not out of the question.

"No, pet, no." Her deep chestnut eyes widen as her eyes focus on you. She gasps the slightest and opens her mouth. You've been through this routine enough to know what comes next. Screaming. You slam your ice cold hand over her mouth before even the lightest whimper can escape. She starts breathing fast and shallow. She's hyperventilating.

You snicker quietly.

"Maybe you have heard of me, Isabella, maybe you have not. Now, should I just answer you the questions I need answering. Or should I wait until later," You think out loud as a bead of sweat drips down her forehead. The window is shut tightly and the room is stuffy with humidity.

Tears gather in her eyes, a weakness you lost many millennium ago. She shakes her head and closes her eyes, as if this is a dream and not reality. Like she's trying to convince herself it's all fake.

She wishes.

"Hmm, before I do anything, I think I should take you somewhere where your screams can not wake your father, Charlie is it? Yes, I do not want to kill him, too," You murmur as you give her a fake look of sympathy. A tear leaks over the brim of her eyelids and flows down her cheek, leaving a sticky trail of salt. You wipe at it hastily and look at it curiously. It's so interesting, the human's way of dealing with emotions.

You'd rather just kill to vent your feelings. It may be messier, but really, it is funner.

You pick up her shaking form and hold her against your chest as you wrap your strong arms around her. There is no way you're letting her go now that you have her. She shivers from the coldness of your skin and you smile down at her as you grab one of the blankets covering her bed. You may kill her in the end, but you could be considerate until then.

You balance her weight on one arm as you lift the window up and look out into the dark sky. Your ears prick up at any sound in the distance. The coven may already know. If that psychic one, it hurts to picture her face, has seen this in a vision, she will undoubtedly tell everyone. And then he'll come.

Which, truthfully, wouldn't be too bad.

No, Maria, you scold yourself. You must wait.

You leap down from the windowsill, landing like a feline on the grass below. Isabella wriggles in your grasp and you hold her even tighter. Something pops in her side and you sigh. Humans are so fragile.

She throws her head back in pain and you continue to run, throwing looks over your shoulder every few seconds. The dark street behind you holds no threat, for they would not attack that way. You keep your eyes alert, always watching around you for any enemies. The earth pounds beneath you and Isabella weeps shamelessly in your arms.

You haven't felt physical pain in so many years. You almost wonder what it feels like.

She writhes and thrashes and your arm once again meets the spot you've recently injured and you whisper soothing words in her ear. She can not whine or make sound. They may hear you. You dart through the dense forest and weeds snap as they connect with your marble skin. You feel thankful that there is no blood spilled from her yet. Yet.

You finally reach your destination, a spot you found just one day ago. It is a small cavern along the beach, more northern then the werewolf territory, though. At first, you were thoroughly shocked at the discovery of werewolves. How strange. They actually exist. Their presence only lives in the myths of your kind, and now you have found them for real. You are sure to take Isabella somewhere that is in neither of the rival's territory.

It is better this way.

You enter the damp cavern which is covered in rich moss and algae from the waves rolling in. You carry her further in, past where the water reaches. She whimpers softly as you lay her down on the jagged rocks. You toss her the blanket and she looks at you in fright as you take your hand from her mouth. You look at her in curiosity as she flinches from your burgundy eyes.

"Who are you?" Her voice is hoarse with a coating of phlegm and you stand up. You seem to trust her, for some strange reason, and you cock your head to the side. You wonder if she's heard of you, if she is close to him. If she is, you have made the right choice on who to confront.

"You may know me. It all depends on how much a certain 'brother'," You laugh at how silly the word sounds coming from your lips, "talks about his past." Her eyes grow wide as she takes in your words. She looks a thousand miles away, like she is trying to remember a far away thought.

"I am sorry, but I do not remember," She mumbles, fear seeping into her voice. You scowl in response, of course he hasn't mentioned you. Why should he? To him you are nothing but death, Maria, death and sorrow.

"Does a name Maria ring a bell, Isabella?" You question as you look out the entrance of the cavern. A soft gasp escapes her mouth as she learns your identity. It is obvious you are not who she expected. You turn back to her, taking in the questions in her eyes.

"Jasper's...friend?" She wonders aloud. Ah, so she does know a bit of information. You cackle loudly, friend? Friend? Is that what you are to him? Nothing but a filthy friend! You thought he would think more highly of you. There was a time in both of your lives that he loved you, he worshipped you like the land you stepped on was holy. He held your hand within his, he kissed you more passionately than you could ever imagine, he caressed you like you were a doll that could break any moment. He made love to you like it was the last night on earth.

"Friend?" You screech loudly. "Friend! Am I so insignificant? I gave him life, Isabella! I welcomed him to this world with open arms and an open heart! I loved him more than life itself and he served me as a soldier and a lover! And all I earn is the word ' friend'-" And then a thought comes to you, "I wonder how he feels of you, little Isabella. Are you an acquaintance? Are you someone in the way of his family? Are you just a 'friend'? Or are you something more? Are you a sister to him, like the bitchy blond one? Are you important?" You prattle on, outraged at this discovery.

Her eyes widen in fear and she stutters out the next words. She chokes off and you smirk smugly. If you are nothing to him, maybe she means nothing to him, too. Maybe, just maybe, the pixie one means nothing to him also.

"Please, Maria, I'm sure I mean nothing to him. Really. I bet he wouldn't even care that I'm missing," Bella croaks out as she shakes her head. You smell the adrenaline shoot through her veins as her voice trembles. Liar.

You can almost hear her mind convincing herself than you'll fall for it and let her go.

Maria, don't fall for it, you hiss to yourself.

"Isabella, dear, do you lie? Do you dare sit there, human and fragile, and lie to me? Do you dare cross my path with deceit?" You hiss as you crouch down in front of her. She leans back, tears falling from her eyes like you wouldn't believe. How can a human cry so much? It seems unnatural.

"Wha...what are you talking about?" Her voice contains the undertone of fright and nervousness. She acts like she tells the truth, and not the opposite. Idiot.

She lies, a voice inside your head snarls in low hisses, she lies.

"You lie," You respond, copying the voice in your mind. She shakes her head frantically, her eyes huge on her face. Your temper is rising by the second and if she pushes the right buttons, she may just die before you wish her to.

"No! I don't! I swear, I'm not lying!" Her voice cracks on the last word and you cock your head to the side. She has not yet realized how dangerous the situation is yet, you think to yourself. If she did, she would have shut up hours ago.

"Do not lie to me, Isabella! Do you want me to hurt you? Do you want to die? Do you want to never see your mate's face again? Hmm, Isabella, I will let you survive but only if you tell the truth! Tell me everything you know about him! Everything about his mate, the pixie! Tell me! And then, maybe, just maybe, you can get out of this alive!" You roar, outraged that she bothers to lie to a vampire. You would think she would know that I can smell her fear, smell her hesitance, by now.

Her bottom lip quivers violently. She is obviously surprised by the turn of the conversation.

"Please, just tell me. I need to see him, Isabella. You don't understand. I am empty without him. Useless. Worthless. Nothing. Just help me, and then I'll do everything I can to make sure you're safe," You pant, out of breath from your outburst. She hides her face beneath her silky hair as she makes up her mind. "Please," You continue to beg. If she does not tell you willingly, you'll just have to get it out of her.

And God knows how long you'll be able to control your thirst.

"Fine," She whispers, her eyes glancing at you with hurt and guilt laying in her eyes.

"Well, I'm glad you've joined my side, Isabella. Now, where to begin..."