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Werewolf Reflexes

Just a short fan fic about when the werewolves kill Laurent. Sam's POV


1. All In A Days Work

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Slowly, I stepped into the clearing. Laurent stood, backing into the trees with a terrified look on his face and Bella’s expression was not very different. I heard Laurent give a silent curse under his breath, than took off running into the trees. I immediately followed, trailed by the rest of the pack.

Jacob ran with a fierce aggression his eyes burned with hatred and his mind clearly said,

Revenge, revenge for Bella, I will not let this traitor get away, not without a fight!

Calm Jacob, control your feelings, a bloodsucker is no match for 6 werewolves.

Yes, Sam, sorry.

Its ok, you have learned quickly.

The speed was exhilarating! Trees flew past me and it was like flying, the wind whipped my hair around my barred teeth and the sound of my paws on the earth made a quiet rhythm that blended with the rest of the pack.

Thudthud, thud, thudthud, thud.

In less than 5 min, we had caught up with the bloodsucker and immediately surrounded him. He barred his teeth but I could see in his eyes a look of pure terror. He knew we had won. Making a final attempt to get away he lunged at Quil but was as late as I jumped in front of him and ripped off his head which snapped with a loud crack. For a moment my teeth burned but then the pain vanished, just as suddenly as it came.

Werewolf reflexes.

Jacob thought, flashing a wide grin.

Werewolf reflexes.

I thought back. After giving a large shake I morphed back into human form and quickly pulled my pants on.

“Easy as pie,” said a very triumphant looking Paul as we set fire to the vampire, this was his first time killing a vampire, well witnessing the death of a vampire and he was very excited about it.

“Easy as pie,” I snorted back, “you didn’t do anything and your breath won’t smell like vampire guts for the next month.”

“Yeah whatever.”

As the smoke rose in the air we all bowed our heads and muttered the ancient prayers of our ancestors, to ensure that in vampire heavens, they would repent for the wrong the have done.

We then quietly made our way back to our homes. As I walked in the door I gave Emily a passionate kiss, on the lips, tracing her scars with my tanned fingers. I then grabbed a muffin, ate it in one bite and fell with a loud thunk on my king size bed.

“Sam, you ok?”

“Yeah, just tired.”

All in a days work, I thought.