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Alice Cullen

*UPDATED* fixed the hair and some stuff like that. um my colored version is being colored...lol. please please please PLEASE review!!! Alice is still unfinished...but I think I need some help/feedback. o_o


1. Alice, Unfinished

Rating 4/5   Word Count 81   Review this Chapter

AAANdd...here she is! -suspenseful music please-

(the funny shadow is me and my camera for this pic. It's raining outside in WA so I had to use lights from in my house and flash so it looks kinda weird at the moment. srry!)

I'm thinking about adding color to it later. This is the first "formal" person/portrait I've drawn...unless you count the ones we had to do in like 4th grade

Sooo yea...iono what else to say. :]