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All Alone

Charlie, Renee, any blood relations to Bella have died. However, Bella had a step mother - her name was Victoria. After Charlie dies, Victoria becomes abusive. She knows that one day, Victoria will kill her. But what will happen when the Cullens show up? They are vampires by the way, so is Victoria. But everyone had absolutely perfect self control and Edward is not affected by Bella's blood singing to him AllAlone.jpg picture by Weasleyboyfreak

Okay so by now, you guys all know the drill - I'm not Stephenie Meyer and I never EVER will be. Thank you! Remember to review!

3. Chapter 3

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I was really scared. A vampire was here. In Forks. At my school. I didn't know what to do, so I went with my instincts, I ran. I knew vampires could catch up with me, but I wanted to get away from him. Thankfully, he didn't follow. In the bathroom, I quickly locked one of the stalls doors and broke down crying. What was going to happen to me? Would the male vampire meet Victoria and they could have hurt-Bella parties?

When the bell rang for lunch, I knew I would have to reappear. It would look odd if I wasn't there, not that anybody would look for me, but they needed their homework, and though I always dreaded this, seeing as they usually did it by force and I had forgotten my bag on my hurry to leave Victoria, I wanted to leave the bathroom incase he snuck in and had a little snack. He couldn't do that in the cafeteria, not with everyone there.

Looking in the mirror, I saw my tears had wiped aways the concealer I put on this morning, exposing the cuts and bruises from Victoria and my class mates. I quickly reapplied concealer, and left the bathroom, only be hit by Mike when as I walked through the corridor on the way to the cafeteria.


All of these humans were drooling by my beauty. Of course, I couldn't blame them, I mean my features were perfect, and my hair, so golden, so lovely, so soft. I caught sight of my reflection in the window as I waited impatiently for the teacher to end the class. After all these years, I knew what the facts he was droning about off by heart. More than he probably knew, even.

God, that girl is so ugly. And she had the nerve to introduce herself to me. She had blonde hair, obviously thought herself pretty enough to talk to me, definately pompous, and a large flirt. She could not pull off what she was wearing, even if it was the right temperature to wear it. Whatever-Her-Name-Was had on a mini-skirt, way too short, it didn't even cover her fat ass. You could see her thoung as she bent over, trying to flirt with some acne faced boy. Her arms squeezed together, trying to show off her small amount of cleavage.

As I left the class, conveniently across from Emmet's and Jasper's, and beside Alice's and Edward's. When Edward and Alice came out, interrupting me and Emmet's make out session, to show Whatever-Her-Name-Is that he's mine, Edward said, "Guys, we need to talk!" We walked to an empty corridor.

"Guys, when I walked into my first period, english, the teacher said to sit beside this girl, the teacher apologised for making me sit next to her! Everyone in the class was glaring at her too!" He was about to say more when we interrupted.

"Why?" I asked, curious. That was usual, not something I'd come across and I was almost a century old.

"I can't believe it!" Alice exclaimed.

"Strange." Emmet muttered.

"Odd." Jasper sighed.

"Anyway, when she saw me, she fainted," We all now looked at him puzzled, our full attention on the story. "but before she did, she looked really scared. So, I took her to the nurses office," typical Edward, always has to be the gentleman, "and the nurse was like "Oh, you needn’t worry about her! There’s no point. You know what, feel free to put her in front of a car, it would be good riddance! I’ll leave you for a few minutes, I have some important things to worry about." So then, about twenty minutes after the nurse left, we woke up. I asked her why she fainted, nad she . . . she knew . . . about us . . . what we are. And then I asked her how, and she jusrt asked me not to hurt her and left."

All of us gasped. How was it that some human knew about our existance, outrageous! It could lead to exposure to what we are! We'd have to kill her.

All of us had been walking, and when we came to the sight before us, in unision, we all gasped, "Oh my God."

In front of us, a girl lay on the floor, about 10 people surrounding her, of both genders, hitting her, kicking her. Surrounding this, what seemed to be the whole student population, cheered them on, yelling things like, "Go on! Punch her harder! That's great! This is so fun!"

Not one of the humans came to her defence, not one of them had even a trace of pity or remorse on their faces. On each face, enjoyment was vivid.

Even though this was horrible, I couldn't help but see how beautiful this girl was. Her long mahogany hair ended slightly above her waist, her features were perfectly angular and centre, she was thin, perhaps anerexic, but overall, enchanting, but clearly not excepted. Something must have gone wrong with her and the students, but she wasn't happy, and the students were mean, no, that's the understatement of the year.

"That's her," Edward whispered, his voice full of pain. After a short pause, full of confusion on our part, he elaborated, "the girl who knows."

So this was the girl, I had told myself I would hate, I told myself I would kill. Yet I couldn't bring myself to go over to her house later and do what I had planned. Whoever she was, seemed to have gone through severe pain, was going through severe pain, and I couldn't bring myself to cause her more. All my thoughts of hatred vanished, a friendship with her was now what I wanted.

All of this had happened in about ten seconds, as we stood frozen in shock. Then we all leapt to our feet, tearing the people away from her. Of course, we didn't expose ourselves, we merely moved at a fast human pace. We'd scared them, and the students left, leaving us alone with the girl. She tried to get up, swaying slightly, before falling over. Emmet caught her before she fell and lifted her back up. He placed her on the ground, where she stood for a second, before almost falling again. Edward quickly supported her. "I think she's broken a leg." Alice said.

"Well done Einstein." Emmet said, trying to joke, but even he knew there was nothing remotely funny about this situation.

"We're going to have to take you to the hospital, is that okay?" I asked her.

"No!" She screamed, a look or terror, horror and alarm creeeping into her eyes. She quickly masked it into a look that betrayed no emotion. and when she spoke again, her voice betrayed nothing either, "I'm perfectly fine. I can walk. There's no need to bring me to the hospital."

"You're not fine!" I argued. "10 people were just attacking you!"

"I'm not going. You can't make me go. Even if your vampires!" Her eyes showed fear and pain before she blacked out.


I was in pain, severe pain, but not as bad as when Victoria beat me. Thankfully, that wasn't for another couple of days. I remembered how Charlie had died, how terrible it was, as I called them what they were, before I felt the blackness envelepe me.


OMG! She fainted! Her pulse is slow! We have to get her to the hospital! Edward, obviously having heard my thoughts, picked her up nad we ran at a fast human speed to the car. We strapped her in, before Edward started to drive at the fastest it could go. The seconds seemed to be ticking my so fast, we were scared she'd die in the car. Arriving at the car park, Jasper ran on ahead to tell Carlisle what had happened. We weren't far behind him, but there wasn't time for delays.

"Put her onto the bed." Carlisle ordered, in the voice only someone after years of being in practice would have. "You can't stay in here while I work," we sighed, going to the waiting room.


As I examined her, a nurse came in with a bowel of water, to cool her down. It would help to prevent any fevers. As the nurse sponged the girl's forehead, she gasped. I ahdn't been paying attention to what she'd been doing, I had been listening to her pulse, which was slower than what it should be. I turned, wondering what had happened.

"Carlisle, Carlisle look!" I looked at what Nurse Roberts was pointing at. Though she had only sponged the girl's forehead, it had revealed many nasty gashes and bruises, some half-healed, some brand new. Scars also marked the forehead. It was slightly gruesome, but I urged her to wipe more, to rub off all of the thin layer of concealer.

My children had said what had happened at school, but what was on her face proved that not only her class mates abused her, but also perhaps, her parents? "Do you know who this is?"

"It's Bella Swan, Carlisle."

"Who are her parents?"

"Her mother, Renee died giving birth to her, the father, Charlie Swan, passed away 8 years ago."

"Who takes care of her now?"

"Charlie's second wife, Bella's stepmother - Victoria Swan. We're all scared of her. Bella used to always come down here, she was a great help, could always calm down the children, or the elderly, even the midle-aged. There wasn't one she couldn't make happy, even when someone had died, she could always reassure who knew them, told them it was okay, that even though they'd lost a friend, God had gained a angel. She told fabulous stories of what she thought heaven'd be like, everyone loved her. Then, when she was 11, the father died, Victoria forbid her from coming here again. You don't think-?"

"I do. It sounds like it. How is she scary?"

"She's deathly pale." Oh no! Its wasn't, was it? "Her eyes, they're always bright red, like the colour of blood." the nurse shuddered. I couldn't believe it. Not only was this child abused at school, not only was she abused by a parent, she was abused by a vampire, a millon times stronger than any human.

"Nurse Roberts, I think he's heard enough." a sweet voice said from the bed. Bella was awake. Asd she departed, Bella's face showed fear, "How much did she say?"