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All Alone

Charlie, Renee, any blood relations to Bella have died. However, Bella had a step mother - her name was Victoria. After Charlie dies, Victoria becomes abusive. She knows that one day, Victoria will kill her. But what will happen when the Cullens show up? They are vampires by the way, so is Victoria. But everyone had absolutely perfect self control and Edward is not affected by Bella's blood singing to him AllAlone.jpg picture by Weasleyboyfreak

Okay so by now, you guys all know the drill - I'm not Stephenie Meyer and I never EVER will be. Thank you! Remember to review!

4. Meeting

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"Enough." He paused to look at me with a pitying expression. I didn't want it. Sure, after all these years, there was relief that somebody finally knew, but that quickly ended with a wave of fear - of what she would do when she found out that someone knew what she did to me.

"Enough to what?" I asked, with an innocent expression on my face. I had pretty much mastered the art of lying, when strangers came up to me on the streets and asked me what was wrong, you had to answer as if nothing was wrong. Even if it was the biggest lie ever told.

"To guess what happens to you at home."

"What do you mean?" Again I had to lie. But I didn't want Victoria to come get these people, who were strangely kind for vampires. And this one - the doctor - how could he withstand the smell of the blood?

"Ms Victoria Swan - a vampire I would think - is she abusive?"

"No, why would you think such a thing?" I pretended to be shocked, amazed that he'd made such an assumption, but my mind was going crazy inside. I didn't know what to do! What if he saw through my lies? What if he went to my house and saw Victoria? What if some of the vampires had special powers? This was bad! What was I to do? I had to lie? Perhaps continually? For the rest of their exsistance? Or my life? Either way I would be constantly looking over my shoulder, always making sure I wasn't being watched or listened to. How was I, a mere human, going to be able to do that? Thankfully, none of my internal battle showed on my face - it remained a mixture of shock and concern for his mental health.

"Really? She has never laid a hand on you?"

Trying to rid myself of a flinch as I remembered things she'd done, I said, "Of course she has touched me, but in a kind, mother-like way. She and I are good friends, I can't imagine her ever doing so? Why are thinking such awful things?" I couldn't wait till this conversation ended! I could break down alone, unwatched by eyes that were currently watching every minute moment.

"And do you deny that she is a vampire?"

Internally, I groaned. this was the question I had been hoping to avoid, but I knew doing so would raise suspicion, which I would gladly avoid if I could help it. I knew I had to answer, "No. I do not deny that she is not."

"Does she have red or gold eyes?"

"Gold?" I questioned, hoping to come to the bottom of this mystery.

"Does she hunt animals, if so she will have gold, wheras she will red if she hunts humans."

"She hunts away from me. I do not know what she hunts. Her eyes are usually gray by the time she gets back."

"Interesting. Is she here? Now?"

"No." I said quickly. Too quickly. He raised one eyebrow. Quickly, I recovered myself and said slowly, "No, she is away at the moment."

"Can I be so rude to inquire what she is doing?"

I knew what she was doing - she was out with that vampire, James. I hated him. They liked to gang up on me, two on one. However, I said, "That is her business. She likes to do things solo. Nothing to worry about there."

"Do you know when she'll be back?"

"A while." I responded.

"Will she meet with me and my coven?"

"Victoria likes to interact with old friends. She prefers not to make new ones."

Dr Cullen nodded, as if he understood what I meant. It wasn't hard to believe - most vampires prefered to be nomads, and weren't really friendly towards the idea of making new friends.

"Can I go home now?"

"Well, you seem to have passed out due to dehydration. You seem thin, almost to the point of anerexia, which made me make my mistaken irrational judgement earlier. I worry, about your weight. I would of course feel better if you could eat somewhere on your way home?"

"Um . . ." I had no money, and I was grateful to this man for his concern, but another lie couldn't hurt, "Sure."

"I'll have Edward bring you home."

"No! It's okay. I'm perfectly fine - I can walk!" I stood up, just a little too fast, and nearly fell down again but luckily Carlisle caught me. "Thank you." When he continued to look at me with a concerned eye, I added, "I just stood up too fast, that's all."

Edward came in then, looking God like. "Come on, I'll drive you home."

"No! Really, I can walk easily. See." I demonstrated, walking, careful not to fall.

"I insist."

"I'm perfectly fine." Carlisle left, watching us with an amused eye, but I knew even if he were anywere in the hosipal, he would still hear us.

"Do you want me to drag you? I will if you won't listen."

"Oh? And how would that look? Perhaps," I put my finger on my chin and pretended to think, "like an abduction?"

"Yes, but even if it leads to that, I'm still driving you home."

My eyes suddenly went wide, before I carefully masked my expression. His words echoed in my mind - 'driving you home.' - if he did so, he'd know where I lived, a detail I'd made sure no one knew. This was going to be awkward. A human versus a vampire, how uneven.

"I'm walking." I hissed at him, turning to leave the room. I hoped he would let me go. Though his intentions were obviously good natured, Victoria wouldn't like it if she found out. His stone like hand stretched out, grabbing my arm and pulling me back. He lifted me up in a firemans lift and started to walk out of the hospital. Outside, his siblings were waiting, each of their expressions something like a mixture between anxiety and laughter as they watched me struggle. "Get him off me!" I yelled at them. "I will kill you!" I shouted at Edward who merely chuckled.

The big, musled vampire laughed loudly, startling me. Edward forced me into the car, "ABDUCTION! KID-NAPING! HELP! HELP!" The vampires in front of me only laughed harder. I glared at them as Edward got in and locked my car door so I couldn't escape. The others got in after.

"You realise I'm not telling you where I live, don't you? Now I'll have to walk home."

"Hmm," he said as he considered this flaw in his plan, "I'll just have to take you back to our house then."

"NO!" Did he think I was going to their house? This situation was getting way out of control. I looked at his siblings for help, "Can somebody side with me? Or do you all just want to me mean?" I pouted, hoping to gain a person on my side.

"Edward," a male blonde haired vampire spoke, "she is right. You can't just make her go to our house. she really doesn't want to."

"Thank you!"

Then the blonde male asked me a question I hadn't expected, "Why are you scared?"

"I'm not scared."

"You're lying."

"No I'm not! Why would you think I was lying?"

This time it was the pixie who spoke, "Jasper can feel emotions. He says you always feel really scared."

"No I don't. Your power must be faulty or something. Can I go now?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"She has a point." said the blonde female.

I looked at her gratefully, about to thank her when the big one said, "No! Don't you realise you're taking away the entertainment?" I blushed, and he burst out laughing.

"Emmet." The blonde female scolded.

"What?" he asked innocently. "The television is broken."

"You are so immature." Pixie said.

"So . . . Can I go?"

"Well, Edward," Pixie said, "she has a point."

"Over ruled! You have to let me go."

Resigned, he sighed, "Fine." and unlocked my door.

"Thank you." was my curt response as I shut the door and started to walk the 5 miles to my house. At least I could get some excercise.


There was something about Bella, something strange. I just didn't know what! It irritated me - not being able to read her thoughts. Why did she so stubbornly refuse my offer to drive her to her house? It was weird, unknown territory, something I'd never experienced before. Of course, everyone seemed to love her, even Rose. I didn't understand why, but I felt some sort of a pull towards her. I knew I wanted to see her, but I convinced myself not to invade her privacy. After all, I would see her tomorrow.

Even Carlisle thought there was something unusual about her, myseterious. Jasper was utterly and completely confused by the fact she was scared of something. We had thought, perhaps she was scared of us, but then he told us that throughout the day he had felt, even when she hadn't seen us yet. We were probably just over reacting.

Still, as the night faded into day, I couldn't help but worry about her. Ridiculous, I thought, we're probably only imagining things.