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All Alone

Charlie, Renee, any blood relations to Bella have died. However, Bella had a step mother - her name was Victoria. After Charlie dies, Victoria becomes abusive. She knows that one day, Victoria will kill her. But what will happen when the Cullens show up? They are vampires by the way, so is Victoria. But everyone had absolutely perfect self control and Edward is not affected by Bella's blood singing to him AllAlone.jpg picture by Weasleyboyfreak

Okay so by now, you guys all know the drill - I'm not Stephenie Meyer and I never EVER will be. Thank you! Remember to review!

5. Chapter 5

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The morning affter my meeting with the Cullens, I had hoped they wouldn't be there. I wasn't trying to be mean or anything, I just had enough problems without worrying about protecting my secret. Of course, luck has never really been on my side so I wasn't really surprised when a shiny sliver volvo pulled up next to me, its owners demanding I get in.

"No thank you." I replied firmly, starting to walk away when I was called back.

"Please?" The pixie one begged."No."

"You do realise we were just asking to be nice, don't you?"

"Witnesses." I pointed at the car drivers, all of them looking curiously at us.

"You know, it would be so hard to get you into the car! I mean a human against five vampires! Gosh, how will we ever win?" The big one said sarcastically.

This time I tried a different approach, "I like walking. You know - healthy, exercising! Really nice." That was the truth - sort of. I mean I did like walking so it wasn't really that much of a lie. Thing is, walking long distances - I wasn't quite so keen on. Still, it was only really saying part of the truth but not ssaying the rest. Right?

"Healthy?" Edward asked in disbelief.


"But you're just skin and bones!" Alice exclaimed in disbelief.

"It's biological. My mom and dad were really skinny! I eat loads!"

"Really?" Edward asked dubiously.


"Okay." They still seemed a little unsure but they did get back into their volvo and let me walk. I knew that if it wasn't for all the people watching, that they would probably just have dragged me to the car, or at least they definately would have at the start. And as much as it worried me, it was also sort of nice. To know that some people actually cared about me. I wasn't some punhcing bag but a human with feelings. But I knew not to get used to it, after all, after spending about a minute with me, they'd get bored and never speak to me again.

When I finally arrived at the school, a shiny silver volvo was already parked with five vampires leaning against it. My shoulder was aching from my bag, fulled with the classes homework but I didn't stop, didn't look at the Cullens or Hales, hoping they wouldn't see me.

"Bella!" Edward Cullen called my name, he and his family walking towards me.

"Hello." I said.

"You know what we should do?" the pixie one asked. "Go shopping! And then you could go sleep over at our place!"

"I'm sorry, um . . ."

"Sorry! You don't even know our names! I'm Alice!" The pixie said.

"Jasper, Alice's husband." The blonde haired guy said.

"Emmet!" The musled guy boomed, giving me a bone crushing hug.

"Rosalie, the weirdo's husband." She laughed.


Anyway, Alice, I can't."

"Oh," she looked slightly crestfallen, then her expression turned happy, "Maybe some other time!"

"Well, I'd better get going, my class is really far away from here."

"No its not." Edward said. "Its right there."

"Um . . Yeah, but . . . I, um, have to return a book to hte library first."



I wanted to know more about this Bella. I mean, why did everybody hate her? I knew she wouldn't tell me so I figured I'd ask some other people. So, in second period, my first class without her, I asked some girl called Jessica Stanley about her. She was the gossip type and of course lost no time in filling me in about why everybody hated her. I had expected Bella had done something bad or was insane or something, but definately not what I heard.

"Her! She's like the social reject! When she was like 11 or something, her dad died. Her mom died from cancer so she had no parents or anything. her step-mom had custody of her. So, like, after her dad like died, she was like depressed for like some reason. I like asked her to go to Lauren's party and like she didn't go. So like we made everybody hate her. Good old fashioned pay back. So now she does the only two things she's good at like for us - be ing like a punchbag and doing our homework. Awesome right!"

I gaped at her in shock.I was speechless. yet I had one question I wanted to know, "How did you get everyone to hate her?"

"Oh, you know! Saying she said mean stuff about them behind their backs. Course, Angela Weber," she pointed at a girl at the back of the class, "was harder to convince, because like she was Swan's best friend. But she believes us now."

I wondered what they'd said Bella's said. I wondered how they convinced Angela. At the end of the class, I asked.

"Um . . . Well, we were best friends. You really couldn't find anyone closer. Every day we'd be at each other's houses, at lunch, we'd eat together, we'd do everything together. But then, her dad died. Since her mom died giving birth, she was left with Victoria. I'd never really liked her, neither did Bella. She was always so mean and when she spoke, her voice was like ice.

I tried to comfort Bella. Course, she never really got over her dad's death. If I ever mentioned it, her eyes would dort of glaze over and she'd be standing with me but she'd be seeing her dad dying. They say he had a heart attack. Bella didn't like me talking about it, the first couple of days after, she didn't go to school. Then, when she came back, she was sort of distant. When we talked it was sort of like she was afraid to.

Then Lauren asked her to this party. Bella didn't go so Lauren was upset. She said Bella said stuff about everyone. I didn't believe it at first - Bella was a good person. but then, when I confronted her about it, she just told me to believe what Lauren said, that if I didn't trust her enough that I thought she would say that clearly I wasn't as good a friend as she thought. So, I did. I watched what happened. I wanted to make them stop but I knew I couldn't. I mean, I always remembered what she'd said.

So that's it."

As I looked at Angela, I saw tears falling down her cheeks.