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Bella Swan is in a very tight spot. On one side is her coven, the vampires who saved her life. On the other are the werewolves she has come to befriend. She herself is a vampire, but that doesn't change anything-to her. When more and more things start to pile up in Bella's life, will she be able to handle it? Or will she crack from it all and reveal the truth? The sequel to Faker. Banner by the one and only Iris!

So, this is the sequel to Faker! I hope you enjoy this!

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

The hallway was very normal. I didn’t understand why Edward seemed uncomfortable in it. Of course, he knew more about this place than I did. I could guess it led to somewhere he didn’t want to go.

I myself felt slightly uncomfortable. It was too normal and plain to be a place where I would feel comfortable. It was like the waiting room at the doctors, when you knew you were going to get a shot. Only I was probably going to get much worse.

I glared at the small girl as she glided down the hallway, and stopped at the elevator. She gave me a dark smile, and my eyes narrowed.

Edward held me close in the elevator. Whatever the girl could do, it must be bad. The entire trip up he looked at her with guarded eyes. Alice was looking about how I felt. Uncomfortable and unsure of our surroundings.

Felix and Demetri seemed relaxed, enough to pull of their hoods. They both had skin similar to KJ’s, except a few shades lighter. Felix’s black hair was cropped short, while Demetri let his grow out more.

As we stepped off the elevator, a boy came up to the small girl, and embraced her warmly. I would have thought she was incapable of expressing pleasant emotions, but I was wrong.

“You did a great job Jane,” he said to her. “We sent you out for one, and you bring back two and a half,” he smirked at the end as he looked at me. I kept my face neutral and looked away.

“Thank you Alec,” she said. She led us down the corridor, to a large, waiting room. It was warm, and smelled of flowers. And it had the sounds of an actual heartbeat, one that was real.

“You seem to be in a better mood,” Alec commented to Edward as he led me into the room.

“Slightly,” he said. Then his eyes widened and he turned around, a frightening snarl on his face.

Felix smirked at him. I knew that he was thinking something to upset Edward. I was sure that they were going to fight until Alice touched Edward’s shoulder gently. He calmed down after a long glance.

“Hurry up,” Jane said unemotionally. I nodded, and lightly tugged on Edwards arm. He seemed reluctant to follow, but he did anyway.

I looked at the human as we passed her. She had tanned skin and green eyes. She was very pretty, except in this crowd. I didn’t understand why she was working here. It went against the laws the Volturi created. She smiled politely at us as we passed her.

Jane increased her pace as we went down another long hallway. This one had pictures of the countryside, and had a lighter mood to it. It might have relaxed me in any other circumstance. It led to a large antechamber, which we all briskly walked through.

We walked into a room that reminded me of the tunnels below. It had the roundness of a turret, which made me guess we were in a castle. It was obviously old, and built at the same time as the castle we were in.

It also reeked of old human blood. The smell didn’t disgust me: it was more like a perfume. It smelled nice, but you didn’t want it in your mouth. This was probably their feeding room or something.

The thought made me tense. Edward, thinking it was fear, pulled me closer. We stepped further into the room, and another vampire looked up at us.

He was wearing a deep black cloak, unlike many of the other immortals around him, who wore things that would fit in the modern world. His face was paler than any vampire I had ever seen, and it was fragile looking. His eyes, though a brilliant red, were slightly clouded. I was confused why. Was he so old that his eyes started to age, or was it the constant consumption of human blood? He had long black hair that made me think of all the vampire movies I scoffed at.

“Jane, you came back!” He cried in obvious pleasure. He went over to Jane, and kissed her on the lips.

“Yes, master,” she said, the smile she gave him lighting up her face. “I brought them here, just as you wanted.”

“Thank you Jane,” he said happily. He turned to us, and looked us over. He beamed when he saw Alice and me.

“Bella and Alice came as well? Oh, this is a delight!” He said, clapping his hands like a child.

I blinked, wondering how he knew our names. The look on Alice’s face said that she was wondering the same thing.

The man turned to Felix and Demetri. “Would you both go and get my brothers? I’m sure they would like to see this.” Both males nodded and glided out of the room.

The old one turned back to us. “Now Edward, aren’t you happy I didn’t give into your request yesterday?” He sounded like an old relative scolding the younger generation. With a shock, I realized that Edward was probably a child to him.

“I am very glad Aro,” Edward said, squeezing my waist.

“I love it when happy ending happen. So rarely do they…” He drifted off, and turned to Alice. “I want to hear the whole story. Your brother seems o think you infallible, but there seems to be a mistake.”

She sighed, and then smiled. “I’m nowhere near as reliable as you seem to believe. I cause problems as much as I fix them.” Even though she tried to hide it, she seemed tense and ill at ease.

“I doubt that,” Aro said. “I’ve seen some of your work, and it’s amazing!”

She glanced at Edward, and Aro did not miss it.

“I’m sorry; I’ve gotten ahead of myself, haven’t I? Edward here introduced us all yesterday in an odd way. You see, I have a gift similar to Edwards, though it is limited.”

“And so much more powerful,” Edward said dryly. “Aro can see every thought, every memory, through a single touch,” he explained.

My eyebrows went straight up. With that power, you would know everything about a person. Their strengths, their weaknesses…their secrets.

But then I remembered that it wouldn’t work on me. His power was a mental one, and I had no control over those. I could dictate if a physical power worked on me, like when Alice had the vision of me. I just couldn’t let Alex make me forget something.

Aro sighed. “If only I could do it from a distance.” He looked at Edward and Alice, slight envy in his face.

I could quiet footsteps behind me. I turned, along with everyone else, to see Felix and Demetri enter the room, followed by two other vampires.

Both of them looked like Aro, so I assumed they were his brothers. One had snowy white hair and what looked to be a permanent scowl upon his face. The other had black hair, and his face bared no emotions.

With a jolt, I recognized it as the mask I lived under for the past few months. I hadn’t noticed how dead I looked until I saw the feeling on another persons face.

He stared at Edward, Alice and I for a moment, and then walked over to Aro. He placed his hand lightly on Aro’s hand, and then walked over to one of the throne like chairs in the back of the room.

I realized he was letting him know his thoughts. Next to me, Edward snorted lightly. Alice and I looked at him curiously.

“Marcus can see relationships. He’s shocked at how strong ours is,” he explained in a low voice.

I looked back at Aro, who was watching us in amazement. I realized he must wonder how a human could love an immortal. I wondered if any of his wonder was from Edwards’s feelings. I doubted it.

“How can you stand so close to her like that?” Aro asked.

“It doesn’t come easily,” Edward replied.

“La tua cantante, though? How can you give that up? It’s a waste.”

Edward chuckled once. “I prefer to view it as a price.”

Aro looked disbelievingly at him. “Quite a price.”

“Opportunity cost.”

Aro shook his head lightly, laughing. “I never even believed anyone could smell as strongly as her. It’s a sirens call.” Edward just shrugged.

I resisted the urge to yell out ‘I’m right here!’ I didn’t like how they were talking about me. It was like I was cattle or another animal for the slaughter. I was a vampire, not a piece of meat.

“You remind me so much of dear Carlisle. He was not as angry, though,” he said, his eyes misting over slightly from old memories.

“Carlisle bests me in many other ways.”

Aro shook his head. “I don’t believe so. The control you have with her puts his to shame.”

“I doubt it,” Edward said.

“Just thinking about how she smells through your memories—it makes me thirsty,” Aro chuckled.

Both of us tensed at once. I didn’t know why he did, but I knew why I did. If it was going to come to a fight, I would have to reveal myself. The Volturi would try and take me, and eventually my family.

“I mean her no harm,” Aro said, placating us. “I am a little curious though. May I?”

Edwards reply was as cold and icy as our skin. “That’s not up to me.”

“How rude of me,” Aro cried out. “Bella, I am quite fascinated about you are the single exception to Edward’s talent. I was wondering if I may see if that applies to me as well.”

As he spoke, he walked forward with his hand held out. My eyes widened as I realized what he meant.

He wanted to try and read my thoughts. Even though I knew it wouldn’t work, I felt cautious. He might decide to change and keep me. But either way, I had to do what I could to get us out.

I slowly extended my hand.