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Bella Swan is in a very tight spot. On one side is her coven, the vampires who saved her life. On the other are the werewolves she has come to befriend. She herself is a vampire, but that doesn't change anything-to her. When more and more things start to pile up in Bella's life, will she be able to handle it? Or will she crack from it all and reveal the truth? The sequel to Faker. Banner by the one and only Iris!

So, this is the sequel to Faker! I hope you enjoy this!

15. Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Aaron and Alex gaped at us like fish running out of air. They looked from Becka to me and so on.

“Bella-she what?” Alex sputtered, sounding just like Charlie had earlier. Except Charlie didn’t have a reason to be frightened. Me, on the other hand…

“I wasn’t going to Italy to kill myself,” I told Becka dryly. She didn’t have time to respond though. Aaron and Alex lunged at me, tackling me to the ground.

“What were you thinking?” Aaron yelled.

“Italy, Bella, Italy! It wouldn’t be so bad if you went to Vegas or something, but Italy? The one place where you could actually die without trying?” Alex said.

I sighed, and flicked my hand. They both got pushed off me like a wall came up from under them. I rolled out of the way before they could land on me.

I nimbly jumped up, and looked at Becka. She was trying not to laugh. But when Aaron landed on top of Alex, she burst out laughing.

“Well, you seem to be calmer now,” I said.

She sobered. She looked me in the eyes, seriousness radiating off of her. “Do you promise me you didn’t go to kill yourself?”

“I promise.”

Aaron came over to me. “Why did you go then?” Everyone looked at me. I shifted so they wouldn’t see my faint blush.

“Alice saw me jump off the cliff,” I explained. “She told Rosalie, who told Edward. He thought I was dead, and he went to the Volturi. Alice and I went after him so he couldn’t kill himself.”

“You should have let him!” Becka exploded. “After what he did to you, all the crap you went through, he doesn’t deserve your help!”

I froze and looked at her with wide eyes. “Umm…” was all I could get out without my voice breaking.

Her mouth popped open. “You took him back, didn’t you?” she whispered. I nodded, looking out at the calm water, wishing I could be like it right now.

“Of course I did,” I said softly.

I was shocked when she suddenly pushed me backwards. I stumbled slightly from the force, and fell into the pond.

I pushed up with one strong kick. Aaron and Alex were on the ground laughing, and Becka was looking at me furiously.

I got out of the water quickly, and glared back at her. “What was that for?” I demanded. I brushed the water out of my eyes.

“For being stupid! You obviously need some sense knocked into you!” she growled. Alex and Aaron stopped laughing. They were looking at her the same way I was. With shock and confusion. None of us had seen her like this before.

Alex stepped up to her and took her hand. “Becka, what’s wrong? You’re never like this.”

She looked at him with black eyes. They widened, and soon gave way to a soft gold. She looked at me, her eyes full of remorse.

“I’m sorry Bella,” she whispered. “I’ve been so worried for the past few days, and when I saw you, I just went into overload. That wasn’t fair to you.”

I walked over to her at my natural speed. “It’s alright Becka. I know that it would have freaked me out if you did it. I’m not sorry for going, but I am sorry for upsetting you,” I said gently.

She nodded. “If it were Alex, I would have done the same thing,” she said clearly. “I guess I shouldn’t blame you.”

I beamed at her. “Thank you Becka!” I pulled her into a tight hug. Aaron and Alex hugged us too.

Becka pushed them off. “Girl hug,” she growled.

Alex grinned. “It’s so fun to annoy both of you these days,” he said casually. Aaron gave him a wild look, and then took off running.

Alex looked at Becka’s face for half a moment, and then went after him. As soon as they both were out of sight, she laughed.

“Those two are so afraid of us,” she laughed.

“I know. I guess it’s because we’re stronger than them both,” I said, laughing now too.

“True. Oh so very true.”

I looked up at the suddenly darkening sky. I didn’t know it had been so late when I got home.

Becka noticed me looking. “Twilight,” she whispered. It was a little thing between the two of us. Whenever either of us were having a hard time, we would remind each other of the safe time in between day and night, the crossover of our lives.

Suddenly, something occurred to me. “Crap!” I exclaimed, as I remembered Edward’s earlier promise.

“What?” Becka cried out. I never used crass language around people usually.

“Edward said he was coming over tonight,” I said softly. I looked over at Becka. Something was hidden on her face. Indecision and pity?

“Bella, remember what KJ made you promise when you found out about Jake?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said, nodding.

“You do know that sill applies, right?” She asked.

Comprehension flickered in my mind. I wasn’t allowed to tell Edward. Now that we were out of Italy, I wanted to tell him everything. That I wasn’t human, that I could become invisible and block all vampire powers. That I had been a vampire for almost three months now, living with humans, vampires and werewolves.

“Why does it matter?” I whispered.

Becka appeared beside me, and put her arm around my shoulder. “You have people watching you now, other than just us and the wolves. The Volturi would snatch you up—and the rest of us—if they found out about you. The wolves would kill you, and you would never be allowed to see your father again.”

I closed my eyes. I knew she was right. I didn’t want to bring any hurt to my family. None of my families. I had to keep them safe.

“Didn’t you say Edward was going to your house?” Bella suddenly asked after a few minutes of silence.


She gestured to the now dark sky. “Well, unless you want to get in trouble, we better go,” she said. She shifted, the gold in her eyes replaced by an icy blue. Her cheeks gained a little color.

I shifted too. I knew that the glowing orange of my eyes would be replaced by chocolate brown. Since I was so young still, I had my blood in me still. It was slowly giving way to gold, but KJ said my eyes would be like fire for the rest of my newborn year.

We teleported to the trees by my house. I couldn’t smell anyone besides Charlie, so I knew Edward wasn’t there yet.

“Well, at least Charlie won’t yell at you too much,” Becka said, smiling at me mischievously.

“Why would Charlie yell at me?” I pressed.

Her smile got wider. “You’re still wet.”

I looked down, and saw that it was true. I was still sopping wet from when Becka had pushed me into the water.

Behind me, I heard two pairs of feet coming up. I lightly raised my hand and made a small wall behind me.

There was a loud ‘oomph!’ as Aaron and Alex went flying back. Becka looked at me in confusion. I just raised my hand, and she burst out laughing.

“I love that trick,” she sighed.

“Me too,” I agreed as I opened the door. Becka came in, and after I shot a glance at the boys, warning them not to follow, I went in as well.

Charlie was still watching the baseball game. He didn’t say anything other than a greeting nod as we crept up the stairs.

As soon as Becka got into my room, she went over to my closet. She started to rummage through it professionally. The look on her face made me burst out laughing.

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“I left a sweater here a few weeks ago. I forgot to get it last time I came here,” she explained as she pulled out a navy low cut sweater.

I nodded. “That’s definitely yours,” I appraised. She shot me a look, and then froze.

“Bye,” she quickly said, and disappeared. As soon as she was gone, I heard the quiet steps of someone coming to my house. From the scent, I knew it was Edward.