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Bella Swan is in a very tight spot. On one side is her coven, the vampires who saved her life. On the other are the werewolves she has come to befriend. She herself is a vampire, but that doesn't change anything-to her. When more and more things start to pile up in Bella's life, will she be able to handle it? Or will she crack from it all and reveal the truth? The sequel to Faker. Banner by the one and only Iris!

So, this is the sequel to Faker! I hope you enjoy this!

18. Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

“Crazy, crazy girl,” Becka laughed. “You would starve just to be with your boyfriend?”

“Well, they may be doing a little more than she lets on,” Alex said with a wink. Aaron looked at him, and then at me, until he burst out laughing. I looked away into the trees, mortified.

“Oh, leave the poor girl alone. She hasn’t done anything with Edward. He was born in the early twentieth century. He’s too old fashioned to do anything with her,” Becka laughed. I knew she found it funny.

“Shut up,” I mumbled. “You and Alex do plenty of things when Aaron and I aren’t around.”

Now it was Becka and Alex’s turn to look away. Aaron beamed at me. “Nice going little sis!”

I glowered at him. “Actually, I think I’m your big sister. I was older than you when I was changed.”

“Yes, but I am older than you in years mentally.”

“Ahem,” Becka interrupted. “I believe girls mature faster than boys, so Bella is right.”

Aaron glowered at us, while Alex laughed at his face. He turned to me. “So Bells, do you think your boyfriend is back yet? I say we go and check.”

“Why?” I asked. He had never wanted to meet Edward. He hated him as much as Becka did.

He was about to reply when a familiar scent caught my nose. It was the one I had smelled a month before. It had been too faint for Edward to recognize at the time, but I had since I had been looking for it.

I spun around, a snarl ripping from me. The others took similar stances: a low crouch, prepared to spring and attack.

She came slowly forward through the trees. I guess we had gone pretty close to my home. I thought they had taken me further.

She looked even wilder than she had last spring when I had watched the Cullen’s playing baseball. Her hair was floating around with a false breeze, like a fire out of control. Her eyes were black and tight, as if she was concentrating on something. When she saw me, her eyes went wide.

“So he already changed you,” she said in a voice that reminded me of an overly peppy cheerleader.

“No, actually, I believe I did,” Becka said. She stepped forward, ready to pounce at the first move.

Victoria straightened up, and laughed. “Well, this is truly interesting. I wonder how Cullen feels about all of this.” I glanced quickly at Aaron, and she noticed. “Oh, he doesn’t know?”

“No, and we would like to keep it that way,” Alex said. He glared at her with an odd intensity, and Victoria’s face went blank. I realized he was making her forget something. He turned to me quickly and mouthed ‘shift.’

I immediately complied, going back into my human form. The fake heartbeat actually scared me at first. It made me feel so…mortal. I never realized how unnerving that could be after being changed for so long.

Victoria turned to me with a growl on her face. Her face now showed the true monster that she was. Her eyes were pitch black from the hunger she had, and the hatred she felt towards me. She thought I was human now, and she wanted me dead.

“Don’t touch her,” Becka growled. She hadn’t shifted, in hopes that she would get a good fight. Alex and Aaron seemed to feel the same.

“Why would you protect an invaluable human?” Victoria questioned.

“Because she’s our friend,” Alex snapped.

I rolled my eyes. If they were just going to talk, I might as well be at home. I raised my hand, and then slammed in down on the air.

Victoria went down into the ground hard. I held her there, keeping my hand out of her sight so she wouldn’t see that it was me keeping a shield on her.

Becka and Aaron lunged at her, and I quickly removed my shield so they were would a good chance to hit her. Alex glanced at me, and we both started to run.

Once we were out of earshot, he turned to me. “I made Victoria forget that you’re a vampire. She’ll just think you were hanging out with some.”


“No problem.”

We were at the edge of La Push now. I glanced at him, and saw that he had shifted human.

“Good idea,” I praised him.

He shrugged. “I really don’t want to get attacked by vampires and werewolves in the same day.”

“In the same hour,” I laughed.

“That too.”

I led him over to the road. “Here, let’s go to Jake’s house and see if he can give us a ride back to my house. That’s probably where Beck is going to go.”

He nodded. We walked at a quick pace to the small red house where I had spent so much time.

Jake opened the door, and stared at both of us for half a second. Then he threw himself at me, crushing me into a hug.

“Hey…Jake,” I gasped out. I couldn’t breathe in, so I couldn’t get the words to come out.

He pulled back with a laugh. “I’ve missed you so much!” He cried out.

“Believe me, she missed you too,” Alex muttered.

“Oh, so Edward wouldn’t let you come and see me?” Jake asked, his eyes raised. I glanced at Alex.

“She wasn’t feeling too good,” Alex said honestly.

“Wait, I just realized I’ve never met you. I’m Jacob Black.”

Alex gave him a short smile. “Alex Perry. Bella and I got…lost…and were hoping you could help us get to her house.”

Jake looked at me. “How did you get lost?”

“We were going for a walk with some friends and we got separated,” I said casually.

“Sure, I can drive you home. My Rabbit’s been doing pretty well lately. I fixed the engine up a bit more…”

I sighed as they began to talk about cars.