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Bella Swan is in a very tight spot. On one side is her coven, the vampires who saved her life. On the other are the werewolves she has come to befriend. She herself is a vampire, but that doesn't change anything-to her. When more and more things start to pile up in Bella's life, will she be able to handle it? Or will she crack from it all and reveal the truth? The sequel to Faker. Banner by the one and only Iris!

So, this is the sequel to Faker! I hope you enjoy this!

35. Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

I leaned against his hard shoulder, feeling exhaustion overcome me. He chuckled, and patted my hand with his free hand. His touch sent reassurance through me. It meant that I still had some time with him, that he wasn’t gone yet.

We were in his car, driving back to my house. He had already called Charlie to tell him that he had taken me out to dinner, and that he had left early so we would be able to get back sooner. Charlie didn’t yell, which was nice. I didn’t want my father to be angry at me right before I left.

“You seem very tired tonight,” he laughed as he helped me out of the car. I blinked. I didn’t realize that we were already there. He must have driven must faster than normal.

“Oh really?” I mumbled sarcastically.

He just laughed again, and towed me to the house. I slipped my hand in my pocket when I saw Charlie. I wasn’t quite ready to tell him, and the ring on my finger that Edward had just given me was a dead giveaway. He said it had been his mothers, and it hurt my heart to hear that. It meant how special it was to him, and he had given it away to me.

“Hey kids, how was dinner?” Charlie asked from the couch. He was being very nice right now. Something was up…

“It was excellent sir,” Edward said politely. Charlie nodded absently, watching the TV intently as someone went up to bat. It was an Asian man who the announcer’s called Ichiro. I remembered people saying he was good.

I shook my head blinking. If I was thinking about baseball, I really was tired. Though I had good reason, I cursed myself for letting myself get so exhausted. I hadn’t slept in a week, and hadn’t hunted in almost three. That mix made even KJ exhausted. Adding the fact that I was a newborn as well….

“You look tired Bella,” Charlie commented, looking up again from his game. I nodded weakly, and smiled.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked. Both Charlie and Edward nodded. “I guess I’ll just go upstairs, then.”

I gave Edward a quick goodbye kiss, and went upstairs. Charlie told me goodnight, and I warily replied. I trudged up the stairs to my room, ignoring the scent of the three people that appeared in my room as soon as Edward was in his car.

“Congrats girl!” Becka cried, jumping on me. I stumbled back, shocked. She laughed and pulled back. “Sorry, I didn’t realize how tired you were. I’m just so excited!"

I looked at Aaron and Alex questioningly. “She just won a bet—and a big one too,” Aaron said sullenly.

“How much did she get off of you?” I asked, sitting on my bed. Alex and Aaron grimaced, and Becka practically glowed.

“Oh, about three thousand dollars,” Alex muttered sourly. I looked at them, shocked. “The price went up the longer you stayed in school,” he explained.

I shook my head, stretching my arms. I heard two sharp intakes of breath, and I looked at them. While Alex stood there clueless as usual, Aaron and Becka’s eyes were fixed on my hand, and what was on it.

Becka grabbed my hand. “He asked you,” she whispered quietly, gazing at the ring on my middle finger. There was sadness and surprise on her face. I nodded.

“And you said yes,” Aaron said in disbelief. “Wow, say yes to marry him and then go kill yourself. Very nice,” he snorted sarcastically.

“It was the smartest thing for her to do, and you know it. If she said no and then died a week later, what would he think? He would know that she knew what was about to happen,” Becka said defensively.

Aaron laughed and shrugged. “You know, there’s this word often matched up with teenagers. It’s called sarcasm,” he teased. Becka scowled.

Alex was staring at me, catching on. His face showed his surprise. “You’re getting married!” he blurted out. The rest of us sighed. I looked over at Becka, my eyes raised.

“Don’t even say it,” she sighed, shaking her head. Then she turned to Alex. “Alex, being a little more observant may be beneficial for you,” she told him. He just shrugged, a smirk on his face.

“Life’s more fun when there’s a few surprises in it,” he said. Aaron nodded and gave him a high five, laughing.

In the distance, I could hear Edward coming over. “We’ll go,” Becka said. “Congrats again,” she said before vanishing.

I smiled as I quickly changed into sweats. Lying down in my bed, I felt reality crash down on me.

I was going to fake my death in the next few weeks. I was going to go to Volterra, and be a slave for the vampires there. I was going to break my family’s hearts, and do it knowingly.

And tomorrow Edward and I were telling Charlie about the engagement.