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Unexplained Love

This is about the relationship between Claire and Quil. I own nothing the characters are property of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.


1. Ride

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Claire POV

I went around the studio locking up all the doors and windows before I left. I exited the front door and locked it behind me. Its only 2 miles home I can make it, besides I need to stretch my legs after class I thought beginning my walk home.

God everything is so pretty, so fresh and full of life, except those darn clouds, I hope I can get home before God's furry is unleashed.

Cars come and go in front and behind me as I walk along the sidewalk. "Need a lift?" a voice called out, Wait I know that voice I turned to see Quil pulled up on the side of the road.

"I was going to just huff it out, but the clouds don't look pretty." I said walking over to Quil's truck. God this thing is ugly, the paint is all chipped away but he loves it so much, what is with guys and their cars?

"Why are you even walking? Where is your car?" Quil asked leaning out of the window.

I chuckled a little to myself, "The darn thing didn't want to start." Quil looked at me weird, like he was going to eat me or something. I wish I knew what he was thinking. I look horrible right now, my hair is a mess all strung out of its bun and I’m just wearing sweats.

"Well come on, get in." he finally said tearing his eyes off of me.

I thought about it for a while, "I think I'll be okay after all I only have a little more to go."

"Claire get in the car, I know you, and you never just go walking for the fun of it." Quil said with a smile.

"You do know me better sometimes than I know myself," as I got into the car.

After a silent car ride we pulled up to my house, with my car looking said on the street. "Well shall we see what’s wrong with it?" Quil asked as he got out.

"I can tell you that it sputtered then died, other than that I have no clue what else I can tell you." I said opening the hood, "I'm lucky I know where to put the gas." Quil chuckled to himself leaning into the engine.

"Shut up, its true I'm a girl what more do you want from me," I said as I punched his arm.

Quil had his head bobbing all over the engine, looking for who knows. "Well you do that and I am going to change."

I said taking my hair out the messy bun it was in, and walking inside. I went to my room and found something else to change into. It was nothing special just a pair of faded jeans and an old tee shirt. I was just pulling on the pants when I heard a board creek outside my door.

"It’s your starter; you'll need a new one." Quil said. I quickly zipped the pants and grabbed a jacket, "Okay well can we get a new one today, I kind of need my car, you know that." There was something odd with Quil when I came out of my room, Oh did he see me change that dog! He looked a little red when I looked into his eyes. He knows that I know he looked, Black Mail!

The drive to the store was unsettling. Thank god we didn't have to drive far. "Does all this go into a car?" I asked looking at all the car parts hanging on the wall.

"Yeah pretty much, but there are many brands and makes, but we only need this one." Quil said picking one from the wall. We got ready to pay but Quil didn't let me, saying something like it could be his fee or something like that.

Quil quickly replaced the old part with the new one, "There good as new." He started to wipe his hands on his jeans when I handed him an old rag.

"So there is going to be a bond fire tonight. And I was thinking if you were not busy or something like that --" he paused.

"Quil, what are you getting at, do you want to take me?" I asked playfully.

Quil blushed, "Yeah."

I wanted him to sweat a little thinking that I was mad at him for peaking earlier, "Alright, what time?"

"Eight." he quickly said thinking that I would take it back if he gave me a second to react.

"Under one condition," I said firmly walking him over to his truck.

"Yeah sure anything." he said getting into it.

"You promise not to tell your pals that you saw me changing earlier or I'll think of something evil to do to you." I said with an evil smirk on my face.

Quil turned a shade of red I never imagined, "yeah k, sorry about that."

"No your not just remember something evil." I said trying to look serious.

He backed out of the driveway shaking his head. What will I do if he does tell them? I thought as I walked into the house.

What ever it is it will be good.