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Unexplained Love

This is about the relationship between Claire and Quil. I own nothing the characters are property of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.


3. Gravity

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Quil opened the car door for me, “Love.”

I jumped in and blushed, this was the complete opposite of what I thought was going to happen.

We started the drive back home, “So what are you doing tomorrow?” Quil asked.

“The question is not what am I doing, but what are we doing tomorrow?” I said taking Quil’s hand.

“Okay, then what are we doing tomorrow?” Quil asked once again.

“Well, I have a class tomorrow morning but I’m free after 2.” I said entwining our fingers.

“I though you had a class today?” Quil asked confused.

“Today was my class, tomorrow I teach a class.” I told him.

We arrived back to my house in a timely fashion like my dad wanted. Quil tried to be quiet with the car, but how can you make a loud car mute.


When I woke I was the happiest girl in the world. I had confessed my true feelings to Quil and after my class I was going to see him.

I started to gather my things for class and headed for the kitchen. I was head first in the ice box humming At Last by Etta James when my mom peaked in, “Have a good night Claire?”

“Of course,” I said with a smirk on my face, there was no way of concealing my feelings today.

“That’s what I thought sweetie, did I not tell you to trust me.” She said grabbing an apple and tossing it to me.


I made my way to the studio and started setting up for the morning class.

I still had an hour or so before the youngsters started showing up so I just started cleaning.

Cleaning was always a nervous gesture I had, ever since I was little.

Eventually my little ones started filing in on schedule. I had the early birds start to stretch while waiting for the late ones.

The girls were dancing and had beautiful lines like they were old pros at it this morning, “Girls why can’t you be this good every week?”

The girls just giggled hysterically, they kept giggling until the door opened.

The girls never liked getting interrupted so they always just stopped what they were doing and were starting to pout.


“Sorry I’m early.” Quil said nervously when twenty pairs of angry eyes met him.

“It’s fine just take a seat and they won’t attack.” I said walking over to Quil.

“Who is he?” one of my girls asked.

“Girls this is Quil, say hi girls” I instructed them.

“Hi” chimed all the girls, “Is he your boyfriend?” one asked in all the hi’s.

“Yes, sweeties he is,” I told them, again the room burst into giggles.

“Are you going to kiss him?” another courageous one asked.

“Not right now, we have work to do.” I told them trying to get attention back to myself.


After the last little girl was picked up, I walked over to Quil and sat on his lap, “I’m exhausted.”

“It all looks exhausting.” Quil said wrapping his arms around me.

It was nice to have him so warm; it would definitely come in handy after my classes.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Quil asked nuzzling his head against the nape of my neck.

I giggled when his breath tickled my neck, “Anything with you.”

“How about a movie at my place?” Quil asked once again.

“You know my vote,” I said giggling again.


We arrived at Quil’s place, and had to run inside because of the rain pouring down hard on us.

I grabbed a clean towel out of his dryer and he picked a movie.

“Do you have any requests?” he asked gazing upon his cabinet of movies.

“How about a classic?” I asked drying my hair.

“Okay well get settled in then, I have a perfect one for us.” Quil said with a chuckle.

I sat on the couch knowing I was only going to move again when Quil was sat down.

Quil put in the DVD and started the movie, then came to sit with me.

He laid down along the huge couch and pulled me close, “So what did you pick?”

“You’ll have to wait to see.” He said kissing my forehead.

I turned in time to see the opening credits for the movie, “mmm, perfect movie.”

I relaxed into Quil and melted in the form of his body.