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The New Guy

Mike Newton has thus far lived a silly, desperate life. Whenever he tries to steal the heart of Bella Swan, the girl of his dreams, he tends to find himself in the shadow of the intimidatingly perfect Edward Cullen, whom he never really understood. But when a traffic accident turns Mike into something he never knew existed, he gains confidence - can he measure up to Edward and steal Bella's heart?

I hope you like it! It's my first Twilight fan fiction. Until now, I've only done HP fan fics. But I have a good feeling that this will be a great fic!

1. Silly Little Mike

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 938   Review this Chapter

We made our way up the wooden staircase, making creaking sounds as we ascended. I looked back at her. She looked slightly annoyed, but when I smiled, she smiled back, almost shyly.

“You’re sure it’s up there, Mike?” she asked me. “I don’t want to go up there for no reason, and we could do without it anyway.”

I sighed. “You can find pretty much anything in my attic, Bella,” I assured her. “It won’t take very long to find it, anyway. Are you in a rush or something?”

Of course she was in a rush, I thought to myself. She was always in a rush to get away from wherever she was and find herself in the arms of that Edward Cullen. It almost disgusted me, but I put up with him for Bella’s sake.

“As a matter of fact,” Bella said in a subtly obnoxious tone, “I’m meeting up with Edward and Alice later.”

I looked over my shoulder at her, realizing we had stopped climbing the stairs. For a split second, I caught a wicked smile on her face. She knew I never really liked the Cullens. She was getting revenge on me for thinking I could keep her at my house any longer than necessary.

We were working on a history project, and I had suggested we go into my attic to search for a good resource on the Renaissance. My true intention was to postpone her leaving my house, and she saw right through me. It figured. I should have expected that. But no matter; Bella would humor me. She was polite like that.

I turned around again and continued going up the stairs. I turned the rusty doorknob and pushed the door open. I fumbled around on the wall, groping for the light switch. Finally triggering it, I blinked as the light bulb hanging from the center of the ceiling of the attic (which was actually the interior of the roof) flashed on, very bright, then slowly but surely dimmed. It was strange, but that’s how the thing operated.

I pulled a large cardboard box out from underneath a dilapidated coffee table and pushed it over to Bella, who had settled comfortably in a very old and ugly but clean armchair against the wall.

“Start looking,” I advised. She obliged, shaking her head and smiling slightly, acknowledging that we both knew how pointless and wasteful of time this was. Even I thought it was funny that even though we both knew how ridiculously obvious I was being, she went along with the façade.

I pulled out a second cardboard box that had been behind the other one and searched through the dusty pile of books in it. I hardly paid attention to that, though. I was trying to figure out how to make conversation without making it obvious that I wanted to talk to her about out-of-school matters, despite the fact that she knew I had no desire to work on the project anyway. I figured that maybe if I kept pretending that I actually had school somewhat on my mind, she would be motivated to keep playing along too.

“So, Bella,” I began, already predicting that I would somehow screw it up, “what do you plan to do with Edward and Alice today?”

“Well,” Bella responded, acting very well, “actually, we were going to hang out around that little frog pond. Edward’s very good with creatures.”

This was unlike her. I turned away from her, hiding my inevitably clenched fist. She had never been so cruel … But I could retaliate …

“Well that’s nice,” I said confidently, impressing myself. I was doing better than I’d expected. “I’m rather busy these days too – the shop is constantly packed, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“I have,” she acknowledged, still searching through the books.

For a while, neither of us said anything else. And then-

“Oh, dear God, Mike,” Bella laughed. “We both know very well that we’re not up here to search for a book on the Renaissance. We’re up her because …”

She couldn’t bring herself to say it. I wished she would. I wished she would tell me how silly, how pathetic I was being, because the fact that she wouldn’t say it meant that she pitied me, and I didn’t want to be pitied. I didn’t want to feel like I needed sympathy. I was tired of that ...

“Bella, you can leave if you want to,” I stated bravely. “I know you don’t really want to be here, and I know that after this, we’d both be too awkward to work on the project. I know you’d rather be with him.”

There was no need to specify who “he” was, or even emphasize the syllable.

“Oh, Mike, don’t be so melodramatic,” Bella laughed. “You know that I love Edward. I don’t mean to be cruel but – we both know that you and I can never be. I’ve told you this before, and I know you’re aware.”

“I know, I know,” I sighed. “But it’s worth a try. Most everything is worth a try when you’re desperate.” Damn it. I hadn’t meant to let the word “desperate” slip. But we both knew it was the best word to describe silly little Mike Newton.

“Well,” I sighed again, “I just remembered, I truly do have to get to the store now.”

“But your shift is-” Bella cut in.

“I have to get going, Bella,” I interrupted. “I’m sorry for the abrupt goodbye."

“Well, if you’re that embarrassed,” Bella muttered. “Goodbye, Mike. Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I didn’t say goodbye. I just watched her go. I watched her move toward the lovable, confident Edward Cullen, and away from the infamously desperate Mike Newton.