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Sleepover With the Cullens

Alice and the other Cullen girls are sleeping over at Bella's while Charle is visiting a friend in Italy. Now Jasper is all depressed and sad. this made me laugh when i thought of it, Edward wants to pretend to be gay!!!!!!! =) Anyway, Jasper consumes a whole bag of cheetos. and they become pirates. A pillowfight at Bella's !!! How much more fun can you have at a sleepover with the Cullens? IDK!!!


1. Chapter 1

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Sleepover with the Cullen Boys!

Chapter one: Jasper Depression

Edward: Alice has been gone five minutes and he's already depressed. Look he's eating cheetos and we aren't even supposed to eat anything.

Jasper: {Sighs and turns on Soap Network} Oh my gosh who knew that the Sopranos would get canceled?

Emmet: Jasper? Are you feeling okay? We men, don't watch the Soap Network. We Cullen men, we watch wrestling!! Then we go outside and be total morons and mimic the moves in mud on the edge of a cliff!!! Why? Because we're men!!!

Carlisle: Okay Mr. Enthusiastic, that's enough. And besides, we don't have any fresh mud, so it wouldn't quite work. {Scoffs at the idea of rolling around in not fresh mud.}

Edward: I know what we can do now!

Carlisle+Emmet: What?!

Edward: We can all act like Jasper and be gay!!!!!

Carlisle: I don't think so. Personally, I'd rather go with Emmet's idea.

Edward: Anyway... Hey I have another idea!


Edward: {Grumbling to himself} Fine. Don't listen. {Sulking now}

Jasper: {Bawling} Why did she l...l..leave!!! AWWWW!!!

Emmet: Carlisle are you sure that Jasper's not gay?

Carlisle: Yes. He is just in a mental state that is showing a more feminine side to him.

Emmet: Let's be pirates!!!

Carlisle: okay!!! I'll go and get the cardboard ship we made last week!!

Edward: Can I play too?

Jasper: Me too?

Emmet: Fine but I'm going to be the captain!!

Edward+J: Fine.

Edward: Since Jasper is being all gay and everything, can he be our hostage princess?

Emmet: Carlisle?

Carlisle: Well, since Esme, Rosalie, and Alice aren't here, and Jasper is being kind of gay today, sure I don't see why not. {All the boys but Jasper smile}

Edward: Come on, Your Highness!!!!! {All the Cullens start to laugh, well for the most part}

At the Girls' party;

Alice: I know who will get voted off Dancing with the Stars!!!!

Bella: Oh shut up!! Not everyone can predict the future!!!!

Rosalie: I have absolutely no comment.

Esme: I do!!!

Bella: What is it?

Esme: Well, personally, I think that Alice should shut up!!

Alice: Esme!! I am shocked!!! You should be on my side!!!!

Rosalie: Now I have a comment. Bella has a point. Sorry, you may be my "flesh and blood" but she does have a point.

Alice: Oh yeah?!

Rosalie: yes. And you know, you do kind of have a big mouth.

Alice: HEY!!!! That wasn't even part of the conversation!! Anyway, my rebuttle is... PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!

Everyone: YAY!!!!

Back at the Cullen Household:

Carlisle: Arrg!!! Who ye be with this pleasant young....{Snickering} Maiden?! {Everyone is laughing now.}

Jasper: Who knew that pretending to be gay could be so much fun!!!!

Edward: Ya!! What now Emmet?

Emmet: Your face Edward!!!

Jasper: {Galloping around the cardboard boat} Lemon scented Pickles!!! Lemon scented Pickles!!! Lemon scented Pickles!!! Lemon scented Pickles!!! LALAlalalala!!!!

Carlisle: Sweet scented flowers make me happy!!!

{All the Cullen boys stop what they are doing and turn around and gawk at what Carlisle had just said}

Jasper: What the heck did you just say????!!!!

Edward: I think that he said "Sweet scented flowers make me happy"

{All of the boys start to laugh}

Carlisle: What? I am so not gay!!! If that is what you are implying by the foolish laughter?!!!

Emmet: Carlisle is gay!!! Carlisle is gay!!! Carlisle is gay!!!! Hey guys, guess what?

J+E: What?

Emmet: Carlisle is GAY!!!!!

Carlisle: I am NOT GAY!!! {Babyish pout to his posture and face}


E+E+J: {All start to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh}

Carlisle: IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!! {Low, but playful, grumble comes from his chest}