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Sleepover With the Cullens

Alice and the other Cullen girls are sleeping over at Bella's while Charle is visiting a friend in Italy. Now Jasper is all depressed and sad. this made me laugh when i thought of it, Edward wants to pretend to be gay!!!!!!! =) Anyway, Jasper consumes a whole bag of cheetos. and they become pirates. A pillowfight at Bella's !!! How much more fun can you have at a sleepover with the Cullens? IDK!!!


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Time Machine

Carlisle: {playfully jumps on Emmet} what now Emmet? I am so not gay anymore!!!

Jasper: {in a dress with frill and lace and girly things.} CARLISLE IS GAY!!!!

Edward: {Snickering} He may be gay, but look who’s wearing the dress!!!

Emmet: Your face Carlisle!!! And you’re still gay!!!

Edward: I know!!!

Emmet: If it involves being gay in any, way shape, or form, NO!!!

Edward: I promise it doesn’t involve being gay. Let’s build a time machine!!!

Carlisle: OOO!!! I’ve always wanted to pet a dinosaur!!!

Jasper: Well, let me change!! I don’t want Rosalie to beat me up!!!

Edward: Good point. Make sure that you take off your panty hose madam. We wouldn’t want you to have to buy more!!! {Rolling on the ground laughing}

Jasper: Oh! Very funny Edward. {Scowling} HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! {Sarcastically}

Emmet: C’ mon then Carlisle, let’s go ready our pirate ship!


Carlisle: Alright! All of the buttons are in place! Now we need some tin foil, paint, snickers, and marshmallows.

Emmet: Captain? What are the snickers and marshmallows for?

Carlisle: Because I am hungry.

Even later…..

Edward: {Over an intercom, Jasper and Emmet seated.} Hello this is your co-pilot speaking, please prepare for take-off. Make sure that your seat and trays are in their upright position. Thank you for listening we will be leaving the Cullen backyard in five minutes.

Emmet: Hey Mr. Power trip!

Edward: Yes, Mr. Jealous?

Emmet: TACO BRAIN!!!!

Edward: Why I otta…

Carlisle: That’s enough you two

Jasper: Come on let’s go


E+E+C+J: WHOA!!!!!!!!! {The time machine actually works!!! Yay for the Cullen boys!!!}

Carlisle: we have arrived in the….

Edward: Colonial America?

Emmet: Hey I thought that we were going to pet dinosaurs

Edward: Well obviously not…

Emmet: You know what Edykins; I am through with your smart A------ comments!!!!

Carlisle: I will not hesitate to turn this time machine around!!!!

Jasper: {Calming the road} Listen, we are in colonial times, that’s bad. We are in the revolutionary war times. That is bad.

E+E+C: Why?

Jasper: Well, we are being drafted. And if we get shot, it tickles. So we don’t die. We lie on the ground and giggle… and that’s not good.

Carlisle: But if we’re careful we….

Jasper: No it doesn’t work like that here, if you don’t join the draft, you must be above the age limit or own a business and have a wife and young children.

Carlisle: gosh darn it.

Edward: Look George Washington! Duck into that alleyway!!!

George Washington: Well you see John, if we do that… {George and John Hancock pass}

Edward: Looks like we are going to war boys.

Carlisle: OH NO!!! I don’t think so.

Emmet: AWWW!!!! Why not you ruin all the fun!!!

Jasper: Emmet and Edward can go and Carlisle and I can start a store… then we can make enough money for hunting supplies.

Carlisle: Let’s try the machine after dark in the woods. You guys go draft. We will meet you at the edge of the woods after dark.

E+E: OK!!!

Jasper: Ok let’s move this thing. {Following Emmet and Edward}

Emmet: Alright!!! We get to fight in an actual historical war!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Edward: Hey!! Keep it low key please if you don’t mind.

Emmet: Why?

Edward: Because, we don’t want anyone to find out anything.

Emmet: Awwww. Fun sucker.

Edward: Don’t be a baby.

Carlisle: Ok, now, what is wrong with this thing? OH NO!!!!!!