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Volturi Challenge

Poor Bella gets left behind once again.... What if the Volturi happens to visit her one day and everything changes? Will her destiny wheel make an unexpected turn? RxR

Disclaimer: xoxoROSEPETALSxoxo and Queen Isis do not own any of this!! Although, we wished we did!!! :)

1. New Life-styles

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Bella’s P.O.V

“Bella?” I heard a musical voice calling me out of my trance.

I stopped my ridiculous staring and glanced at a beautiful structured brunette who had mahogany hair and gorgeous violet eyes.

“Yes?” I asked as I heard a new version of my voice. I never knew that it would sound so sweet and honey like.

She placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and asked, “Would you like to look at yourself? I’m sorry I rushed you out of this place quickly, but you needed a hunt.”

I nodded briefly as she led me to a mirror in the grand hall of the Volturi Clan.

I stared at the reflection and asked, “That’s me?”

Heidi laughed angelically as she responded, “Yes dear, that’s you.”

I looked at myself in utter shock! My features were more enhanced than how I was when I was human! My dark brown hair sparkled in a red tint under the sunlight and my eyes were most shocking… They were blue!

“Heidi, why are my eyes blue?” I asked hesitantly.

She looked thoughtfully at my reflection and replied, “I do not know… We have to go to Aro for that information.”

“Oh,” I looked disappointed that I could not find a reason for my different eye color.

She suddenly walked out of my room; I knew that, that was an act that signaled that she wanted to give me some alone time.

I pondered about my past which was surprisingly clear for a vampire. I could remember who my parents were and my friends from my high school… Lastly, I could remember how I got adopted into the Volturi Clan.

It all started when Edward was trying to be selfless (although, he was just burdening me with the pain of him leaving me again) and left me to face the world by myself. It was horrible! I had a mental breakdown and visited numerous hospitals until a faithful day when Aro, Heidi, and Demetri past by my room.


I was paler and thinner than ever before. I stopped eating and sleeping all for him. I couldn’t live a day without him.

I had the darkest purple like bruises under my eyes and my skin was almost see through. My eyes were bleak and always bloodshot, while my hair was a mess, it was all knotty and sticking up at all angles.

I sighed as I gazed at the IV hooked into my arm and turned upwards to face the T.V that was in Spanish. I could not under much of it.

I got bored so I played with a strand of my tangled up hair as I saw a flash of something go by my door.

Suddenly, I heard my door creak all the open, as three mesmerizing faces appeared before me.

Aro, Heidi, and Demetri.

“So, the human still isn’t a vampire, I see,” Aro rubbed a hand against his chin while frowning ever so slightly.

I nodded meekly as Heidi spoke in her musical voice, “I have a deal to offer. We turn you into a vampire, but you have to become one of our members.”

“Why should I agree to that?” I asked in a dull tone.

“The Volturi runs a risk if you are unguarded from the Cullens, therefore we’ll keep an eye on you. Besides, the last time I checked you wanted to be a vampire,” Demetri spoke in a soft, but powerful tone that even I couldn’t defy.

“Alright, I guess…” I said uncertainly. I didn’t care about eternal damnation because I no longer had HIM. I didn’t give a care to anything since that day, that I shuddered every time I thought of it.

“Excellent, we’ll come get you tonight at 9:00 pm, be ready,” Aro spoke cheerfully as he clapped his hands a few times.


“Bella?” an uncertain voice bubbled.

I sighed as I asked, “Yes Aro?”

“Oh! It’s so nice to see you awake after a long 3 days!” the black haired gentleman exclaimed.

I smiled at him gently as he continued on rambling, “You were screaming very loudly and Heidi, Jane, Alec, and Demetri been worried to death, not literally, but they were very anxious and jumpy.”

I interceded into the jumbled up talking of Aro and asked, “Why are my eyes blue?”

He paused as he put on his thinking face, “This is very interesting indeed. Well, if I look through the past, it stands for mood eyes. Very few vampires have this power to show their emotions, so be happy, dear Bella. Blue means normal, green means happy or excited, grey means sad, brown means hungry, and black means pure anger.”

I nodded as I made a mental note to that and Heidi popped her head into the room that Aro and I were discussing my eye color.

"Sorry to interrupt," Heidi announced respectfully, then turned toward me and playfully asked, "ready to go shopping?"

“No,” I groaned as I buried my face into the palm of my hard, cold skin.

“Yes, we left all your clothes in Forks, so you’ll need a good batch of clothing,” she reasoned out happily as she took me by the wrist and dragged me to the door of the building.

She told me that it was a good experience to walk around the outdoor shops in cloudy weather. So she took me to get all these expensive European styled clothing. From my undergarments to casual jeans to fancy party dresses, Heidi bought it all. She practically bought all the clothes in most of the stores if you could believe it or not!

She played Barbie on me and had me marching into dressing rooms every few minutes until I decided to stay in one until she cashed out all the expensive clothing she bought for me.

“Heidi! Why did you get so much?!” I shrieked as she handed me 12 bags to carry.

She shrugged, “It’s fun to shop.”

I stared at her with disbelief written all over my facial expressions as I said, “No! It’s torture!”

“Only to you Bella.”

I arched my eyebrow as I questioned, “Is there something wrong about being me?”

Heidi grinned as she replied in a playful manner, “In fact, yes there is! You’re special!”

We burst out laughing which drew a lot of male attention to us. They wolf whistled when we walked past, but Heidi and I ignored all the love struck stares and the burning glares from the females.


The angel like brunette dropped me off at my supposed bedroom and all the bags surrounded me.

I was in a world of clothing… Thank goodness I had a big closet or else I would have a difficult time putting in all my clothes!

I sighed as I had heart stabbing thoughts of Alice. She used to take me shopping and I used to hate every second it, when I should’ve cherished the moment that I got to be with her. Obviously if I thought about Alice, Edward would follow in my train of thoughts…

I silently sobbed to myself at the wave of pain that flowed through me as I remembered my two favorite Cullens.

‘Without Jacob, I’m probably never going to hold myself together,’ I thought depressingly to myself.

The endless pain never seemed to go away, even though I’m acting happy for Heidi, I wasn’t there emotionally. I was wandering aimlessly around, looking for my soul mate who left me twice.

I hugged myself together, as I felt the climax of the stinging pain that I got whenever I thought of THEM.

As if on cue, Demetri walked in and saw me writhing in sorrow.