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Volturi Challenge

Poor Bella gets left behind once again.... What if the Volturi happens to visit her one day and everything changes? Will her destiny wheel make an unexpected turn? RxR

Disclaimer: xoxoROSEPETALSxoxo and Queen Isis do not own any of this!! Although, we wished we did!!! :)

2. Demetri

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I had heard the most heart wrenching sobs coming from Bella's room, and I knew I couldn't just let her suffer.

I opened her door, and I was shocked from the sight, the only thing I could think was "I need to help her, please, anything, don't let this angel suffer". I was surprised at my own thoughts, something that didn't usually happen. I didn't know this girl from eve. I hardly know anything about her, and yet I can't explain this feeling that I have watching her rocking back and forth with her dry sobs.

She noticed me at the door and look on her face made me react without thinking. I ran to her and cradled her in my arms, at first she stiffened but she soon realized she needed someone to just hold her. So hold her I did.

There was an immeasurable amount of time we sat there, she crying, I rubbing soothing circles into her back. Finally she had calmed down enough to look at me, and her eyes were the most oddly wonderful thing I have seen. They were gray, endless pools of sorrow and gratitude. Almost inaudible even to my ears she whispered,

"Thank you." Her voice was sad, but I could tell that she was now done her tearless sobbing.

"If you like I will leave, or we can just sit or talk. Whichever you like." I left the choice to here but I was hoping she will let me stay with her. Her answer was out though before I had finished my proposal.

"No, please stay just a while longer." She plastered on a smile that didn't reach her eyes, though still beautiful all the same. She was in real pain, I wondered if I could ask her about it, and my face must have looked pensive because she asked,

"What are you thinking about so hard?" I decided to tell her the truth because I want to get to know the ever mysterious Isabella Marie Swan.

"I was thinking what could cause such an angel this amount of pain. But please don't answer if you don't wish to. I will NEVER do anything to make you unhappy." Her face saddened but she did start her dry tears, for which I was glad because like I said I don't want to hurt her.

Her answer came as no surprise, "Well not now, but eventually I promise to tell you, now can I ask you something?" she grinned at me mischievously.

"Yes…" I answered wondering what she was going to ask,

"Will you help me put away my fifty thousand bags of clothes that Heidi seemed to think I needed? After that I promise you can go." She smiled at me playfully, and this time it reached her eyes. I was lost in her beauty, her eyes now a startling green. I didn't know her eyes could change colors but I decided to ask later because it would elongate my precious time with Bella.

"Well, you know, I have very important vampire business to take care of," sarcasm dripping from my voice, when her face turned upset, and her eyes a like shade of black, I changed directions "that can most certainly wait till I have happily put away you many thousands of clothes."

Her face brightened but the pain from her earlier weeping session, still lingered in her face, although her eyes went to a memorizing blue, like staring into the ocean, only so much more beautiful.
"Thank you so much Demetri!"

As we put away her bags I found one from a swimwear store and saw a bikini in there. I held it up and asked Bella,

"Try this on for me?" I asked with my eyebrows raised, though I knew she know I was kidding because she playfully hit my shoulder. And muttered

"Shut up and put it away, or else!" she also somehow mustered up a somewhat sinister growl, it was like a kitten trying to be a tiger, it was so funny I couldn't help but fall on the floor with laughter. It was so hilarious I couldn't help myself.

"What the crap Dem, it wasn't supposed to be funny!" suddenly something I didn't expect she pounced on me, and we were now in a wrestling match. She still seemed playful so I was careful not hurt her. And to shove her off.

After a while we both were breathing heavily, she was on top of me looking down to my face, and I looking up at her beautiful blue eyes. I was in her trance she had me intoxicated, and before I know it I had leaned in and kissed her. She did nothing to pull out until I felt her stiffen, then in the blink of an eye she was on the other side of the room.

"I am sorry… I don't know what came over me." I said it but I didn't mean it, It was the best kiss of my life, to feel her mouth on my soft and pure.

"I… er… I think it would be best if you left for now I need to cool off."

I agreed and slowly strode to the door, I gave her one last glance, she was still watching, an emotionless mask still on her face. As soon as the door was closed, I could hear her fall to the floor and start dry sobbing. I knew it wouldn't help this time if I went in.

And I had know her less than a day and yet it feels like my whole life. I will let her be for now but my self control isn't strong enough to stay away too long.