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Volturi Challenge

Poor Bella gets left behind once again.... What if the Volturi happens to visit her one day and everything changes? Will her destiny wheel make an unexpected turn? RxR

Disclaimer: xoxoROSEPETALSxoxo and Queen Isis do not own any of this!! Although, we wished we did!!! :)

3. What is up with Paris and marriages?

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Bella's P.O.V

I kept crying and crying after Demetri left me to suffer in my vast room alone.

How dare he steal a kiss from me! I have barely known him for a day, and this is what I get?! I think not.

I kept my knees drawn into my chest and rocked myself softly. It wasn't very long before a heard my door slowly creak open. I couldn't manage to look up, but all I could hear was the soft click of high heels.

When a certain someone, reached where I sat, a soft honey sweet voice drawled, "Honey, why are you so sad?"

I knew it was the angel reincarnated herself, Heidi. I saw her silver platform heels tapping impatiently, trying to figure out the answer.

"He, he kissed me," I stuttered out.

Heidi's pale angelic face sparkled as a beam of sunlight struck her perfectly formed face as her shining blood red eyes showed her confusion.

"Who is this mysterious he?" she asked, not getting what I was saying.

"Demetri," I hiccupped as I covered my eyes with one of my hands. I didn't want to remember what happened.

Heidi made an oh sound as she draped an arm around me. The woman kneeled behind me and basically gave me a hug from behind. It was a warm embrace as I leaned back into her. I found the comfort that I craved for.

"Honey, I know what'll cheer you up!" her blood red eyes danced with joy as I mentally groaned, oh great.

"Please shed some light on me, Heidi," I said to Heidi.

"You and I are going shopping!" her eyes shone with happiness.

"What?!" I shrieked on the top of my lungs, knowing that I was going to burst the eardrums of everyone that was currently 100 miles of where I was.

"What is the problem, Bella?" Heidi tilted her head innocently as she gave me a puppy dog look.

"Heidi, we just got back from shopping this morning! That was 3 hours ago!" I hissed.

She gave me a hurt look as she explained, "But, but! I was going to shop for my wedding and I wanted you to come with me."

I raised my eyebrow as I sputtered, "W-What?! You're getting married and you tell me this now?!"

"Yeah…" she trailed off as she looked startled.

"Heidi, why do you look so scared all of a sudden?" I asked.

"Why did you're eyes turn a shade of black?" she asked to my question.

I went into detail about what Aro told me before. She looked at me, awestruck. Her wide blood red eyes were huge with interest as I kept going.

"Darling, that's wonderful!" she grinned as she continued, "Now I'm going to have a hard time picking out your dress."

I stared at her dumbly as I asked, "I'm going shopping again?!"

"Why, yes of course! What else did you think, Bella dear?" she chuckled in a musical tone as she patted my head slightly.

I groan inwardly to myself as I spoke up the utter most calm tone I could muster, "Ok, so where do we shop?"

Heidi's red eyes shone brightly as she cheerfully spoke, "First you're going to meet my fiancé and then we go to the mall that just opened up in Paris!"

"Oh joy," I muttered to myself quietly.

Heidi raised a perfect eyebrow as she questioned, "Excuse me?"

I looked up from my reverie and replied in a peppy voice, "I just can't wait to start shopping for my dress!"

She smirked widely as she said, "That's what I thought Bella… Now come on, we need to find my fiancé!"

The mahogany haired angel gripped my hand tightly and marched me to another area of the Volturi Palace.

"Henry!" she called out in a honeysuckle tone of voice. We neared a raspberry red room as an organ sounded through out the room.

It was the most bittersweet tune I have ever heard as I glanced at Heidi who was swooning to the sound of it.

"Yes?" a masculine husky voice asked as we reached the door. His voice sounded of gravel, but in a way, was honey like and soft.

I saw the back of a broad shoulder man with define lines of muscles. His brown russet hair was a bit longer than a buzz cut. He swirled around to face his beloved as a warm smile stretched across his face.

He obtained wide red eyes that was framed with long delicate eyelashes… His features were like any regular vampire: breathtaking, sharp, pale, and too perfect to be real.

"Henry, this is Bella. Bella this is Henry my fiancé," Heidi introduced both of us as she let go of my hand and clung to Henry's muscular arm.

"Hi Henry," I spoke politely as we shook each other's hand fondly.

"Hello Bella," he responded.

After the formalities were through, Heidi dove right into the main reason, "Henry dear, can you give me a little money to go to Paris?"

He thought for a moment as he asked, "Why do you want to go to Paris?"

Heidi smiled angelically as she purred, "So I can get Bella a dress for our wedding and this new mall just opened!"

The russet haired man sighed as he muttered, "Fine, take the money."

Heidi brighten her features as she gushed, "Thank you so much! You won't regret this!"

"I'm sure I won't," the man smiled serenely as he motioned, "Come on you two…You don't have all day to stand around here."

Heidi's blood red eyes gave a little twinkle as she beamed, "You're the best Henry!"

After the couple shared a passionate kiss, the obsessed-shopper gripped my arm and she had me march my way out of the Palace. We ran at lightening speed to Paris.

Heidi took my arm and dragged me to this pristine mall that was so beautiful. When you looked out of the window of the café in the building, you could see this breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and European cars zooming past.

I endured all the famous brand name clothing stores. It complete and utter torture!

I tried on dresses from left and right! It was very traumatizing since Heidi bounced back with dresses rather quickly. Some were strapless, some had corsets on them, but Heidi said that none of them "fit my figure."

I'm sort of scared of what she means by that…