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Bella finds a new face in Forks, but this one girl can hurt the Cullens so much. While Carlisle is trying to figure her out, she has secrets that could kill Bella. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR OLIVIA AND HER MATE. ALL THE CULLENS ARE STEPHENIE MEYER'S THOUGH I WISH I COULD HAVE THEM.


1. Chapter 1: The Meeting

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My heart was thumping so loud, I was sure she was going to hear it. But, as the Volturi said, she was still human and I sighed in relief. There was Isabella Swan, at the counter with the ugly orange vest on. I walked over to the shelves in the back and peered out to look at her. Like described, she had long, dark brown hair; chocolate brown eyes; a slight blush to her cheeks; and a stumble every now and then. I had to laugh when she practically tripped over nothing and froze when she looked my way. I could hear her ballet flats hit the ground as she took startling steps towards me. I quickly, but silently, picked up a canteen and pretended to be "interested" in it. When she rounded the corner, she gave a jump and a quiet squeak. I had to laugh at her and she even laughed with me. That made me feel more comfortable for what I was doing but it also made me more guilty.

All for love, Olivia Dearest, I said to myself. I pretended to wipe a tear from my eye and smiled at Bella.

"You kind of surprised me," I said, pretending to be out of breath. Bella nodded back.

"Are you new here?" she asked me. I nodded and followed her back to the counter. While she folded her orange vest, I continued.

"I just moved here. Well, there was one person I wanted to meet." Bella looked up at me, confusion written on her face.

"This is Forks. Are you sure there is someone well-known here that you want to meet?" she asked. I laughed.

"Unless Dr. Cullen is elsewhere?" I replied. She looked at me with some emotion on her face but I pretended to look around the store. I think it was fear, wariness, or surprise. I knew I hit the block.

"How do you know Dr. Cullen?" she asked, warily. I laughed again, trying to make the atmosphere calmer. I sneaked a peek at her and immediately was afraid I ruined it.

"I love medical science and he's one of the greatest doctors in history! I absolutely think he could save our world if he tried," I said with mock admiration. Obviously, Bella fell for it and laughed.

"He really is great. But, why exactly visit him?" she asked. I snorted.

"To ask if he found anything ground-breaking," I lied. She nodded.

"Well, I could see if he is willing to talk to you," she said, thoughtfully. She walked to the door and motioned for me to follow. I gave myself a secret smile as she yelled, "Mike, I'm going home now!" A boy peeked his head out and smiled at me. I smiled back and he walked over.

"So, Bella, who's your new friend?" he asked, trying to be smooth. I chuckled and put my hand on his chest. I leaned close to him but he didn't pull away; instead, he smiled and leaned to me. I slid my hand to his neck and let my breath sweep across him.

"I have a husband," I whispered in his ear. Mike pulled back in shock. "By the by, my name is Olivia. I will be seeing you later, Mike." I slid away and swept out the door, my skirt swishing against my legs. Bella appeared next to me.

"Why'd you do that?" she whispered. I made a horror face.

"Do you like him or something?" I asked. I was lying straight through my teeth, but it was fun. Bella shook her head.

"I'm engaged. But, it was so mean," she said as if it really mattered. I shrugged and started walking away. She jogged to catch up and seemed to notice my feet. "You're not wearing shoes." I patted her on her head.

"Very good. Now, can you say the alphabet?" I teased. Before she could reply, I said, "Anyway, it was the truth." Bella's eyes widened. Suddenly, I was flying through the air. I struggled under the vampire's grip.

"Go home!" he hissed. I spat in his face.

"You! I don't need to waste my time with some unimportant vampire!" I hissed and threw him off. He flew through a tree and landed heavily on his back. I crouched and smirked at Bella. She stared at me in horror and it kind of moved me. I straightened out and stood, slowly so she could see me.

"What do you want?" Bella whispered. I gave her my sad smile, the one that seems like nothing is left for me. As if I was committing suicide.

"I only want Carlisle," I said and spread my arms wide to show I meant no harm. "Bastard," I threw to Edward. He only hissed at me while I laughed. "Catch me if you can." With that I ran off into the forest, headed toward the Cullen mansion.