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Bella finds a new face in Forks, but this one girl can hurt the Cullens so much. While Carlisle is trying to figure her out, she has secrets that could kill Bella. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR OLIVIA AND HER MATE. ALL THE CULLENS ARE STEPHENIE MEYER'S THOUGH I WISH I COULD HAVE THEM.


2. Chapter 2: Explain

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I was just running to the huge, white house and I was tackled again. This time, it was this huge vampire! I was pretty excited and I wondered if I could win if I wrestled with him. Then, Edward had to ruin it all by reaching us. I pushed Emmett off and stood.

"You're no fun, Edward. And, you forgot Bella. What type of husband are you supposed to be, huh?" I teased. He growled and ran to get Bella. I stood up and walked around the stunned-looking Emmett and stepped up to the porch. Emmett decided to join and just watched me. I raised my hand, waved to him, and then knocked at the door. Emmett kind of caught my hand as if to stop me but I knocked even with his hand holding my wrist. I'm just that strong. Anyways, the door opened and, thankfully, it was Carlisle. I smiled and held out my hand for him to shake. He took and it and started the questions as Edward got here. Bella looked surprised. Wonder why...

"What's going on?" he asked, ever so calm. I threw a I-told-you-I-could-do-it look to Edward and looked back to Carlisle.

"My name is Olivia Bass. I am fifty-three and I need your coven's protection," I said. It was in more of a rush than I thought and I knew everyone was wondering about my age but I had forgotten one thing... "I'm pregnant, too, so, naturally, the Volturi are after me and want to steal my child." They stared at me like I was a complete idiot. I was pretty sure I wasn't one.

"You're a vampire..." Edward said. I snorted and waved my hand in the air.

"Not completely. That's why I would like to get inside before it gets dark," I said and peered out to look at the setting sun. I knew Edward was trying to scan my thoughts and smiled to myself. It meant he was near. "Let's go in, everyone." I nudged everyone inside and waited for them to actually move. Reluctantly and hesitantly, they did and I slammed the door shut.

"Alright, enough hesitation, how could you be pregnant yet be a vampire?" Emmett said. I laughed.

"Straight to the point, are we? I am something the Volturi find new; I am like a half-vampire. I know, it sounds weird, but, I promise, I can be human and vampire as well as my child can," I explained. I knew Carlisle was trying to see if Edward could get something from me. I shook my head. "My mate disables stuff like special abilities. He is near, probably at least five hundred miles, and he dies to protect me." I watched everyone, who were in deep thought. Bella was probably wondering the chances she could pregnant, Carlisle wondering what I exactly wanted, Edward wonder why I was not out of his house yet, Emmett wondering how Rosalie's reaction would be, and the others were not there.

"Really?" Carlisle murmured. I slapped my hand against my forehead. This was hopeless, I knew it.

"No, I was lying. Can no one understand what I am trying to say?" I seethed. "I am going to be kidnapped again, taken away from my own child, and disposed off when the Volturi do not need me anymore! I need your coven's protection, please!" Tears were going to start streaming down my face and my heart was starting back up as my human self came forward though my child was starting to go into it's defense mode. I knew all the vampires could hear my heartbeat start again and my child's scent was probably filling the room. I knew the smell and it was a sweet scent so I knew they would a take a vampire second to drink it in. It was only because the blood inside it was magnified by the venom. No matter, it was a great smell.

"That's a wonderful smell," Esme murmured as she appeared next to Carlisle. He linked his arm with hers as she held out a hand to me.

"I'm Esme. Nice to meet you," she said warmly. I nodded and shook her hand as I tried to stop the tears.

"I'm Olivia. I... I guess I should go back now then," I said, still looking at Carlisle hopefully. He looked to Edward who just growled. Bella smiled at me and I smiled back, happy to have her on my side. I think.

"I think we should let her stay," Carlisle said slowly. Edward let out a roar and almost tackled me again. I bounced on my heels and squealed. Everyone stared at me but I didn't care. I made it this far. I wondered how much farther I would get.