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Chances Come But Will Chances Come Again?

Edward left Bella for the second time 27 years ago. What he didn't know was that Bella was pregnant with two twins. Shortly after the twins birth, Bella becomes a vampire, changed by Victoria. But, could they meet again?

Okay by now you all know the whole drill I'm not Stephenie, I don't know her and I unfortunately never will. Tear, tear.

1. 27 years

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It's been 17 years since the love of my existence left me.

It's been 17 years since my children were born.

It's been 16 years since I was changed. I still live with my children, and there's no need to worry about their safety.

I've always been repulsed by human blood, I guess that trait stayed with me in my vampire life. Thankfully, my klutziness didn't. No, I am really graceful now.

Me and my kids are now, or well we look like, we're the same age. They're humans, of course. And obviously they know what am. I mean, I couldn't exactly tell them that I was just special and didn't age, could I? Then, they'd go to talk to osmeone and be like, "Do you know what?! Guess what! I mum! She can't age!" And that would be totally perfect, wouldn't it?

Elle and Alice remind me of me when I always begged E - NO BELLA! HIS NAME IS NOT ALLOWED!

I don't really know if I want to change them. I would be taking away their lives. You don't get a second chance at humanity.

We're all enrolling at the high school in Washington. We're all going to be in the same year - juniors.

Elle, me and Alice are going to say that we were sisters, which isn't that different from what we were. I mean, you could tell we were realated.

As for signing papers, I managed to enchant a guy dressed in this buisness suit to pretend to be our father. I know, it was great, he was there, costume and all! I've got his number too, so I can get him if I need someone to be my adoptive father again, although, I don't think that was why he gave me his number.

"Hey, Alice, Elle! How are today? Wana go shopping?" Yes, as a vampire, I loved shopping, and speed.

"Oh my God, mum! You, like, practically gave me a heart attack. See, listen to how it's speeded up, I'm sure you can hear it faster than I can."

I could, it really was quite fast. My daughters reminded me of me, because of their reactions - blushing naturally, always clumsy, but not as clumsy as a I was.

"Mummy, can you fix my plant for me?" Elle asked. "Of course."

See, that was one of my powers. Nature. I could grow things, make them look wonderful, bring things back from the dead.

Then, there was my other power - weather. I could control it. I guess you could include my resistance to human blood as a power too.

I raised my hand over it and up it flourished, looking heathier than any plant.

"Thank you mummy." Elle said, running up to hug me. I looked at my child as she did this. She was very pretty.

Elle had long brown hair, similar to mine, back when I was human. She had chocoltate eyes and was 5,4, just like me when I was 17.

Now, I was 5,4 too. My eyes were honey gold, my lips fuller, my nose a bit more center, my face a bit softer. My hair was like what it had been when I was human, but with red highlights in it. Now, I had proper curves and I was thin, but not in an anorexic way.

Then, there was Alice. Sometimes, she did actually remind me of the other Alice, what with her livliness and her passion for shopping. She was bright green eyed, like he had been, back when he was human. Her hair was curled slightly, but it was bronze, like her father's.

I was glad that my children had resemblance to him, it helped to ease the pain.

"Alright, so there's one day left before we start school. I know were tranferring mid term, but that doesn't really matter does it. Alice, Elle, do you want to go shopping."

"Yes!" they squealed, running to get dressed. I smiled at them.

My children.


After we came back, I cooked some mashed potatoes, salmon, lettace and some vegetables for their dinner.

Leaving them to eat it, I told them I'd be back in around two hours, I was just going hunting.


After coming back, I took a shower to wash away the blood.

Then, I went upstairs to say goodnight and read them a story. I know they were 17 but they still really liked me reading and tehy'd go on huffs if I didn't. They were both in Elle's room.

Both of their rooms were fulled with stuffed animals and clothes, designer of course.

"Are you okay girls?"

"Mummy, what if the Cullens are there?" Elle asked, crying.

"It's okay Elle, I'm sure they won't be. If they are, I'm sure we'll handle it. If worst comes to worst, we'll leave." I said. I loved my children. The Cullens, if they were there, would not harm them!

"B-b-but. Wh-what if they don't like us?" Alice sobbed. This happened every time we moved.

"Alice, they'll like you. Beside's we don't even know if they're here!"

"Mummy what-" Elle and Alice whined together.

"Alice Rosalie Swan! Elle Esme Swan!if they are there, they will like you." I said gently. "Now, you two need your beauty sleep." I said to them.

"Can you read to us first?" Alice asked. "Fine." I said, choosing one of our many books.

When I finished reading, they had both fallen asleep. Elle was on the ground so I lifted her up, gently, so she wouldn't wake up, and carried to her bedroom, where I laid her on the bed and turned off the light.

"Goodnight children." I whispered, before going to my study to read.


"Bella!" Alice said to me, giving me a hug.

"Good morning Alice." I said, giving her a pile of pancakes.

She immediately reached for the chocolate sauce. It amazed me how my girls ate so much, yet managed to stay slim.

"Are you starting breakfast without me?" Elle said in mock hurt, putting her hand to her heart.

"Good morning sleepy head." I said, giving her a pile of pancakes too. She then reached for the caramel sauce.


I got changed in to a pale blue scoop neck top and skinny jeans and waited for my children to get down. After an eternity, they arrived.

"Were you waiting for the grass to grow?" I asked sarcastically.

Alice glared at me, "We don't all have super-vampire-speed."

I clutched my heart. "Alice, you've really hurt my feelings! I don't think that I'll ever recover!"

At that, we had to laugh. We were rolling around on the ground when I realised the time.

It was 6 minutes till 8. Of course with my driving, that wouldn't be a problem but still . . . Some humans were slow when they walked to classes and we had to get our schedules.

"Come on guys!" I said, grabbing my car keys. I was extremely proud of my car.

Alright, one of them, but still, all the same, it was an amazing car! It was hot pink and it had a speed of 250 miles an hour!

We ran in, buckled our belts and drove to the school.