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a scream unheard

a story of heart break and tears so if u like happy ending i advise you not to read this, and i personnaly have no idea what happens next i just let my charicters take where they please l0l. this is not a story of edward nd bella, as a matter of fact this dosen't really have any of the twilight charicters in it. BUT, it is about vampires the same 'brand' as the ones the great and all talented Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. 84 reads and 4 reveiws!! ugh!! now i see why people have to beg now-a-days l0l {[plz let me know wat you think good or bad so if you dont review dont open this story plz l0l}} getting chapter 1 beta read so yea. srry it took so long.


1. preface

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I cried out in to the cold night air. I knew no one was there, no one would hear my agony, no one would hear my death. I ran though the seemingly endless fields that defined most of Germany. I continued running even though I knew not of what I was running from. My soul told me that if I stopped I would die so I continued to run. I didn’t want this to end, every thing had been so great, but I just couldn’t bring my self to end its passing, I knew it would eventually have to come.

I stumbled many times when my foot fell in a small hole or when my foot landed on a rock wrong but still my feet seemed to take flight as I ran over the un-even freshly plowed earth. There were scratches and bruises all over my body but I kept running. The fields gave way to trees that seemed to cling to each other, it reminded me of our warm embraces during the many nights we would lay completely entangled in each other under the stars clinging to our love… no, I could not think of him now I could not think of the love we shared at a time like this. I scolded myself I couldn’t let the last thing I know on this cruel and unforgiving earth be the worst kind of pain. I ran even faster for the scant forest when I thought of the shelter and safety the shadows would offer me.

I wanted so badly to turn around and look into the face of my pursuer, but my mind and soul told me not now. They told me I didn’t want to know.

I ran into the pitch shadows of the trees and could see nothing but the faint out line of them illuminated by the little moon light that managed to find its way though the thick canopy of leaves.

I couldn’t run any more, my body ached and I was bleeding all over, but this is not why I wanted to stop. The wind was black and my soul said it was time to rest, but before I could obey I tripped and fell. I rolled over onto my back and watched as the dark figure approached. All logic told me to run, but my soul said stay, so I did. Before I knew it I was looking into the black eyes of my pursuer.

“Hello” he said in a polite affectionate tone that dripped with passion.

“Hello, my love.” I told him as I stared into the eyes I knew, the eyes I loved. I was not afraid even though I knew HE was going to kill me. I did not fight him, I simply loved him. Even when he smiled an evil corrupt, loving smile fear did not come. I could feel no emotion but love at this moment with him. He was on top me now and I waited for the pain to come as he lightly kissed my neck.

He had saved me before and now he had every right to take that blessing away. It was because of this I did not fight him when he ended my life. I loved him, and I would forgive any and every sin he made against me. Even this.