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Love, Love, Love

Spoiler if you have not read Eclipse! "It had been 20 years. Twenty years since I had married Edward. Twenty years since my heart stopped beating." The Cullens move to the small town in Oregon, they begin to attend High School but they soon realize there not the only vampires in this small town

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2. Are you ready?

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Bella's P.O.V

It had been 20 years. Twenty years since I had married Edward. Twenty years since my heart stopped beating.

I twirled my wedding band around my finger.

Carlisle said I had amazing control, even better than him. I scoffed. I had never felt a need for human blood. Sure I hadn’t been around humans all that much, but the ones I had come across didn’t have their blood on my hands. So we were going back to High School. More specifically Jewell High School, in Jewell, Oregon.

I stood, about to pace when something caught my eye in the mirror, myself. I looked at myself, I didn’t remember what the human me looked like. Edward said I had been beautiful and was still beautiful, but Edward also is a good liar.

I was wearing a blue top, with black lace on the edge of it. Dark jeans hugged my curves. Alice had dragged me into her room last night, telling me that on the first day of school you had to have a good impression. She made me model outfit after outfit. I picked the most casual thing, Alice had flamboyant taste. She seemed a little dismayed by the fact that I still had no interest in fashion. Everything looked good on me, so why did it matter?

Suddenly arms wrapped around me. “You shouldn’t look so gorgeous, it isn’t fair,” Edward whispered velvet in my ear.

I blushed, something only I could do. I had a special talent, I could make illusions. Sounds and images. It was a fun talent but I hadn’t used it on an enemy…yet.

I pulled Edward by his shirt collar over to the black leather sofa in the middle of our room. I pinned him down easily. “You’re one to talk” I murmured my voice more silk than velvet. I kissed his neck and he sighed in satisfaction.

Our kisses deepened, and Edward began pulling up my shirt…

“Edward, Bella we have to-“

“Bella Cullen! Get off him we have to go NOW!” I turned to see Alice glaring at us, while Emmett chuckled. Emmett loved to make fun of Edward’s virginity. Of course Edward wasn’t a virgin now, but Emmett found it hilarious that he used to be a 106 year old virgin. After our wedding I found out that Edward did have very impatient vampire hormones. That I remembered.

I shoved myself off of Edward and huffed down the stairs after Alice while Edward and Emmett trailed behind me.

Alice opened the front door to reveal a sleek black van. Wait van?

“Where did that come from?” I asked Alice.

“You didn’t except all of us to fit in the Volvo!?!?” Alice said in mock horror.

“Oh,” I said. I hadn’t really thought about that.

Rosalie and Jasper were already waiting for us in the car. My black leather bag was already stowed in the back, courtesy of Alice.

The van had three rows of seating all coved in black leather fancy controls dominated the front of the car. Rosalie sat behind the wheel, primping her hair. Emmett shotgun, Jasper and Alice in the back, while Edward and I curled up in the very back.

I shot a look at Alice, before finishing what I started. I kissed Edward lightly beginning to pull back but he pressed my hips into his, and continued kissing me. I felt myself melting in his eyes.

“Eh, em” Someone coughed

“Get a room!” Rosalie said in distaste.

I resurfaced and saw Jasper looking like he was going to puke probably tasting our strong emotions.

I sighed angrily folding my arms across my chest, but if I were human I probably would have been blushing right about now.

Suddenly it hit me; we were going back to High School! With humans, humans I could kill, lives I could destroy. Could I handle it? Was I strong enough? The whole family had worked with me, helping to control my lust for that sweet wine.

“What are you thinking?” Edward whispered in my ear.

“What if I kill someone? What if I can’t handle it?”

“Bella I have told a thousand times, don’t worry! It will be fine, your control is amazing” As Edward said this I knew I could do it.

The rest of the ride to school was uneventful, taking all of 5 minutes even though we lived 50 miles away.

We reached the school parking lot and found a space easily, it was still early.

Just before I got out of the van Edward stopped me.

“Are you ready?” Edward asked staring intently at my face. Was I ready? I breathed deeply and closed my eyes.


Edward began to step out of the car, but I stopped him.

“Are you?”

He seemed to take my question very seriously. Edward seemed a little tense probably just afraid of hurting humans, or the new vampires.

“Of course” He smiled my favorite crooked smile; he still had a dazzling effect on me. Edward pulled me out of the car and I followed him still at loss for words.

We followed the signs towards the main building. It was composed of plain bricks like the rest of the school.

Jasper opened the door and we all shuffled inside. A mousy lady was sitting at the front desk. Her hair hung down to the ends of her ears and was a gray-brown color. Fuchsia glasses hung from her neck on top of a brown tweed jacket.

“Hello I’m Jasper Cullen and this is the rest of my family, were new students here and we need our class schedules,” Jasper’s voice sounded unintentionally seductive.

The secretary was momentarily dazzled by us.

“Wh-Why yes of course” She pressed some buttons on her computer and disappeared for a second to come back with a stack of papers.

“Emmett, Isabella, and Alice Cullen?” Emmett, Alice and I came forward to receive our schedules.

“Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward Hale?” Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward took their schedules.

Edward changed his name to Hale instead of Cullen because his hair was a closer color to Rosalie and Jaspers than mine, and Edward and I could not be related!

The name Edward Hale sounded foreign on my tongue. But he would still be Edward Cullen to me.

We compared schedules. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper were Seniors. Edward, Alice and I were Juniors. Alice was supposed to have skipped a grade, so I was the older than her.

I had first period with Alice which was Trig and I also had art with her. (I had already been to collage twice so it should be easy.) I had English and Biology with Edward, which I was glad for.

Emmett opened the main office door and we stepped outside.

The school was now filled with people. It was November so the school year had already started. As we passed people stared in wonder at us. Golden eyes, perfect features I wouldn’t blame them. I knew the gossip was already spreading, by last period everyone would know us.

But would people think we were related to the other vampires? Did they know about us yet? Did they have special gifts like ours?

I headed off with Alice to Trig. Edward squeezed my hand before walking into his class. I was definitely nervous about meeting other vampires.

Alice and I found our class easily, the school was tiny! I heard a few people inside; breathing deeply (out of habit) I reached for the door…