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Jasper & Bella

What if Bella fell for Jasper and not Edward? What if it was Jasper that wanted to kill Bella but ended up falling in love with her? A twist to Twilight. I've had over 100 peole read this and only 4 have reviewed. Please review!


2. CHAPTER TWOStrange Feelings

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Jasper POV

“Excuse me?” I repeated immediately unsure of my decision to come over here.

“Yes?” Bella asked looking uncomfortable.

I decided to use my gift to calm her. She looked and me and smiled and blushed scarlet as soon as I returned it. This was going to be difficult.

“I was wondering if you wanted someone to show you around the school. Seeing as how you’re new and probably don’t know.” I told her, thinking of how sweet her blood would taste. I regretted it instantly when I heard a low growl behind me. Of course Edward would be reading my mind.

“Um. Uh. Sure.” She replied extending her hand to me. “Bella Swan”.

“Jasper Hale.” I replied smiling at her.

Emmett flanked by Edward and Alice walked over to me and smiled at Bella. Alice was positively giddy. I’d heard of some vision she had about some girl that would change our lives but it couldn’t be Bella. Could it?

“Jasper we need to talk to you.” Edward hissed at me.

“Excuse me I’ll be just a moment.” I whispered at Bella stepping to the side with Emmett and Edward.

Bella’s POV

I was dazzled by the Cullen’s and the Hale’s. They were so beautiful and yet here I was waiting for Jasper to show me around the school. And while I was waiting for him, his tiny, elf-like sister was talking to me. “So how do you like Forks so far?” Alice chirped oblivious to the fact that I was staring at her brother.

“It’s uh. Rainy.” I lamely answered. The truth was I kind of hated Forks but all that hate was being washed away by Jasper. And that was stupid.

“It must be so different from Arizona!” Alice said smiling at me.

I got the feeling that Alice knew me, strange I know. But the way she was looking at me made me feel like she had seen me before and was excited to finally meet me. “Completely. I never knew how much I love the sun until I woke up this morning and all I could see was the cage of fog.” I knew I was letting my pain seep through my voice but I couldn’t help it. I truly missed Phoenix

“That does kind of suck. But you’ll get used to it I promise. Well it looks like Jasper is coming so I’ll talk to you later!” Alice said running to Edward’s side. She ran a little faster than most people.

“So Bella. Are you ready?” Jasper asked.

I turned around and saw him staring at me with a slight grin on his face. My heart raced as I nodded yes.

Jasper’s POV

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Jasper? Are you planning on ruining everything Carlisle has set up for us?” Edward growled at me.

“My dear brother, I’d do no such thing. My imagination is just a tad overactive today. I just plan on getting to know her. I don’t think I could ever hurt her.” I replied calming Edward down.

“Is Jasper in Loooove?” Emmett sang grinning a goofy grin.

“Be realistic Emmett! She’s human and I barely know her! I just find her interesting.”

“If I hear any thought in your mind that signals that you’re planning to feed, Emmett and I will show up.” Edward said walking back towards the table.

I made my way towards Bella and Alice and I picked up on their conversation. It sounded like Bella was complaining about Forks. Thinking about my original thoughts about what I wanted to do to her, as soon as she turned they all flew right out the window. Even though my heart has beat in over a century, when she looked at me I got a feeling there. Sort of like it was trying to beat once more. And I knew I was in trouble, because I, Jasper Whitlock Hale was falling deeply and uncontrollably in love, with Bella Swan.

I know what you’re thinking. So what? Men fall in love with woman all the time! But those men don’t want to suck the very thing that gives those women life right out of their bodies now do they? And that was defiantly what my instincts were telling me to do.

“So Bella. Are you ready?” I asked as soon as Alice left.

She turned towards me and her heart started to beat wildly. I felt my mouth fill with venom as her cheeks flushed red but I swallowed it and offered her my arm.

“Um.” she muttered allowing me to pull her outside.

A thought raced through my mind. This was wrong. So very, very, wrong. What if I lost control? What if she accidentally falls and scrapes her knee? I wouldn’t be able to hold back then.

“Bella. I know I told you I would show you around the school, yet I feel like it would be wrong to do so.” I quickly tell her.

She stops walking and looks at me, the confusion she feels hits me in a wave.

“I’m not a good friend for you, Bella. I’m dangerous and I don’t feel right putting you in danger.” I turned and walked towards to the cafeteria. In my heart I was aching to go to her but I knew that, that was the most foolish thing I could ever do.