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Jasper & Bella

What if Bella fell for Jasper and not Edward? What if it was Jasper that wanted to kill Bella but ended up falling in love with her? A twist to Twilight. I've had over 100 peole read this and only 4 have reviewed. Please review!


3. Can't Stay Away.

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Bella’s POV

I was hurt. That’s all I could say. What’s wrong with me? I watched Jasper walk towards the cafeteria, back to his beautiful family. His head was down and when he was half-way there he stopped and looked back. I quickly turned and walked towards my next class.

I’ll show that Jasper Hale. I didn’t need him.

Jasper’s POV

I could feel her hurt and confusion. It would hit me in waves. Knowing that I caused those feelings made me want to fall to the ground and sob. It hurt me just as much as her.

A familiar scent hit me as the door opened.

“ I take it you’re Isabella Swan?” Mr. Ran asked

I swiveled in my seat until I saw her perfect heart shaped face. Her large brown eyes widened as she noticed me. I was incredibly happy. Next to me was the only open seat in the class.

“Bella.” She answered tripping over a stray book on her way to the teacher’s desk.

She blushed as she noticed my staring and started twisting her hair around her finger.

“So you were in an advanced placement class in Arizona?” Mr. Ran asked loud enough for the class to hear.

“Y-Yes.” I could feel her embarrassment .

“So you’re a junior?” when she nodded he continued, “And you’re skipping ahead to senior classes?”

“Yup” she muttered.

“You can go sit next to Mr. Hale.” he motioned towards my seat.

She made her way over and smiled at me. I felt like I was the only one in the room.

“Hello Bella. I’m so sorry I left you. I just got, uh, preoccupied.” I told her as she sat next to me.

“Hi Jasper. It’s alright. I understand.” She smiled again.

“ Really?”

“Not really.” She giggled.

“Mr. Hale, Ms. Swan please pay attention.

“Sorry Sir.” My military ways still prevailed.

I ripped a piece of paper out of my notebook and passed it to her when I was done.

Bella’s POV

Jasper seemed a little happier than he had earlier. I was daydreaming about why he possible left so quick when I felt something poke me in the elbow.

Jasper smiled as I took the folded paper from him

I’m truly sorry. I really am. I’m just not the best person for you to be around.

I frowned as I read that. How could he be a bad person for me to be around? I quickly wrote back.

Why not? I don’t understand.

I barely had time push towards him when he grabbed it and gave it back.

I’m just a bad influence. I don’t want to put you in harms way but I don’t think I can stay away from you.

A bad influence? That didn’t make sense. My heart sputtered and then went into overdrive when I read that he didn’t think he could stay away from me.

I don’t care. It’s not like you’re going to kill me.

The look on his face made it seem like he was going to kill me.

What are you doing Saturday?

The sudden change in the note surprised me.

Nothing. Why?

His hand was flying over the paper and it looked like he was fighting with himself.

Do you want to spend Saturday with me?

My stomach did a little flip as I wrote my answer.


His smile was contagious as he brushed his hand across mine.

Okay. We’ll talk later.

I nodded and then looked at the floor. Against my better judgment, in one day, I was falling hard and fast for Jasper Hale.