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Jasper & Bella

What if Bella fell for Jasper and not Edward? What if it was Jasper that wanted to kill Bella but ended up falling in love with her? A twist to Twilight. I've had over 100 peole read this and only 4 have reviewed. Please review!


4. Not Fair

Rating 3/5   Word Count 794   Review this Chapter

Jasper’s POV.

As soon as the bell rang for class to end, I looked at Bella. She really was pretty though it seemed like she didn’t know. How could she not?

“Bella?” I was right next to though she seemed not to notice.

“Shit! Don’t do that? Are you trying to kill me?” She screamed causing Mr. Ran to look at her.

“Sorry. And no I’m not trying to kill you.”

“It’s fine.” She was anxious I could feel it radiating off of her. Anxious and scared?

“I was thinking we should plan this date for Saturday.” I told her following her out into the hall.

“Um. Okay. And is this a-a date?” She asked causing everyone within a four feet of us to stop what they were doing and stare.

I smiled hearing their whispers, though not intended for my ears. “Not even a full day here and she’s snagged him!” “That’s so not fair! I’m so much prettier and it’s her FIRST day here!”

“Yes this is a date, Bella.” I smirked. I had made sure that my voice was loud enough so everyone in the hall could hear. “ I was thinking that I could pick you up at noon?”

“Um. Sure. I have to ask Charlie though. I mean my dad! I have to ask my dad.” She replied.

“ Okay.”

“ What are we doing?” She asked smiling at me.

“It’s a secret! I can’t tell you! It wouldn’t be a secret if I told!” I teased feigning horror.

“That’s not fair!” She protested running into some freshmen who felt way too much pleasure at her touch.

“Well think of it this way, it’s Monday, so in five days you’ll know. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told her smiling.

“Bye Jasper.” She started to turn but without thinking I reached out and brushed her cheek with my hand.

She blushed profusely as she stumbled down the hall.

Bella’s POV

The next two classes passed without incident. I was still in shock that Jasper asked me on a date. He was so perfect and I was so average, bland.

As I was walking to my car contemplating how long it would be until Jasper Hale came to his senses and blew me off I heard a soprano voice sing out my name. “BELLA!”

I turned and noticed Jasper’s family walking towards me. My heart started racing and my palms became instantly sweaty. I felt awkward next to their inhuman beauty.

“Hello Alice.” I smiled quickly and looked at my feet.

“Oh! You haven’t been introduced to the rest of the family have you?” Alice asked standing at my elbow.

“Erm. No I haven’t.” I muttered looking up.

“Okay this is Rosalie, Emmett and Edward.” She said pointing people out. “This is Bella Swan, Chief Swan’s daughter.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you all.” I felt like I was going to die of humiliation.

“ So in one day you’ve managed to steal Jasper’s heart, huh?” Emmett asked grinning at me.

“Um. I don’t know.” I helplessly answered.

“Emmett! Be quiet and behave yourself!” Rosalie growled elbowing him in the ribs.

“We just wanted to come say hi and-” Alice started getting cut off by none other Jasper.

“There you guys are! I’ve been standing by the car for ages! Hello Bella. I hope they aren’t pestering you too much.” Jasper smiled at me, his white teeth gleaming.

“Hi Jasper.”

“ Jasper don’t you think Esme and Carlisle would love to meet Bella?” Alice asked grinning widely.

He must have noticed how completely horrified I looked for he quickly answered her. “She can meet them on Saturday. Besides Carlisle’s at the hospital and Esme’s shopping.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Well I guess we should be going. Bye Bella!” Alice chirped smiling at me.

“Bye everyone.” I said thinking Jasper had left but when I heard a small chuckle I spun around, coming face to face with him.

“I’m sorry about that. Alice can come on a little strong.” He smiled at me.

“A little?” I asked leaning against my truck.

“She means well. She’s been waiting for you to get here ever since we heard you were coming.”

“Why?” I was a little confused by that.

“Who knows? It’s Alice. Well if I want a ride home I’ll have to go now. Bye Bella.”

“Bye Jasper.” I smiled at him as he squeezed my arm.

After he walked away I jumped in the truck but didn’t start it. I leaned my forehead against the steering wheel pondering what had happened today. I couldn’t believe any of this had actually happened. It was amazing.

I quickly put the key in the ignition and shook my head at the deafening roar. I pulled out and drove back to Charlie’s with my mind of Jasper Hale the entire time.