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Jasper & Bella

What if Bella fell for Jasper and not Edward? What if it was Jasper that wanted to kill Bella but ended up falling in love with her? A twist to Twilight. I've had over 100 peole read this and only 4 have reviewed. Please review!


5. Chapter 5

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As I pulled into the driveway butterflies began swarming my stomach. How was I going to tell Charlie that in one day I managed to get a date, and not with just any boy, but a Cullen, who seemed like a god in this tiny town?

As soon as I walked into the house the smell of something burning pierced my nose. "Char- Dad?"

I could hear muttered cursing and I walked into the kitchen to Charlie dumping something black and smoking into the trash. "Hey Bells. I wanted to cook you something special to celebrate your first day of school and everything, but..." he trailed off looking embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it dad. How about we go out to eat? I mean, I have to talk to you about something."

"Sure, Bells. Let me go get my keys and then we'll go,” he said trying to act unconcerned but I could see the fear in his eyes; he thought I was moving back with my mom.

Ten minutes later we were in the restaurant and we both had hamburgers and shakes on the way. I was taking deep breaths trying to reassure myself about this situation. But to be entirely honest, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go. I’d never talked to Charlie about boys and I was nervous just thinking about it.

“So what did you want to talk about kiddo?”

“Well, you know the Cullen’s right? Well, uhm. Jasper, kind of, hmm, well he asked me out. I wanted to make sure this all was ok with you first,” I mumbled playing with the ripped checkerboard tablecloth.

I heard Charlie take a deep breath and slowly exhale. “So let me get this straight, you want to go on a date with this boy? And you’ve only know him a day?” I looked up to meet Charlie’s eyes, and saw how filled with relief they were.

“Uhh, yes?” “Well this is certainly not what I expected. I well; I think it’s too early for you to be dating anyone from this town. You just moved here, and you nothing about him. I’m not saying I disapprove, but I think you should get to know him better before you start something with him.”

“I understand dad,” I started but I got interrupted by Jessica running up to our table.

“Bella! Hi! Oh hi chief Swan!” Jessica’s face was flushed and I could tell she was dying to ask me something.

“Hi Jessica. What’s going on?” I asked wondering where this whole thing was going.

“Well Angela and I were going to go shopping up in Port Angeles and we were wondering if you wanted to go! Would that be ok Chief Swan?” She stopped momentarily for my Charlie’s nod of approval and then started up again. “Is Wednesday ok?”

“Yeah Jessica that sounds fine,” I said my thoughts drifting to Jasper.

“Great! We’ll pick you up at three!” She waved and then disappeared back to her own table. The rest of dinner went by peacefully without anymore disturbances. That was until we were on our way to the car. I was turned towards Charlie and was about to say something when I ran into something rock hard and freezing cold. I looked up to see the one face that had been stuck in my mind all day.

“Hello Bella, Chief Swan,” Jasper sang smiling at my bright red face.