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Sad Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Jacob’s heart is shattered. Running from his past; his problems; his fears; and his dreams he hopes to find a way to escape from the misery. Only to find himself in an even more difficult situation, where he must choose between his past and his future. Bella/Edward and Jacob/OC Image and video hosting by TinyPic BIG thanks to EdwardBiteMePlz who made this absolutely AWESOME banner!!!!! You rock!!! Thanks EdwardBiteMePlz!!!!!

Disclaimer: Most of the character belong to the amazing and talented Stephinie Meyer!!! Only the new character from my imagination belong to me!!!!

1. Chapter 1 - Dark Skies

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I ran. Ran away from all my problems; all my fears; all my dreams.

My muscles contracted and released as I soared effortlessly through the air. The pain that consumed me as a human was now replaced by my natural instinct to run.

But occasionally the thoughts that brought me so much pain would resurface in my mind.


How could she leave me for such a cold and heartless leech? After all he had done to her? After all I had done to fix her broken heart? Despite all the pain she had put me through, I couldn’t find it in myself to hate her. I still loved her as much as the first time I saw her but the leech was a different story. I hated him with all my being. He, who was the one who broke my Bella’s heart and left her for dead; he, who was the one who would damn my angel’s soul for all eternity. I would kill him now if it weren’t for Bella.

When I broke from my reverie I found myself collapsed on the forest-floor, in my human form, shaking from the violent sobs that consumed my body. The pain of her betrayal was to agonising for me bare. So I quickly transformed to my wolf-like state, where my pain was numbed by the simple thought of my wolf brain.

And then I ran. It continued like this for days, weeks, months possibly. Time became irrelevant as I tried to escape the torture of my mind. Exhaustion soon overcame me and I welcomed unconsciousness with open arms. Hoping it would bring me some relief. But instead it came to mock me.

* * *

Light filtered through the stain-glass windows of the chapel, creating stunning patterns across my angel’s snow-white skin. We are standing together, hand in hand, in front of the Priest as he read through the wedding vows.

I looked down at my gift from heaven. She was wearing a beautiful off-white wedding dress, which highlighted her wonderful curves yet was still modest. The dress had short sleeves and a V neckline. Under her breasts was a golden ribbon, which met at the front and was pinned together by a pearl brooch, her dress then hung from her waist until it gently trailed to ground.

As my gaze made its way to her delicate face I noticed she was not looking forward to the priest or looking at me, her fiancée, but rather staring, longingly at the wooden doors of the chapel.

Suddenly, a beautiful smile played across her lips when the person behind the doors revealed himself.

“Bella!” his sickly-sweet voice said.

“Edward,” her voice full of relief. Then he moved forward at an inhuman speed and all to soon she was in his stone, cold arms. He turned to leave with her, when she looked back at me, her face apologetic.

“I do love you, Jacob, but it will never be enough,” and with that they were gone, leaving me alone in the empty chapel. I fell to the floor, sobs racking my entire body. From the awkward position, I had assumed on the ground, I looked up to the heavens above and cried a single word.


And with that, I woke startled from the terrifying nightmare. The only problem was that it wasn’t a nightmare.

Nor was it a memory.

It was my greatest dream and my greatest fear, all in one.

I had seen a future for Bella and I. I knew it would take time for her to heal but it was my greatest dream to be with her one day, when she would truly love me. But that dream was shattered when he took her away from me, stealing her heart with his icy touch. Forever barring her love from me. Salty tears stained my cheeks as I thought of my damned angel, Bella Swan.

The pelting rain soon joined my tears. It was as if God was also crying because of the loss of his fallen angel. I looked toward the heavens to seek advice, only to find black clouds filling the sky. The dark clouds mocked me as they stole the sun, the only warmth in my cold life, just like the bloodsucker had stolen the light of my life and left me to rot in the shadows. Darkness now surrounded me physically and mentally. I had pushed away those who had really cared about me, and as I looked at the dark skies, I truly felt alone for the first time in my life.

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