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Sad Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Jacob’s heart is shattered. Running from his past; his problems; his fears; and his dreams he hopes to find a way to escape from the misery. Only to find himself in an even more difficult situation, where he must choose between his past and his future. Bella/Edward and Jacob/OC Image and video hosting by TinyPic BIG thanks to EdwardBiteMePlz who made this absolutely AWESOME banner!!!!! You rock!!! Thanks EdwardBiteMePlz!!!!!

Disclaimer: Most of the character belong to the amazing and talented Stephinie Meyer!!! Only the new character from my imagination belong to me!!!!

2. Chapter 2 - A Strange Encounter

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Chapter 2 – The Strange Encounter

I stood up and started to run again. I knew that if I stopped for just a second, the pain of my memories would consume me.

Trees and shadows flew by as to soared through the air. The constant sound of my feet, as they hit the ground, calmed me.

My mind had been silent for the entire time I had been running. Sam had ordered the pack to leave me alone and give me some time to think. But now my mine was being overrun by various ‘voices’; but to whom the thoughts belonged to, I remained oblivious.

Curiosity got the better of me. I needed a distraction, so I focused on the numerous thoughts.

*Follow the scent* an authoritative ‘voice’ commanded. *Stay in pairs, Tun with Shika; Moko with Rita; and Tia with me*

*What about me?* said a nervous males ‘voice.’

* You stay home with Anita, * replied the same authoritative ‘voice.’

* I’m not staying home I’m hunting! * said a teenage female who I assumed was Anita.

*Fine then. Ky you go with Anita and she’ll teach you how to hunt*

*Fine* sighed Anita, * we’ll take the north track and meet up with you guys at the clearing in an hour *

* Okay, Will you be able to handle Ky? *

* I guess * she let out an exasperated sigh. She reminded me of a bord teenage who had to baby-sit her brother instead of hanging out with her friends. * You better go before we lose the scent. *

* Yes, you are right. Tun and Shika, go south; Moko and Rita – West; I’ll go east; and Anita and Ky, go north. Meet up at the clearing like Anita said *

* You be good, ok Ky? * said a motherly ‘voice.’

* Fine mum. Bye * replied Ky.

The ‘voices’ started to fade as they all headed in different direction, but I was still clueless to who or what they were. I was sure that they weren’t werewolf. No other werewolf’s existed other than my brothers; it was special to the Quilette Tribe only. But then again, I didn’t think that we could hear normal wolf’s thoughts. In the end I was just where I started.

I decided not to worry about it. Maybe I was going insane, hearing voices in my head. It was definitely a possibility.

I started running again, only to hear two more unfamiliar voices.

* I worry about poor Anita. When I was her age I had found my soul mate * said a female voice that was neither young nor old.

* Yeah, You had me didn’t you, Rita? * joked a male voice that I assumed was Moko, Rita’s mate.

* Of course * I felt Rita brush her head affectionately against Moko’s neck, * But that’s not what we were talking about. What if something is wrong with Anita? Shouldn’t have she found her mate by now? * Rita asked worried. She sounded like she is a very anxious creature.

* Don’t worry my dear; we must let fate take control of this one. She will find her other half one day * he said reassuringly.

* Yeah I guess… WHOO!!!! There’s the scent. * They started following the scent that they were searching for. I couldn’t smell it through their minds, so I had no idea of what they were following; but still I curiously followed them.

I tried to stay hidden from them but occasionally I saw glimpses of them as we weaved through the forest. I had been expecting to see large wolf-like figures – much like my brothers, but instead they were relatively small, no larger than a normal wolf. Rita had a glossy silver coat that shone in the moonlight, while Moko had a rough brown-black coat, which was fairly long. They both had captivating yellow eyes, which was something I had never seen in a wolf before. They were both very muscular and soared through the air easily. Despite their yellow eyes and abnormally large muscles they looked just like an average wolf.

Suddenly more another voices filled my mind. * We are all in position. We have it is surrounded. Good work you two. * The alpha complimented. From what I gathered, it sounded like they were herding whatever they were chasing, so that they could ambush it.

Abruptly the two wolves, I had been following, veered of into an open clearing. I stayed hidden in the shadows of the trees. I gained nothing from their minds but I did hear vicious snarls erupting from the pack of wolves as they brought down whatever they were hunting. Soon, all noises from the fight were cut off and the forest was filled with silence for a short moment.

But it didn’t last long. All to soon, the motherly voice interrupted the silence. * So Ky, how was your first hunting lesson? * was all I heard before the voices faded into oblivion, I could feel their presence leave my mind.

Curiously, yet still cautiously I made my way into the clearing. Nothing was there. This surprised me; I expected to find blood…or the carcass of the animal they were hunting. But the clearing was empty beside the soft, green swaying grass and the occasionally patch of dirty snow. I walked around the clearing; their wolf-like scent was everywhere. I decided to follow the freshest trail.

I walked back into the forest, following the familiar scent, not concentrating on where I was going. After a few minutes of walking … or maybe it was longer, time held no meaning to me, the trail just strangely disappeared.

I continued to run in the same direction that the scent was taking me. I didn’t care where I went as long as it was away from my trouble. My curious encounter with the wolves was put to the back of my mind; it was nothing in comparison to my other problems. I, once again, just concentrated on the steady beat of my feet.

I suddenly walked into the bright light of open space. The brightness of the light stunned me for a while, after just emerging from a darkened forest. But when I recovered what I saw amazed me.

I stood upon a large hill looking down at a vast town. It was larger than Forks but couldn’t match Seattle. From here I could see Coles, department stores, residential houses all joined together by black roads, much like a child’s dot-to-dot colouring –in book.

I decided I would stay in a motel; I needed to rest, I had been running for God-knows-how-many days and I was truly exhausted. Previously, I had been using my exhaustion as a way of avoiding the painful memories of Bella, but now my mind had been distracted by to curious pack of wolves and the exhaustion was overwhelming. After a goodnights rest I would call my brothers to come and find me. After today I realised how much I needed them. I knew that during this time, it is their support, which is most likely going to save me from insanity, just how I was the support that save Bella when he left.

I started making my way down towards the town until I realised I was still in my wolf form. I went to shift back to my human form when I noticed that I had no clothes to wear; they had been shredded when I changed. I could just imagine how people would react if they was a mammoth sized dog, walking down the street and into a department store to purchase a pair of clothes. The sheer absurdity of that thought sent ripple of laughter throughout my entire frame. I was such a wonderful feeling; it felt as if I had not laughed in years. With each laugh I felt some of my sorrow slip away. Maybe laughter is the best form of medicine.

I made my way back in to the forest and found a large fallen tree to shelter under. I curled around myself, to retain the radiating heat and started to drift of into a peace sleep; the only form of relief that I can find from my miseries. But before unconsciousness could relieve me, a startling thought crossed my mind. Normal wolves would never be found this close to a suburban area; the clearing, which they so often visited, was only a mere hundred meters away from civilisation. Something about these wild beasts was definitely strange. But the thought was soon dismissed as a welcomed darkness engulfed me.