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Sad Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Jacob’s heart is shattered. Running from his past; his problems; his fears; and his dreams he hopes to find a way to escape from the misery. Only to find himself in an even more difficult situation, where he must choose between his past and his future. Bella/Edward and Jacob/OC Image and video hosting by TinyPic BIG thanks to EdwardBiteMePlz who made this absolutely AWESOME banner!!!!! You rock!!! Thanks EdwardBiteMePlz!!!!!

Disclaimer: Most of the character belong to the amazing and talented Stephinie Meyer!!! Only the new character from my imagination belong to me!!!!

3. Chapter 3 - Her

Rating 5/5   Word Count 750   Review this Chapter

Chapter 3 – Her

I had made my decision; it was time for me to go back home, to my family. Bella had chosen and she hadn’t picked me. She had picked the cold, soulless leach over me warm, loving and I could provide her with so much more.

But more then anything I wanted Bella to be happy. She had chosen him over me, which showed me the full extent of her love for him. I had felt her love for me in our final kiss, she did love me but obviously she loves him more. But I just want her to be happy. I wanted to be the one who would make her happy but now I see she would be miserable without the bloodsucker, I could never truly make her happy.

The thought saddened me, but at least she was happy now … for the time being. Even if I am not, I would happily give of myself for her happiness, that was how much I love her.

But if the leech hurts her in any way, shape or form I would rip his body to shreds.

I put all thoughts of Bella and the evil bloodsucker to the back of my mind, she had made her decision and I had made mine.

It was time to go home.

I didn’t particularly feel like running all the way back, nothing, now, is pushing me to move forward. But I had no choice. Hopefully one of my brother will ‘check-up’ on me and I’ll be able to get him to come pick me up, but if not I would have to walk.

I started heading in the direction I thought was Forks. I had no clue where it really was but being a werewolf came with its advantages. I had a great sense of direction. Even through I couldn’t hear my brothers mind’s I could still sense them. So I followed their pull, hoping it would lead me home.

I winded blindly through the maze of trees. Running was effortless and my mind wondered. I thought back to the other day; the day I meet the mysterious pack of wolves. It was definitely the best thing that could have happened to me. They brought my focus back to the big picture. My life was never just Bell, she was always an important part, but she wasn’t everything. I had my father; the pack, my friends and most importantly I had a future. The strange encounter with the pack showed me how much I need my family. I had accepted Bella’s decision; she loved me but it was not enough. I had accepted her decision even if I didn’t agree with it. Respected it – it was her decision and I had the respect that. And I moved on.

I felt invisible weights lifted of my shoulders. I felt free. There was no need to worry anymore.

I would keep in contact with Bella, I promised myself, even if it has to be over email. She would always by my friend even if she was a blood…. even if she was a little different.

As I ran I came across a familiar scent but I couldn’t recognise it. I was to wrapped up in my thoughts to worry about it.

I suddenly came across a small clearing, circular in shape with an aged, weathered tree in the middle. Flowers grew in between the swaying grass and small patches of snow dotted the ground. The familiar yet unrecognisable scent hit hard. It was sweet but not sickly sweet like a leech’s; more like … lavender with maybe a touch a peppermint. Try as I might I couldn’t recognise the scent so I went to leave; my curiosity unsatisfied.

But before I left the clearly I heard something moving from behind the large and old tree in the middle of the meadow. I quickly fell back into a defensive state; ready to fight whatever I had to face.

Something … or someone started to emerge from behind the tree. I let out a deep growl to warn whatever was coming to stay away. But when the creature appeared my entire world turned up side down.

Black was white and white was black.

Up was down and down was up.

The sky was grass and the grass was sky.

Nothing made sense anymore. I thought I loved Bella and only Bella, but I never new just how wrong I really was.