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When Bella and Edward visit a book store, they meet someone who recognizes them, but has never met them before. How?


1. Recognition

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Bella and I were at a book store, because Bella wanted a book...and her wish was my command.

There were many teenage girls but we stayed away from them, Bella straying into the young adult section while I skimmed through car books.

I was looking at a Volvo For Dummies book when I saw something flash out of the corner of my eye.

Teenage thoughts flooded my mind as soon as I let my guard down.


New Moon!


And then the one I had assumed had seen me.

He's so CUTE!

I shook my head. Ew.

I suddenly heard Bella's soft laugh and I smiled.

"Edward," She whispered soft enough for me to hear but too soft for anyone else to.

I made my way towards her delicious scent, the other blood smelling weak and watery compared to my singer's.

"Yes, love?" I touched her elbow softly, and she smiled up at me.

I felt my face brighten and she laughed again.

"Is there something you wanted to show me?" I asked gently.


She pointed down at the black and red cover, with a picture of two hands cupped around a red apple.

Twilight, the cover read.

"My favorite kind of day," I murmured into her ear.

She grinned deviously.

"I've heard book is about vampires, Edward."

"Really?" I asked curiously. How strange. It was ironic and the author actually knew what she was talking about when she named the book. THis might be interesting...

"Would you like to read the first page with me?"

"Of course," I responded. My curiosity had been sparked.

I pulled her warm body onto my lap as we settled on the floor, backs against the bookcase.

I opened the cover, and flipped to the first page.


I read through it with Bella, shuddering as she did. I was absolutely sure we were both thinking of James. The very way the author described the HUNTER and those things made me think only of him harming my Bella. I hadn't realized I was growling softly until Bella put a comforting hand on my chest.

I flipped to the first page, and we began to read the first chapter.

On page 4, however, I heard Bella suck in her breath as she read about a man named Charlie, and then Forks, Washington.


As we got deeper in, we realized the heroine was a girl named Bella.

My Bella.

I gently stood her up and grabbed the other two books, equally creeped out as her, and we made our way to the front.

As we made to leave the book store, we bumped into, none other than Stephenie Meyer, from what her mind said.

"Oh, I'm sor---"

She cut off as she took us in.

She blinked several times before she spoke.

"Are you---?"

"I'm sorry miss, but we must be going."

I ushered Bella out of the store as the woman stared after us.

Oddly familiar, she thought.

"She wrote that book," I muttered to a thunderstruck Bella, as I helped her into the car.

"Think the Volturi will be after her?"

"I doubt Aro reads teen love story best-sellers."

"True," she muttered.

Let's hope, for the sake of Stephenie Meyer he doesn't