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A New Me

A new death,
and then . . .
A new me. I couldn't remember anything except Jane was wonderful and I was a vampire.

Lizzie's memory is wiped, and Jane tells her she used to have a family, but they are now dead.
Something in Lizzie's mind tugs as she rediscovers her powers, causing her hair to flair white. Jane is hiding something from her, and whenever Cne is around, something happens to her...
As Lizzie tries to discover what they're hiding, and what more, who her old self is, she also uncovers the love for her now dead family, and how honest and caring Jane REALLY is. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


14. Gold

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My memory was back. Simple right? Simple, but painful.

I was clutching my head, my head between my knees.

"It hurts," I whimpered as the memories flashed through my head, the brightness blinding me. The memories were still filtering in, and there were blank spaces, the events not yet placed there on the timeline of my 'life'.

Cne patted my back and rubbed my shoulders, but she didn't say anything. She couldn't. These were my memories and I had to bear with them. They were the truth laid out before me. I could finally see what I had been like as a human.

Alice was in front of me before I saw her move. "We have super speed, grace ---usually." She winced and the vampires laughed.

Of course. Inside vampire jokes.

She shrugged and continued. 'We have hard cold skin," She touched my forehead with her hand and I recognized the arms that had carried me here. "Ummm, we're venomous, we thirst for blood ---obviously --- we smell good, we have an amazing sense of smell, uhhh..." She was ticking the things off on her fingers. This was an extremely long list.

"Insanely beautiful." I muttered so low that I couldn't even hear myself say it.

"Oh yeah!" Her expression lit up as she added, "And we have very sensitive hearing!" She winked at my shocked face and they all laughed. It wasn't usually like me to blush, I only did so on rare occasions, but my humiliation provoked my face to turn brick red. Edward sighed at me at what looked like was longing, and the other two nodded at him in understanding.

I leaned back slightly, and forgetting my elbows I had propped up on were on the edge of the table, slipped off. Someone caught me before I completely mangled myself and I murmured a thanks dazedly. "Super speed? Check." I muttered and they all laughed.

"Alice, you forgot about our strength." Carlisle scolded her before turning to me. "We have an immense amount of strength that out does any human by far." He looked at Alice. "Want to show her? Go fetch something to brea--" Edward coughed awkwardly, cutting him off. "Umm, there's no need for that Alice, I had the courtesy to..." Alice shot a dark look at him. "Esme just had the plasma imported, Edward! But obviously," She added grudgingly, "She's gonna be a little ... distracted." She said casting an apologetic look at me. What had he done to the plasma T.V.? Really, is punishing the furnishings necessary? Edward chuckled softly.

A memory of when I had first met the Cullens. But how had I got there? Another memory came, of me telling the story of my.....

I reached up and grasped the crystal heart that was hanging around my neck. I hadn't known where I had gotten it, but with my new memories...it all came back.

"I'm sure you all want to know why I had been following Lizzie, and why I saved her from the car accident." I winced slightly, and looked down at my healed legs.

Carlisle was a miracle worker. There were a few almost-healed cuts, but other than that they looked fine. They were, however, very pale, almost as pale as a vampire's. I grinned suddenly and Edward chuckled. I closed my mind to him smugly. He crossed his arms and pouted.

Alice rolled her eyes and continued. "Anyways ---" Edward interrupted her when he saw me holding the crystal heart that hung on my neck, and running my thumb along the point. "Alice, did you give her that necklace? She said you didn't but I think you told her not to tell me." I dropped the heart and glared at him.

"No Edward I didn't give her the---" She stopped when she saw the necklace, and then her eyes blanked.

"When she returned to the future, she looked up slowly at me. "You tell the story, about how you got your necklace." Everybody cast glances at her questioning her sanity, including me.

"Okay..." I said slowly but I knew the story well.

I unclasped the necklace and held it in my hand, letting everyone look at it. Then I started.

"It's a family heirloom, and has been passed to the eldest daughter when she turns the age of thirteen. My mom gave it to me on my birthday last year, her mother had given it to her on her thirteenth, after she had received it from my great-grandmother, and so on. "

I paused. This was the sad part.

"The sad thing is," I paused again. "None of us were supposed to have the necklace. The pattern was changed around the late teens in the 1900s."

Edward stiffened, but I ignored it.

"It was when the Spanish Influenza struck, and almost everybody in my great-great-grandmother's family died. "

Edward's eyes were pained.

"Except for her sister, who was the eldest and had already lost her husband to it. Since she was the eldest she had most of their mother's jewelry, and this," I held up the necklace and fondly watched it shoot shards of light across the room.

"She caught the flu, and in her will she gave everything to her children except for this." I gestured to the necklace again, lost in my world of story telling.

"Before she died, she personally gave this to her younger sister, my great-great grandmother, and the only one who ended up surviving." I tried to keep my voice from shaking.

"Her older sister told her to keep passing on the Ranken family heirloom, and every time I look at it, I'm proud that my great-great-great aunt was so brave, and selfless. When I'm mad, they say I have her hair."

I paused trying to remember the name. "Elizabeth Masen."

"Enough." I stated, wrenching my eyes open. "I don't need anymore." It didn't matter though. All of my memory was back.

I stood up, my cape billowing behind me. My eyes flashed to the mirror. The red orbs glowed evilly back at me. I looked dark, and lethal. I was a new person. Different in all ways.

"What you told me to do--" I slashed my hand through the air and Cne cut off, eyes wide.

I was a different person. I was finally, brought together. I was wholly sure of myself and I knew my sins, and my good deeds. I knew who I was, and I knew what I was doing. I was at my most deadly, and I'd never felt less innocent. Finally.

I stared out the window, my eyes blank. "Gather those on our side. The ones we leave behind will be enemies when we return," I whirled around, staring her down. Warning her. "None will be left alive."

She nodded quickly and moved out of the room silently, leaving me to turn to the window again.

I'm coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all

I remembered the plan perfectly, and I was making adjustments. I had made that plan when I had memories, true, but not all of them. Now I remembered everything. Michelle, Katie....Jacob. I stared at the wall of the city that Cne's window backed up to.

"Oh, yeah," I replied easily, "He was nasty though-- Hey, how'd you know what happened?" I said suspiciously.

He ignored me. "I know this is going to sound crazy, but that man was a---" he appeared to be choking on the word.

"Yeah, vampire, I know," I waved off his concerned looks.

Surprise flashed across his face, then suspicion. "How do you know --"

"I've lived with 'em for three years, 'kay? Now, I'm going home," I said, but he grabbed my upper arm.

"Wait a minute--"

"I would REALLY recommend letting go of me now," I said in a dangerously quiet voice, that I was surprised he even heard.

He let go of me quickly.

"I just want to go home."

Jacob. The pack. It was hurting me again but I ignored it this time, digging deeper.

"Lizzie," Jake placed a hot hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah?" I asked cautiously.

"I just want you to know, you're like Bella was to me a few years ago . . ."

"Do you want me to punch you?"

"Not like that."

"Oh, well, as long as it's not like that, I'm okay."

"What I mean is," Jake continued, turning his black eyes on me, " Is that you're the only person who is in both worlds, and I can confide in you. Right?"

"Totally," I replied, trying to wrap my hands around him and he grinned, saying, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Why?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"Because they'll get mad you smell bad."



Would Jacob fight for me? It was hard to tell. But if Bella would fight for me, Jake might fight. And if we're all taking down Jane, it works better. She will have allied us.

Cne returned, with a huge percentage of the newborns.

I stared for a few seconds, before stating, "I guess we need to hijack a plane."

The others laughed nervously and I met them with a steady gaze. "Let's go."

Some started whispering to their neighbors, "Is she serious? I thought she was joking."


"Okay.........Who can fly a plane?"

No response.

"Someone on here has to be able to fly a plane!"

Cne hesitantly moved forward. "I've seen memories of flying. I think I get it."

I smiled wryly. "That's the spirit. It's not like we're gonna die."

Some cracked smiles.

"Let's do this," I muttered as Cne casually flipped some switches and whirring filled the cabin.

I looked around at the vampires who were whispering to each other and smiling, like they were family. I turned my gaze away, standing at the front of the plane, watching Cne. I couldn't watch them.

And I just can't look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

I locked my hands behind my back, tilting my chin up as I tensed my jaw. The murmur behind my back faded away as I observed my purpose. My fate. My destiny. It had been mine a long time, my life decided for me. There was no one in my life who loved me. Why should my family still live me? I pondered that as the plane slightly jostled me as it turned onto the runway. I watched the dull cement through the large front window, rolling faster and faster. Feeling the wheels of the plane feeling more like feathers on the ground, just lightly brushing it.

We lifted gently upwards, cutting through the blue and high into the sky.

I stepped forward into the cabin, staring at Cne, who seemed to be managing well.

"I'm going ahead to see where to land," I said to her and she nodded, not surprised.

I turned, smiling smugly as I made my way down to the middle of the plane.

"May I?" I raised my eyebrows at the two men sitting in the row. They got up, confused as I made my way to the window. I turned the red latch and turned to them, smiling crookedly.

"I've always wanted to do this." Then I jumped.

Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

I'm coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all

The wind was whipping my platinum hair as I opened my eyes, watching the blue water loom closer and closer. I turned gracefully in the sky, almost doing a twist flip as I felt a much softer wind.

I appeared in the forest. Well, how specific. I looked around, knowing I had been here before but not knowing why. I broke through the trees and there it was. An arena. I ran my hand across the smooth metal, remembering when Captain had thrown me. Oh.

I turned away from where I knew the house was, hesitating. If I didn't move I would turn around. I dipped my head down and ran.

I ran through the forest until I found the road. I suddenly had a burst of euphoria as I had another flashback. I had my car with me. Perfect. The beautiful Volvo appeared before me. I raised my hand flippantly and the keys dropped into them. I opened the door, sighing as the door opened soundlessly. I sat down carefully in the seat, running my hands gently over the smooth steering wheel.

Wonderful, I mouthed. I turned the keys and it purred, welcoming me back. I smiled deviously, before peeling out until the car finally gripped the road and raced down the black ribbon that wound through the green forest that was Forks, Washington.

There wasn't any humans near me as I reached 200 MPH, looking fruitlessly for a nice place to land a plane. Or, crash one rather. A place to crash a plane where no one would hear it. I pulled the car over, and zoomed to the base of the tallest tree I could see. I climbed up it easily, till I was on the very top, looking for a clearing of some sort. I spotted one that seemed to be near the end of a road. I pursed my lips as I assessed the area, deciding I would have to see it up close. Thunder rumbled in the distance as I stepped off the thick limb and crashed through the tiny branches and leaves, finally landing on the ground.

My hair was a mess. It looked like I had almost died, or been in some sort of combat. No one would see me. I could make sure of that. I got in my car and shifted in into gear, pressing the gas pedal flat once again.

I got to the edge of the road and disappeared, enjoying the rumble of thunder as the light mist of rain fell. I scowled and put the top up on my convertible before sliding into the eerily dark trees. From what I remembered, on overcast days the forest was always shady and dark, but now it was drenched in a blanket of black shadow, muting sound and making me edgy. I was hiding everything, my sound, appearance, thoughts; anything that showed my existence was hidden. As if I wasn't alive on this earth.

Edward's POV

We were playing baseball, letting the thunder mask our hits. Emmett, being Emmett despite everyone's depression, hit his hardest ball ever. I steeled myself as I turned and ran as hard as I could, easily steeping in and out of the trees all the time keeping my eyes on the sky. The ball hit the mushy ground with a wet thunk. Disgusted I didn't catch it, I growled and crouched to get the ball.

Lizzie's POV

He growled, sinking into a crouch, but he wasn't very fierce. I showed myself, welcoming him to fight me. I deserved it. I now knew it was my real family when I was hunting the werewolves. They hadn't helped, because they wanted the werewolves to finish me.

Edward's POV

And there she was, sopping wet. Her hair was hanging black around her face, and was full of leaves and sticks. She had a cloak on, and it didn't look right. She was staring at me, her eyes full of acceptance and fear at the same time. They were red. This wasn't Lizzie. She was gone, and this was just her body.

Lizzie's POV

His gold eyes were full of indecisiveness, and a depression that made him slow. The rain seemed to be falling in slow motion, as our gazes held the other's. His hair was soaked, hanging around his face. He was breathing hard, and the water was misting away from his face with each icy breath. His eyes hardened as he decided. To kill me.

Edward's POV

Her face filled with understanding and her hair....faded. It wasn't black anymore. It wasn't, any color I could describe. It wasn't a color. As if she were emotionless. I recognized that look. It's what I had seen in all of my family's minds when they though of me when I left Bella. She was me. That was my face, and Lizzie didn't deserve that emptiness. But this wasn't Lizzie. She was gone.

Cause I just can't look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

I never...
I never...
I never...
I never...

Alice's POV

Emmett was whooping as Edward failed to return. He was bragging he hit it so far it was still going. I laughed softly but my smile faded as I froze. A vision flashed in front of me.

Edward was crouching in the forest, the baseball lay abandoned beside him, covered in brown, wet leaves and grass. He was snarling, and then he jumped at something. I couldn't see what it was. Was he hunting? Not until he was gripping her by the shoulders, did I see Lizzie's blank face, watching him calmly with red eyes.

"You're not her," He whispered in a broken voice.

She stared. "I am. I remember everything."

"That's worse," Edward's breath was icy and frozen, blowing snowy air across her face, "You can tell Jane everything. That we're alive."

"I didn't last time," She replied.

Edward shook his head, then brought his hands up higher and cupped them around her head.

I winced and came away from the vision before I saw him kill her. I realized I had craned my head away and I straightened my neck, looking out into the forest.

Edward, don't do this.

Edward's POV

"You're not her," I whispered in a broken voice.

She stared. "I am. I remember everything."

"That's worse," My breath was icy and frozen, blowing snowy air across her face, "You can tell Jane everything. That we're alive."

"I didn't last time," She replied.

I shook my head, then brought my hands up higher and cupped them around her head. This wasn't Lizzie. This thing in her mind would tell the Volturi. She wouldn't hurt my family. I won't let her.

Edward, don't do this.

Alice, I thought to her even though she couldn't hear me. Alice I have to. I won't let her hurt you. Any of you.

I looked into the blonde vampire's eyes. I couldn't call her Lizzie. As I stared into her eyes, I felt my grip on her head loosen.

The thunder had stopped, as did the rain. Tiny rays of sunlight filtered through the branches and spread across the ground like a gold, gossamer net.

I looked at the gold sunshine, and then up to where it lit up her eyes. There were gold flecks shining through the red.