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A New Me

A new death,
and then . . .
A new me. I couldn't remember anything except Jane was wonderful and I was a vampire.

Lizzie's memory is wiped, and Jane tells her she used to have a family, but they are now dead.
Something in Lizzie's mind tugs as she rediscovers her powers, causing her hair to flair white. Jane is hiding something from her, and whenever Cne is around, something happens to her...
As Lizzie tries to discover what they're hiding, and what more, who her old self is, she also uncovers the love for her now dead family, and how honest and caring Jane REALLY is. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


19. It Was Fate

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The plane was landed, and I had introduced my family to the Volturi crew and we were awaiting the wolves' decision.

My phone rang and I looked at it quizzically. Alice scowled and I tried not to smile. Obviously it was a wolf....

"Hello?" I cringed against the harsh sound of my voice echoing through the small device.

"Liz, we'll do it. Where are you?"

"You'll catch our scent. Just head North."

"Will do. Gotta run." There was a pause and muffled voices. Sadly, my acute hearing couldn't decipher it through the static.

"Liz?" Jacob's voice cracked and it sounded like his phone was vibrating wildly.

"Yeah?" I asked, my eyes were wide with concern.

"Collin (vibrate) also says (vibrate) HI." Jake was shaking with laughter and I winced. Emmett was never going to let me live this down....

Sure enough, when I opened my eyes Emmett was rolling on the ground. Everyone was silently laughing except the newborns, who didn't know who Collin was. Sadly, even Esme had her hand over her mouth and was chuckling.

I cleared my throat. "Err.....tell Collin I say hi too....."

Before I even finished I heard Jake in the background.

"She says she wanted to admit her heated, undying passionate love for you and that---"

"JACOB BLACK!" I yelled into the phone but it crumbled to dust.

"SHOOT!" I growled, kicking at the ground so hard my foot got stuck. I struggled to get my foot out of the ground until I remembered that I had my super convenient powers I wasn't even using.

I made my foot disappear and jerked it out of the ground before glaring at Emmett, who was choking on his spit....or venom. Whatever.

I made him appear in the solid trunk of a tree about a mile off and sat glaring in the direction of his yells.

"Lizzie, we need Emmett. He's a good fighter."

"I'm better."

"Not when Collin's around you're not."


Edward's eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously.

"No, no no no no! That's not what I meant! Collin has powers to shut off vampires' powers." He explained as my hair glinted a metallic red. He eyed it cautiously.

"That's why I couldn't fight until Collin left?" I realized as I remembered Jacob saying something about that. Bella winced.


I took a deep breath and my hair faded.

"I dunno if you heard....." Everyone grinned and my lip curled up, " But the wolves should be running now."

I made Emmett appear on the ground in front of me and at my basilisk glare he shut his mouth.

"When is Jane coming Alice?"

"An hour."

Everyone exchanged nervous glances.

"So...we can't use our powers?"

"Well, Emmett can use his strength and Bella her immunity because she had it when she was human...."

"I had my power when I was human! That's not fair!"

Edward raised his eyebrows at me and I stuck my lower lip out. I even made it tremble.

Alice immediately stiffened.

We all turned to her but her face wasn't wiped blank, just annoyed.

"The wolves are close enough she can't see," Edward explained but instead of everybody teasing her, we all got quiet.

Alice broke the silence by her face suddenly lighting up. "You guys will know how I feel finally!"

I bit my lip, and noticed Bella was doing the same. I made trees around us disappear, making the meadow three times it's real size, and shrinking it back, doing something to help me concentrate on something other than what was coming.

"Lizzie?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm sorry!"

"No, I was wondering if you could make it bigger and bigger......and hide the airplane."

"Sure," I said, relieved to do something. I circled the meadow, making it big enough to be the size of a football stadium. Yeah, I was that bored. I felt bad for the trees I took away so I placed them close together along the edges, creating a practically solid wall, except for a gap for the wolves to come through. I turned myself invisible, and walked across the meadow, taking my time.

I suddenly appeared without my consent and froze, whipping my head to catch the scent of the wolves. I backed toward the other vampires cautiously as the wolves entered silently, pacing up and down.

A white wolf I assumed was Collin tagged along eagerly beside me, almost hopping up and down.

The Jacob wolf dashed back through the entrance and jogged in wearing shorts, in all human form.

"'Sup Jake?" I greeted him.

He grinned pointedly at me over Collin's shoulder and my smile was wiped off. "Not MUCH," he replied wiggling his eyebrows.

I had the sudden urge to punch him but as my hands clenched and unclenched he looked over my shoulder and his expression softened.

"Hello, Bella. Edward." He nodded at them.

"Jacob," Edward murmured.

"Hey, Jake," Bella whispered.

Emmett jumped in place.

"Let's practice!" He said excitedly.

I stepped forward. "Oh yes. Let's," I said darkly but Emmett grinned.

"Finally I can put you in your place, weak, little, power-crazy chick."

I grimaced. Dang. No powers.

Esme opened her mouth but closed it again and Jacob looked worried as we marched towards each other and started to circle. Alice looked crest-fallen she couldn't see who would win. I was pretty sure Emmett would, but didn't let it show.

"One two three four, I declare a vamp war," I chanted.

"Five six seven eight.....Uhhh........." Emmett's brow furrowed and I giggled.

"Try to beat Emmett's face!" I hollered and he growled.

He lunged forward and I spun out of the way, wobbling a little. Time to dance.

We sashayed back and forth, twirling and doing rollbacks. I was trying hard not to harness my REAL fighting instincts...this was just practice.

Emmett could see I was hesitating; only using defensive.

"Come on! This will go on forever! Don't hold back."

I hesitated again and he bit my arm, trying to aggravate me.

I snarled at him along with Edward.

"Let him have it Lizzie!"

"Edward's seen me fight before. Bella and Alice too," I informed Emmett.


"I fought the pack..."

I smiled awkwardly at Jacob.

"Nobody tells me anything!" He bit me again and this time I hit him in the chest; a reflex.

"YEAH!" Emmett hooted and I shook my head, but grinning. If that's how he wanted it...

I charged him, catching him off guard and dancing out of the way again. I snarled wildly and flew at his shoulder, but he was ready and knocked me off course, making his own attack. We got rougher and rougher till we were wrestling instead of fighting.

Emmett grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me into the ground, pressing the long grass down into the soft soil so there was an imprint there left by my back.

"I win," he grinned.

I bared my teeth but something froze my expression and widened my eyes. A sudden...fluttering in my chest. A presence filled that I hadn't really felt empty until it wasn't empty anymore. I had felt it before, when battling the wolves. My head whipped toward a now human Collin who mouthed to me, 'Beat 'em'.

I grinned a crooked smile at him and then turned the same smile on Emmett. His hands suddenly sank through my shoulders and I looked to my right where my shoulder should have been. His wrist was there instead.

My floating head smirked at his expression. It was one of utter surprise and defeat. I made my head disappear.

Emmett cursed and I appeared behind him, spinning him around and pinning him down.

"Five, six, seven, eight.......Try to beat Emmett's face," I sang the tune and he growled, but made no move to resist.

"I WIN!" I sang, jumping off of him and prancing over to Collin.

I held my fist up and he bumped it with his, smiling.

"You can control your powers on certain vampires?" I inquired and he nodded.

"Yeah, but during a battle I can't specify, they're fairly new and with all THESE," he opened his arms wide and looked around at us all, " I just have to shut 'em all down."

I nodded understandingly.

"When are they coming Edward?" Jacob asked civilly, motioning for Collin to give him his powers.

Everyone turned to Edward, who was halfway down the field from the werewolves.

He closed his eyes, trying to listen. "I can't hear them yet."

I nodded. That was good.

We spent the rest of the time waiting, making fun of Emmett for being beaten by a girl, and then he in turn made fun of Collin, a pup in love with a leech, making the boy as embarrassed as I was annoyed at Emmett (a lot) until I dismantled various parts of his face; which made the cycle repeat as we made fun of Emmett again.

Soon, some of us were lounging in the grass, until Edward stood up tensely. I leaned up on my elbows, and we waited at least a minute before Edward spoke.

"They're coming this way...but they're coming from the northeast so they're using Dememtri. They can't catch our scent. Once he's within range of Collin, they'll have to walk in here blind."

This was very good news. I smiled.

"Here they come," Edward muttered opening his eyes. We better be ready."

I sprang up, and so did the pack, some of them having been comfortable enough to morph to their human forms, and retreating into the forest to change.

Alice eyed my clothes distastefully and I rubbed her shoulder. "It's only for the fight, then you can burn it." She flinched at my choice of words. Hopefully, it would only be the other side burning when this is over.

"Here they come,"

I got in my crouch as we Edward turned to where they would enter. The pack bared their teeth, and I tried my power hopefully, no such luck.

Jane entered first, and if she felt surprise, no one would know from the look on her face.

"I guess you know then," She said cooly, and then jerked her head forward. A terrified new born stepped forward and I remembered my promise to Cne.

I stared out the window, my eyes blank. "Gather those on our side. The ones we leave behind will be enemies when we return," I whirled around, staring her down. Warning her. "None will be left alive."

Now I felt cruel. I had been unwanted then, not caring much; but they choose. They understood.

I snarled and stepped forward too.

The newborn prepared for a fight but had no such luck. I was on top of him and had ripped him to shreds before anything could really turn it into a fight, and not just a slaughtering session.

I backed into onto our side and suddenly, as if on some time schedule, both sides flew at each other.

(AN : Please listen to In the End- Linkin Park now. Link --- http://youtube.com/watch?v=oIwWqYSbzGA)

Jane was fighting Edward and Bella, no one's power useful anymore. Thanks to Collin. It was probably for the best. Jane relied so heavily on her power, I wonder if she ever considered fighting combat without it. She was good though. Very good.

Edward made Bella come by me and since there were spares, we would go around helping our side. It was horrible. Many of our newborns died. They were helpless against Felix. Many of the main members of the Volturi where fighting the Cullens. The lesser members of the guards were fighting our newborns.

The fight turned very suddenly. I didn't know what hit us, but soon every fighter was needed.

Bella and I both found ourselves having to fight. Now, we were equal. Jane hadn't had fifteen, but she had almost thirty. Our numbers were nearing equal and even declining now, and I was fighting Felix. He was fierce, and a very good fighter. He was enjoying it too. Jane looked like she was enjoying her fight with Bella just as much.

Suddenly, Felix left me to help Jane. They both battled Bella. Battling both? It wouldn't last. Edward was held up by two also and didn't see what was happening. Suddenly, Jane leaped.

I did the only thing that mattered to me. I protected Bella. Didn't matter how. I just flew in front of her. Right, now, I thought not of the consequences.
But that didn't mean they disappeared.

After that, it happened fast. I can't say I even know what happened. It was the thoughts filling the split second before.......you die.

Of course I thought about my family, who wouldn't? I thought about how much I loved them and then I thought of how I loved the pack. I hoped this wouldn't hurt Collin.

Something I didn't expect to think about, and hadn't thought about in a long time, especially in the last seconds of my, 'life', is that I remembered my mom. I remembered my brother and how I didn't go with him into the joke shop that day. The day I started a new life. Following that, was my new death, and then the new me, when I lost my memory. I finally had the old me back, and I was glad I was going to die as ME. Not some person who thinks she knows who she is, but has to fill in the blanks.

I saw Alice's face, as she got a flash of what was to come. She didn't need her powers. I felt like I saw every face, as Jane flew at me.

But the thing that made my heart break, was what I felt, right before my life turned black.

I saw the white wolf's face; Collin's face, as he froze and his eyes locked with mine. And I felt something, also.

As Collin stared at me, I felt a tiny flutter in my chest, I had learned to recognize after a few times. It made me numb that he hoped I would use it. I wouldn't let Jane fly straight through me to Bella. But he gave me that option. That meant a lot to me. I wished he could feel what I felt just then, as I closed my eyes.

People loved me.

The most wonderful thing to die knowing.

It wasn't really a new me. It wasn't a new life, or death. That's not what this was. There was no, 'starting new' feeling about this. I suppose outsiders would call it that. Sure.

But I call it fate. The gold in my eyes. It wasn't a new anything.

It was deja vu.

It was old news to me. I had always known this would happen, in a way.

In the end, it didn't matter. In the end, I knew I was going to die.

And in the end, I still loved my family.

Before I died, I thought of something I never would have imagined thinking.

I thought of sunny California, where I had lived with my mom, brother and dad. It comforted me.

Then the black blocked out the sun.

And then....I really can't say.

The only thing I can say, is when I died, my hair was bright white. That is what I was positive of. I felt it blow around my face. The last thing.

Bella's POV

I couldn't move. She was gone. Not here. Felix had left to hurt others while Jane finished me off, but Lizzie had......no.

Jane spun back towards me.

As she flew at me again, two things blurred at her. One was Collin. Then another vampire.

The vampire and wolf fought over Jane's corpse as they tore her to pieces.


I stared blankly, until I realized I was saying it.

Collin massacred anyone in his way. He was livid. He was hurt so badly. The werewolves knew. They could read his thoughts.

They backed off and he finished their rivals.The vampire that killed Jane pulled out a lighter and went around, lighting fire to the pieces.

Soon, there was smoke wafting in the clearing, and all enemies were dead.

Alice walked up to me and we wrapped our arms around each other, eyes shut tight. I hated myself. No tears.

The tall vampire had finished burning the piles and grimly turned and came to us. "Hello friends. Looks like Jane's made quite a debacle."

His shoulder length, dark hair was tangled, and he no longer wore black robes.

"Yes, Aro," I whispered, "How right you are."

It was a long time as we sat in silence, mourning what over how we had lost the specific thing we had been fighting for.

The werwolves turned back, and Collin was crying silently. I was sobbing tearlessly, along with Cne, Alice, and Esme. Esme especially. Another child lost. Lizzie was more a child than any of us. Rosalie looked like she was holding it back, and Emmett looked confused and numb as he stared out into the forest. Jasper was pounded with hurt and sadness and Edward was wincing too. Carlisle had never looked older than he did now. Eventually, we stumbled up, not believing we could just go home. After this.

But go home we did. In perfect silence, Aro following. At the treaty line, Jake hugged me goodbye, and kissed my cheek. I burrowed my face into his warm chest, then stepped back. He smiled weakly, and we parted ways.

Now....how on Earth were we supposed to go back to an old life?

How would anything be the same?