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A New Me

A new death,
and then . . .
A new me. I couldn't remember anything except Jane was wonderful and I was a vampire.

Lizzie's memory is wiped, and Jane tells her she used to have a family, but they are now dead.
Something in Lizzie's mind tugs as she rediscovers her powers, causing her hair to flair white. Jane is hiding something from her, and whenever Cne is around, something happens to her...
As Lizzie tries to discover what they're hiding, and what more, who her old self is, she also uncovers the love for her now dead family, and how honest and caring Jane REALLY is. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


9. Scent

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"Of course, many scents," I said in a strange monotone.

"Now, let us come in," He said in a much more casual voice. Almost relieved.

I followed him, robotic, but when he looked away, I eased into my normal walk.

"Hello there," Irina called, but her welcome held no warmth. It didn't hold hate, either, though. Like she was just a shell. After I nodded to her she turned to stare back into space again. Indeed, she was empty.

Tanya gave me a look and I understood not to mention it. She reminded me much of Marcus. Oh, she had lost her mate.

I turned my gaze on Irina with a look of remorse now.

"Sorry," I murmured and she smiled up at me, her eyes sparkling.

The other family members' mouths dropped open, but I ignored them.

"Would you like to come with me?" I asked and Kate stiffened.

"Yes," Irina responded softly, clutching the hand I offered her.

The family stood with dazed, glassy looks as we walked out the door. I finally noticed my surroundings and noted that the pine trees were quite large. The sky was pure, not clogged by city fumes.

We ran over the soft earth and grass, not going anywhere in particular.

We slowed as we burst into a meadow that had several, large flat rocks. I made my way over to one and took my uncomfortable contacts out, making them disappear to the little black hole which now also held my laptop and cell phone, and other unknown things I hadn't yet discovered. I pulled my horrible cloak off and made that disappear as well, along with my hair pins that had helped keep the bun that contained my long, currently bronze hair. I had discovered it changed colors, but all I'd seen it change to was a watery blue-gray, black or red.

I guessed it changed with my emotion and I could only wonder what it looked like when I was happy, I yet had to experience a surge of happiness while under such close control of the Volturi.

Irina watched me change my appearance to the one I preferred, and what felt more natural to me, but Jane had always restricted my casual look, so this was the first time I had ever done it. I wondered how different it looked.

We sat in silence, as I blinked my now black eyes repeatedly, trying to get rid of the dry feeling the contacts gave them. So hungary.

Finally, Irina spoke,"Why did you want to bring me here?"

"Because they watch you so closely. And because I know how you feel," I replied simply, and she accepted that.

I was sitting there, my eyes closed as the sun bounced off my skin in brilliant shards. I did not need to watch it. Despite my first time seeing it, I did not care.

I relaxed, and let my joy of being free of the Volturi's clutches warm me.

"You hair!" Irina pointed as I snapped my eyes open. It was fading from it's coppery tint and brightening to a platinum blonde.

"Wow. I guess that's happy," I said, amazed, as the wind stirred my changing hair.

"Is that your power?"

"One of them," I sighed, ruffling my long hair and staring up at the pale, washed out sky. It was beautiful, and as soon as I went back I would be confined to my room with the gray, craggy stone ceiling.

"You have more?" Irina stared, shocked as my hair turned watery-gray.

"I've discovered bits and pieces," I murmured, not wanting to discuss this topic at all.

"Your eyes are black."

Surprisingly enough, this girl talked much more than I expected her to. Why was she staring into space when I got there?

"That doesn't make sense. I hunted just before I left," I responded, puzzled.

Irina couldn't stop the look of disgust creeping up her face and she looked away, letting her long hair fall across her face.

Her hair was an odd color, like a mix of honey and sand. A brown, but so light that it somehow wasn't brown.

"I don't---" and then I stopped. They thought I hunted humans, just as Jane planned.

She flipped her head up. "Don't what?" Why was her voice so eager?

"Nothing," I mumbled.

Silence stirred in the air, and I was surprised there weren't any animals around.

"Where did the birds go?"

"Even though it's sunny, it's horribly cold to everything else. They've all traveled South."

"That's going to make it---" I cut off again, cursing myself. I was going to say, 'That's going to make it hard to hunt,' but I have to stop acting like I hunt the animals.

She looked suspicious as she gazed at my face, but she knew better by now not to ask.

"I suppose I should start tracking," I announced, standing up. She stood too.

"I just want to ask you since we keep a permanent residence, you hunt elsewhere, as not to arouse suspicion," she warned me, but she didn't sound concerned.

"Of course, Irina."

She nodded and we parted ways.

As I ran, I wondered why I had invited her to talk. I had sensed she would be the least suspicious, but I couldn't find a reason for the company, except for just that . . . company. Someone to talk to.

I sighed into the wind and wondered how I would start. First, I should hunt. I realized I was already heading South, to where the animals were. I would have to put in my horrible contacts after hunting again, or maybe I wouldn't. Depending on who I saw.

My favorite was the Lynx. I sought out the scent and was joyous when I found one. A full grown male. Excellent. I stalked the scent to a forest outside of Bellingham, Washington.

A lynx will always put up a good fight, and that's the thing I like most about them. They aren't much, so I always only take one lynx every few hunting trips. The cats weren't as plentiful as other predators.

After respectfully burying my meal, I caught the scent of a mountain lion. I stalked him down through Mount Vernon, to Everett, where he crossed onto the San Juan Islands. I crossed over a land bridge onto the island, and found him with a female, both hunting.

I watched them, as a pair, hunt together, and couldn't help but admire them. They looked after each other, and I was sure if I took one down, I would have to take the other. They would fight for each other, I could see that.

I disappeared as I got up, and made sure I was far enough away from them before appearing again. I ran across the islands, swimming short distances when I had to. I finally got to the edge of the farthest one, the Pacific ocean lapping at my feet. I swam to Vancouver and ran back to East Alaska, finally ready to begin the hunt. The hunt I had been sent here to do.

Edward's POV

The urge for everyone in the house to go find her was almost impossible to resist. But we had to. For our safety and for Lizzie's. She was a vampire now and living with the Volturi, she was sure to hunt--if that's what they even called it when Heidi brought their meals to them on a silver platter-- humans. It would break Carlisle's heart seeing those red eyes. It would break Alice and my hearts when what we saw in her visions came true and stood before us.

She was a member of the Volturi, her memory blanked. It wasn't even her anymore.

Her Volvo and keys had still been in her pocket when Jane had turned her. I wonder if she had smelled us before, maybe wondering what other vampires had been in her car before. Or maybe she didn't care.

Bella's POV

I had fought. I had fought to see her and a little hypnotizing had stifled my need to see her. To make sure she was alive. To make her remember.

I was convinced if she saw us, she would remember.

She would remember.

Edward's POV

I needed to be alone.

I got up to leave, and nobody, not even Bella, made to follow me.

I ran and hunted, my heart not really in it. But of course, I caught the scent of my favorite prey. Mountain lion. She was a female, and headed North, crossing various bridges until she managed to arrive on the San Juan Islands. The trail was slightly old, and I could also smell an old male's scent, coming East from Everett. And then there was a scent that hit me like something that could actually knock a vampire off their feet.


Her scent was about an hour old, and she had apparently come down from Everett, right behind the male lion.

Why had she come here?

I followed her scent right to the edge of the island closest to Vancouver, and stood on the shore, as the waves lapped gently at me, urging me to follow. I stared out at the dark ocean waters, across the ocean to the shore of Vancouver, where she had just been. So close. I stood there for a long time, then turned to go home, not even bothering to touch the two lions that snarled and glared at me.

The winds on the island had tousled my hair, and the mist of the ocean had drenched me, but I walked right past my room, which was equipped with a totally needed shower.

I opened her door silently, and just leaned against the door-jam, and watched. I watched nothing happen, but at the same time, memories played in my head.

Walking in from hunting and finding a messed up, teenage girl laying on the dining room table.

Then a more recent one.

"What are you doing?" I had asked her as she exchanged looks with Bella. My car had been taken away and I had been in a bad mood.

"Talking about you," She had replied, just to make me madder, before disappearing.

I laughed out loud at that one as I watched the dust stir slightly.

"I'll be at the beach!"

"What beach?" I had asked suspiciously.

"Oh, you know, the one off the cost of Iceland. THAT beach," she had replied, rolling her eyes at me.

She stood up to me. I had loved that about her. And Emmett had too but he was smart enough not to say it. I would have hurt him. Lizzie had her powers to defend herself against anybody.

But then my fists clenched at my sides. Except for Jane. She didn't use them when it counted most.

"Eddie's first ticket!" she sang as she threw her arms around me.

Then one from when she was thirteen.

As she hugged me, her hair turned white and floated around her face. It was the purest and most beautiful color I had ever seen, and there was no plainness about it.

I had read her thoughts then.

Love. The love I felt for horses, which they were giving me to make me happy, but more than anything, the love I felt for my new family.

I let go of my old life, never looking back, never dwelling on the memories that would be impossible to experience ever again.

I embraced my fate, and the family that I was now wholly a part of.

We had been her family. She had loved us just as much as we had loved her.

It was hard to look at Esme's face, which was broken now. Not in her actual features, but it was worse. Because her expression was always defeated, and then there was the frustration because she couldn't cry.

I slowly closed the door, and made my way to my bathroom, not sharing anything about the scent on San Juan Islands with anybody.

All we could hope is that she remembered.

Because if she remembered we could be a family again.

A family she was wholly a part of.

We would not be whole.

Until her return.