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Eternal Darkness

Edward Cullen never returned to Carlisle after he left in rebellion against the strict animal diet. So, what would happen if he stumbled across the Cullens eighty years later? Will fate still bring our two star crossed lovers together again? Would they still fall in love or will his desire to drink her blood be too overpowering this time round?

The idea of making Edward a human blood drinker was taken from lions_lambs 'Challenge' ideas. The rest of the plot is mine apart from the characters who all belong to Stephenie Meyer. I can only hope that I've lived up to both their expectations :D Edward's POV

1. I am the hunted

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My feet pounded the ground beneath me as I sped up around a corner, following the scent of my latest victim. From the enthralling smell I could tell that my prey already had cheap alcohol circulating in its blood system but I didn’t care. I hadn’t eaten in months and I was beginning to feel the effect of starvation. I hated what I had become but at the same time I couldn’t help falling into the pit of temptation each time I caught on to a particular scent or thought. I was weak and feeble. I couldn’t stand up to the monster that controlled me. All I could do was allow myself to sink deeper into sin and darkness while hating every inch of my being.

The dimness that enveloped the night time sent thrills through me. This was the time of day that I adored. I enjoyed the sickly sense of danger that followed the blackness of night and a small part of me felt elated that I was that danger. Any passing human had no chance to scream once I had decided to kill them and not even the most intelligent forces could figure out what I was or how I managed to escape the authorities every single occasion. I was the hardest killer they have ever had to track and I had survived them for over eighty years.

The scent grew stronger as I approached my target. I slowed my run down to a brisk walk, keeping to the shadows at all possible chances. The thick smell of beer overwhelmed my senses for a moment as I hardened myself against any possible human emotion. A part of me always felt regretful whenever I caught sight of the sheer fear in my victim’s eyes and it was vital that I did not allow this regret to get in the way of my task. I had decided, long ago, that if I was put on this earth to be a monster then I might as well live it to a good purpose. If killing criminal type humans was the only way I could satisfy my life then I would grasp it with both hands and accept it; even if I had to hurt a few people in the process.

Eventually I caught sight of the man I had been following and slowly I fell into an aggressive crouch. The thoughts that bounced around in his mind sickened me to the core but I was used to these things. For many years I had tracked the lowest of the low and for many years I had put up with their disturbing thoughts. I had seen the worst of the worst and had always walked away satisfied that I had put an end to their despicable existence.

Once again I felt the familiar sense of the agonising burning along my throat as venom flooded my mouth. My stomach twisted awkwardly making the need to satisfy my hunger greater than ever. I dug my nails into the concrete pavement as I waited for the right moment to strike. I didn’t want to ruin all the time I had taken to track by making any sudden movements that would warn the human of my presence. I literally froze in place as my attention focused fully onto my waiting prize.

That was when I saw her.

A growl threatened to erupt from my chest as an image of a frightened girl filled the mind of the drunken human. I ignored the details of her facial features but merely concentrated on her fear and shock as the man relived in his mind the latest act he had committed. Without allowing time for his thoughts to end I leapt out from the shadows and crushed his body to the ground. Cracking sounds followed as his bones split and bent in wrong directions while I furiously snapped his neck backwards and drank deeply. The taste of his blood was nearly as good as I had imagined and I allowed myself to groan softly. I was finally able to feed the monster who had made the past months unbearable and despite the fact that he tasted slightly of the weak beer that had caused the human’s drunken state in the first place, I managed to suck him dry without stopping to breathe.

Once I finished I lifted my head from his neck and licked my lips. He had deserved that fate and I was glad that I had been the one to give it to him. I repeated that thought over and over as I attempted to sedate the human emotions of guilt and regret from dominating me. If it wasn’t for me, then without doubt he would have struck again. I had probably saved many lives by taking one. It was a good deed, surely?

But that didn’t stop the sense of hatred from creeping through my empty veins. I was a monster who willingly killed other monsters for its own reassurance.

And I was too weak to stop.

Slowly I stood to my normal height and quickly placed the dead human’s body into a position so that anyone could believe that he had fallen and broke his neck during a drunken escapade. Then, without thinking twice, I fled the scene. They would find his body in the morning and nothing would link his death to me. I was a free man, I could go anywhere.

My feet took up a fast pace once more and I let them lead me where they will. I didn’t care where I went or who I met as long as I was far away from the memories I had created here. Within I matter of minutes though I slowed my run to an immediate stop as a sign grabbed my attention. It was then when I remembered that I had no idea where I was to begin with. I had been concentrating so hard on tracking that I forgot all sense of direction. My eyes raked curiously over the sign to reveal the words: You are now leaving Port Angeles.