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Eternal Darkness

Edward Cullen never returned to Carlisle after he left in rebellion against the strict animal diet. So, what would happen if he stumbled across the Cullens eighty years later? Will fate still bring our two star crossed lovers together again? Would they still fall in love or will his desire to drink her blood be too overpowering this time round?

The idea of making Edward a human blood drinker was taken from lions_lambs 'Challenge' ideas. The rest of the plot is mine apart from the characters who all belong to Stephenie Meyer. I can only hope that I've lived up to both their expectations :D Edward's POV

2. A vampire in Forks

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Port Angeles. Where had I heard that name before? I knew it was positioned in Washington but that was about all I could recall. The name mocked my thoughts with its familiar ring as my brow creased with frustration. I searched my mind for any other name that could help position the familiarity of this place and found, instead, a blank wall. Never before had I happened upon a place without being able to give an extensive list about the history, population and regular wage earnings of the area and now I found myself struck dumb. Curiosity bloomed within me as I tilted my head around to get a better look of the port until I remembered why I had been leaving in the first place.

A lamp flickered above me, illuminating the road ahead and another sign that directed me forwards. I scanned the new sign, trying to find a place that could suit my accommodation for a while until I found another victim to take and gratify my monthly hunger. Names and places were listed yet none stuck out as much as one. According to the sign there was a town, not too far from here, called Forks. I had overheard this name being mentioned before by a couple of unsatisfied tourists who had moaned about the constant rain and cloud. At the time I had promised myself to visit the gloomy town sooner or later so I decided that now was as good as ever.

Immediately I was set with determination and I took off, following the direction given. The road was empty and dully lit as I hastened my speed. Hopefully I would be able to find some sort of housing before I would send back for my things that I had left behind in the previous city I had lived in. As my mind buzzed through my plans I couldn’t help but find myself detached from my natural instincts. I no longer stopped every few miles to check that the area was clear or that I was not intruding. I wasn’t concentrating fully on the road ahead either and could have easily collided with any passing vehicle that trudged along in the darkness. For once in my life I felt truly free from my past and the past acts that I had committed. For a few moments I felt that I was no longer Edward Anthony Masen Cullen; the vampire. Instead I was just another person entering a new chapter in their life. Odd, huh?

Soon however I decided to slow my speed. New signs popped up around me counting down the miles until I reached my final destination and with each one I felt both hope and anxiety flood my body. Whenever I started over in a new place I always felt the familiar feeling of leaving the old and entering the new. I felt like a teenager leaving home for the first time even though I had moved every five years in the past eighty.

Then there would be the hurdle of finding a job which would provide for my living while I entered the senior year of High School. This had never been a problem before, people usually accepted me on board immediately due to my outstanding grades and experience, but with each new town came new people with different expectations. I would obviously have to win this town over as I had done in previous areas.

As I approached the settlement three very different scents crashed over me at once and made me freeze in place. The first smell caused venom to pump into my pallet which I had to gulp down quickly to stop myself from losing control this soon after a kill. The second burnt my nose and was an overwhelming stench of wet dog. The last one, however, seemed very familiar; too familiar for my liking. As quick as I had been eager to start a new life in Forks, I was starting to regret my choice and debated on leaving the area all together. But I had been caught. The third scent was moving closer to me and I could tell that there was more than one in the clan. Hesitantly I began to move forward, testing the waters as to whether I should try to greet this clan of vampires or not. If I left, they would probably chase after me to see what I had been doing in their territory. If I continued towards them then I might just be able to strike a deal with them to move on and forget that this confrontation ever occurred.

Settling with the latter idea I began to cautiously walk closer towards the town until a sound interrupted my tracks.

“I’d stop there if I were you,” growled a deep voice from the shadows.

I snapped my head around to stare into the depths of darkness where I had heard the voice echo from and centred my full attention onto the being. Its tall muscular frame towered over the others and reflected a sense of danger. I pulled myself up to my own full height and glared back at the other vampire.

“I mean no harm,” I stated drily, as if bored with the conversation already.

“Like hell you do!” repeated the same voice. Its booming effect did not shake my composure as I lifted an eyebrow at the outburst. The other vampires seemed to react similarly to me as the tall figure yelped in response to a sharp jab in the sides. “Rose!” the tall figure moaned while instinctively rubbing its new wound.

“Shut up you blithering idiot,” hissed back a blonde figure before she turned her golden eyes towards me.

That was when I realised. These were animal drinkers. Vampires that relied on the feeble taste of animal blood to fill their diet. No other type of vampire had that colouring in their eyes.

I ignored the nagging voice at the back of my mind as I opened myself up towards their thoughts yet found that every single one of them was blocking me. It was as if they knew of my power and this unsettled me slightly. Wherever I had ventured I could always rely on my mind reading power to hold an advantage over the strangers. Here, it seemed, I was at their mercy.

I backed up as the clan began to advance upon me and allowed a warning growl to escape from my throat. That was when two other vampires joined the group. Immediately I froze in shock as I recognised the features of one of the new arrivals. He offered me a comforting smile before he finally spoke up and broke the rising tension.

“It’s so nice to see you again, Edward.”

I could only manage one word in reply.