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Eternal Darkness

Edward Cullen never returned to Carlisle after he left in rebellion against the strict animal diet. So, what would happen if he stumbled across the Cullens eighty years later? Will fate still bring our two star crossed lovers together again? Would they still fall in love or will his desire to drink her blood be too overpowering this time round?

The idea of making Edward a human blood drinker was taken from lions_lambs 'Challenge' ideas. The rest of the plot is mine apart from the characters who all belong to Stephenie Meyer. I can only hope that I've lived up to both their expectations :D Edward's POV

3. The singer

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“Carlisle?” I repeated.

The man merely nodded and stepped forwards from the rest of the group. The others seemed to respect his authority and stood behind him in silence.

My mouth hung open as I digested his appearance. He hadn’t changed one bit in over eighty years and I felt foolish to even believe that this was one of my primary thoughts. After all, what vampire aged or changed throughout their long and wasteful existence?

His expression still held that familiar look of concern and fatherly affection. For a brief moment I felt a sharp stab of guilt puncture my stomach as my gaze swept over the man who I had looked up to as a mentor and father. I had left his life all those years ago in one of my rebellious rants and hadn’t spared a thought as to how it would affect him. Only now did I realise that leaving him had been one of the most selfish things I had ever done.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, suddenly more aggressive in my guilty state.

“We live here,” he stated simply while spreading out his arm to indicate towards the others, “And have done for around two years now.”

I nodded in response but kept up my defensive composure as I glanced around at the others. Everyone kept silent, as if waiting for someone to say something. I quickly studied their forms and noticed how they seemed to pair off into twos. The tall, muscular one stood in front of the blonde one as if blocking her from any danger. Another blonde male copied the same stance in front of a tiny, black haired female. And finally a caramel haired female kept shooting anxious glances between Carlisle and me as if she was afraid I would lash out and attack him at any moment.

Suddenly an overwhelming sense of jealousy overtook my original emotions.

“And I suppose you changed all these as well? Like you did to me?”

Carlisle continued to smile at me but I noticed how the corners of his mouth relaxed slightly in disappointment at my reaction.

“I changed Esme, yes,” he replied while placing a protective arm around the caramel haired female, “As well as Rosalie and Emmett.”

At the pronunciation of their names the tall muscular vampire puffed out his chest as if he was proud while the blonde haired female flicked a stray strand of hair over her shoulder.

“But Alice and Jasper found us a few years ago. They were already changed.”

Again I nodded in response as the silence fell over us again. It seemed as if the others knew what I was going to do next as they waited patiently for another question. Instead I refused to speak and flicked my gaze between each of them, waiting to see if anyone tried to make the first move in attack. It was then when I heard Carlisle’s voice in my head.

There’s no need to be afraid, Edward. We come to greet you in peace.

I snapped a glare in his direction and growled softly in response. I wasn’t afraid. I was never afraid. The only fear I knew was from others who were afraid of me. I rarely ever reciprocated that feeling.

In reaction to my growl the tall one described as Emmett flung himself forwards into a crouch and began snarling at me. I copied him and soon loud snarls filled the air as we continued to send glares at each other. However Carlisle intervened.

“Emmett,” he said warningly.

Soon Emmett’s snarls calmed but he refused to move from his position. His eyes never wavered from mine.

“Now Edward,” Carlisle continued, “we came here to ask if you would join us at our home. We believe that it would be safer for the humans of Forks if we spoke with you away from their proximity.”

Never raising my gaze from Emmett I shook my head and allowed another growl to build in my throat.

“I’d rather we discuss it here. I’m not going to harm anyone.”

Carlisle shot a quick glance behind him to the tiny black haired vampire who nodded at him before turning his gaze back towards me.

“Very well,” Carlisle agreed, “We’ll discuss an arrangement here. If you could be so kind, Emmett, I would like to talk to Edward … alone.”

Emmett continued to stare after me as he backed away to join the others who disappeared into the shadows. I straightened up from my crouch and carefully eyed Carlisle while he stepped towards me and offered, with an out flung arm, to walk as we talked. I followed him silently and waited for him to speak up.

It’s been so long Edward. How have you been?

I snorted and shook my head in refusal to answer any questions that probed into my life. We were going to discuss business and business only. Carlisle took the hint.

You’re right; we should get this sorted out before any humans get involved.

No more thoughts were shared between us and I began to grow nervous as the silence dragged onwards. We continued to walk at a slow human speed as Carlisle seemed to shift through different options as to how he should continue the conversation. He blocked my interferences which only increased my anxiety and frustration.

However what happened next took me by surprise.

I paused, with my step in mid air, as a temptingly delicious smell cast over me. It took Carlisle a few seconds to realise I had stopped before he too paused in his tracks and turned to face me.


I could feel my nostrils flare slightly as I attempted to drink as much of the scent as I could to help keep my raging senses under control. My pupils dilated as the familiar taste of venom pooled into my mouth. The monster that controlled me immediately took force once more, even though it had only been a few hours after my last meal.


At the repeat of my name I glanced up towards Carlisle and I was sure I could see a flicker of fear pass through his eyes. He quickly masked his worry and took two steps towards me as he placed a restraining hand on my arm.

“Edward, you must resist this. I want you to act strong and defend yourself against the temptation. Do you understand?”

I didn’t say anything and continued to stare into his eyes as if frozen in place. A small part of me began arguing in favour of Carlisle’s advice but a larger part warned me that the scent was too enticing to resist. Surely just one more wouldn’t hurt?

As if they could hear my thoughts the rest of the clan appeared around me and began taking instructions from Carlisle that I refused to listen to. My mind concentrated on the smell as if wafted through the trees and I tried to shift through different ideas to form a plan that could help me obtain my awaiting prize. The others, however, didn’t seem to want to wait and soon I found myself slung over the shoulder of Emmett as he began to run through the trees.