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Eternal Darkness

Edward Cullen never returned to Carlisle after he left in rebellion against the strict animal diet. So, what would happen if he stumbled across the Cullens eighty years later? Will fate still bring our two star crossed lovers together again? Would they still fall in love or will his desire to drink her blood be too overpowering this time round?

The idea of making Edward a human blood drinker was taken from lions_lambs 'Challenge' ideas. The rest of the plot is mine apart from the characters who all belong to Stephenie Meyer. I can only hope that I've lived up to both their expectations :D Edward's POV

4. Escaping the Cullens

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I hadn't taken much notice to the journey that I was forced upon yet that didn't stop my peripheral vision from soaking up the surroundings that I passed. Trees blurred past me and the figures of Carlisle's new clan continually flashed back and forth. Every now and then the grip that held me so tightly over the muscly shoulder of Emmett would increase causing my mind to jolt from the sudden decision that I had made. However, this didn't stop my train of thought. Instead I continued to shift through all the other decisions that bounced around in my mind.

I needed to get away from these animal drinkers, that much was obvious. I had to escape and track the source of this alluring scent, that much was certain. But how I did this was still undecided. I had to be sly, strong and fast. There was no other choice with a group of vampires this size on my trail. But I had never faced this situation before, and for once I didn't know what my next move was going to be. Just as this thought registered itself for the millionth time, I distantly began to notice that the gorgeous smell that had caused this mess was slowly beginning to decrease. It was no longer as potent as before. Instantly I was more aware of myself and what was happening around me. As if snapped out of a trance, I felt my mind slowly beginning to process where I was and what was actually happening to me.

Even though I didn't need to do this, my eyes blinked repeatedly as if trying to adjust themselves to the new environment. Around twenty seconds had passed since my walk with Carlisle and now I was strapped down to a chair in the corner of a dark room. I secretly thanked whatever god that was out there for my in built night vision goggles and glanced around the room. It seemed ordinary in itself with a few pictures here and there and a prop sofa sitting invitingly in front of the human invention called a television. My head snapped backwards and I noticed a long metal wall that blocked the light out of the room. Suddenly I became irritated. What a way to treat a visiting guest, I thought ironically.

However, before I could even begin to start wriggling around in my chair (hoping to loosen the weak metal chains that wrapped me to it), the tiny female vampire danced into the room. I froze in my seat, hoping she would leave just as quickly.

"I wouldn't do what you're planning to do, if I were you," she murmured half heartily.

I glowered at her for half a millisecond before I responded, "And how would you know what I'm planning?"

Slowly she cocked her head to one side - scrutinizing me - before she smiled, "Oh I don't know for certain. Just a guess, I suppose."

I continued to glower at her but said no more. We both froze in the silence as I was left once more to my thoughts and ideas. I couldn't hear any disturbances in the house and I began to question whether the others had left the tiny vampire in charge over me. I scoffed at the thought. There was no way this vampire could take me on. It would be as simple as pie. All I needed to do was break these chains, distract the female with a killer blow and then break my way through the door to begin the fastest tracking the world has ever seen.

But I was distracted once more.

Do you really want me to rip you limb from limb and burn you all the way back to hell?

I snapped my gaze into the tiny vampire's direction once more and found that her original bemused expression had been replaced by one that would have frightened even the toughest vampire on the face of the earth. I flinched involuntarily, causing my anger to bubble even more ferociously.

"Would you just keep your thoughts to yourself please?"

I'd rather not. It's fun to share.

As quickly as her expression had become stony she was suddenly smiling widely again. I stared at her confused for a moment before I turned my head away and tried to ignore her. It didn't work for long though.

"How long have you known Carlisle?"

Exasperated, I groaned.

"Are you always this annoying?"

'fraid so.

I could even hear the grin in her thoughts. I growled softly as my gaze snapped back to level with hers. Naturally her grin never wavered but she was soon joined by the tall, blonde vampire that had so protectively stood over her in the forest.

"What's wrong Alice?" he asked, never looking in my direction.

This annoyed me further. Not only was my best plan ruined with the presence of another vampire but the tiny female was also very rudely staring at me. Her face blank. Seconds ticked by and she didn't move from her frozen stature. For a moment, I wondered whether she was purposefully trying to be annoying again. As if I didn't have enough to be annoyed about as it was. The blonde vampire suddenly seemed to panic and took both her shoulders under his hands.

"Alice? What is it?"

She still didn't move. Her blank face emotionless.

Quickly, my brain kicked into overdrive. It seemed that while this Alice vampire was staring blankly ahead, the blonde one had focused all his attention onto her well-being. The moment was beautiful, perfect, a miracle. I seized the chance with both hands and gently contracted my muscles. The metal chains that had kept me to the chair snapped apart and fell to the ground with a clatter. But Alice continued to stare where I had once been sitting while the taller vampire stared deep into her eyes, as if focused on nothing but trying to figure out what was going on in her tiny head.

Without thinking about how the noise would affect the other vampires in the household (if they indeed were in the house), I ran to the door and crashed my way through the wood. Thanking the gods yet again for the lucky gift of my speed, I headed off in the direction of the forest as my senses caught onto the delicious smell once more.